D’Souza: Liberals Hate Me Because I’m a Non-White Patriot

I’ve said many times that there is no limit to how bizarre or extreme a wingnut can get and still be taken seriously. That’s why Rick Wiles, whose conspiracy theories can only be described as batshit crazy, still gets people on his show. People like Dinesh D’Souza, who says liberals hate him because he’s a non-white patriot:

After the “Trunews” host asked D’Souza’ why the so-called liberal media “hates” him, the conservative pundit claimed that the Left despises him “precisely because I am a non-white, immigrant, patriot that exposes a lot of the Obama administration running amok, all of this craziness that masquerades under the name of progressivism or progress. I’m blowing the whistle on these scoundrels, so naturally they’re unhappy with me, and I’m happy about that.”

D’Souza said that “old America” — the land of traditional, patriotic values — is “under siege” by “a government that is aggressively attacking the values of that America, trying, in Obama’s words, to remake America. I am here to try to stop that remaking, I kind of like the America that the founders designed.”

I bet you did. The America they designed didn’t allow women to vote and embedded slavery into the Constitution. I like the America that we created much later when we fixed those horribly immoral flaws in the system they set up. And I’ll let you in on a little secret, Dinesh: We don’t despite you because you’re a non-white patriot. In fact, we don’t consider you a patriot at all. We despise you because you’ve proven to be one of the most ridiculous and dishonest douchebags in existence.

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  • http://zenoferox.blogspot.com/ Zeno

    I ignore Dinesh D’Souza as much as I can, because he has nothing useful to say. When, however, I cannot resist the impulse to comment, the correct form of reference is “convicted felon Dinesh D’Souza.”

  • John Pieret

    … author, educator, film maker, an immigrant from India who is a champion of America’s traditional values …

    Dude! You left out “convicted felon who thinks he is above the ‘traditional value’ of free and open elections”!

  • http://nwrickert.wordpress.com/ Neil Rickert

    Dear Dinesh:

    We don’t hate you. We love you as a continuous source of absurdity that we can laugh at. Thanks for all of the entertainment.

  • scienceavenger

    We despise you because you’ve proven to be one of the most ridiculous and dishonest douchebags in existence.

    …who thinks a great debater is marked by the ability to overwhelm his opponent iwth verbage instead of actual points.

  • dugglebogey

    I despise D’Souza because at the same time as claiming to love “america” he spews nothing but hatred for most ACTUAL AMERICANS.

  • gshelley

    I don’t know much about voting laws back in 1776. Would he have been allowed to vote?

  • http://motherwell.livejournal.com/ Raging Bee

    I kind of like the America that the founders designed.

    You mean the America that was able to change and expand on the rights originally enshrined, and change its basic supreme laws to give people more freedom than the Founders were willing/able to give them, without sinking into bloody chaos or tyranny? The America that was able to evolve and advance and adapt to wrenching social and technological change and keep the Bill of Rights relevant for subsequent generations? The America that put a man on the Moon AFTER becoming the America you hate?

  • samgardner


    Even if the law hadn’t explicitly forbade him from voting, it’s doubtful whether he actually could have. He wouldn’t have had the protection of the voting rights act…

    Wow, good thing Congress enacted that, eh?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1360322113 aaronbaker


    “Convicted felon douchebag Dinesh D’Souza.”

  • Dave Maier

    Just yesterday I was musing on this, and I wondered: if you could look up a phrase in the dictionary, and you looked up “smarmy, duplicitous little shit”, whose picture would be there? I know who I’d put there, that’s for sure.

  • raven

    It’s ironic that more than a few fundie xian leaders are now convicted felons who have spent time in prison.

    Jim Bakker is out and making lots of money. Kent Hovind, Dinesh D’Souza. etc..

    Many more have been caught doing one thing or another that they suposedly hate. Ex=governor Sanford of SC, Desjarlais Tennessee, and D’Souza again, a divorced fornicator.

    Hypocrisy is one of their three main sacraments. As long as they reflect the hate, lies, and fears of their followers back to them, it doesn’t matter how illegal or immoral they are. (This is reason 2418 why xianity is not a soruce of morality.)

  • caseloweraz

    Zeno: …the correct form of reference is “convicted felon Dinesh D’Souza.”

    Correct. I’m tempted to add “inveterate hatemonger” but that becomes unwieldy. The fact is that if convicted felon Dinesh D’Souza really lived in a nation that is what he claims America has become, he wouldn’t be living very well. He certainly wouldn’t have the freedom to voice his odd opinions about the president.

  • sugarfrosted

    I despise him for being a genocide denier myself and for accusing me of “blaming America first” for accepting that the Amerindian genocide did occur. He ignores everything that happened after the accidental introduction of disease to claim it never happened.

  • Trebuchet

    @1, 9, and 12: Don’t forget “Adulterer”.

  • tsig

    If he lived in America as designed his massa would be laying the whip on his back for being too uppity.

  • theguy

    “precisely because I am a non-white, immigrant, patriot”

    No, tea bagger shit hates President Obama for being a non-white patriot of an immigrant father. Or is “Patriot” a term copyrighted for the rabid, hypocritical, deceitful right-wing mob?

    “I’m blowing the whistle on these scoundrels”

    By cheating on and beating up your wife, you worthless piece of shit?

    “‘old America’ — the land of traditional, patriotic values — is ‘under siege’ by ‘a government that is aggressively attacking the values of that America'”

    I also attack the “values” of Jim Crow, separate-but-equal, anti-gay laws, rape apologetics, internment camps, Indian Removal, and letting the poor starve to death.

  • shadow

    From the headline:

    non-white patriot

    For some reason I saw it as parrot and thought of the ‘Norwegian Blue’ (Lovely plumage).

  • http://zenoferox.blogspot.com/ Zeno

    The plumage don’t enter into it!

  • lorn

    D’Souza is an ass. But being an ass for the GOP pays well. While the vast majority of Americans are struggling and worried about tomorrow D’Souza is never short of money and has no worries. Which probably makes being an ass tolerable.

  • felidae

    No, Mr D’sleaza, we hate you because you are a repulsive, inanity-spouting wingnut dickhead