Fischer: Anti-Gay Discrimination Isn’t Discrimination Against People

Bryan Fischer once again proves that he doesn’t see gay people as people at all, but only as sex acts (especially anal sex). On his radio show, he said that discrimination against gay people is really just discrimination against sexual acts, not against actual human beings.

“Discrimination against sexually immoral behavior is good,” he said. “I’m not talking about discrimination against people here, not even talking about discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation. It’s based on their behavior. We discriminate against sexually immoral behavior, not against the person because unless they act out on it, unless they do something, unless the commit an immoral act they’re not properly the subject of these kind of policies. But if they engage in that kind of behavior, then it’s appropriate that be a subject or a matter for discrimination of the good kind.”

So maybe we should remove religion from all the anti-discrimination laws and allow businesses to refuse to hire or serve Christians. And when Fischer throws the inevitable tantrum about it we’ll just say, “This isn’t discrimination against Christian people, it’s discrimination against their behavior and their beliefs.” And then we can point and laugh at him.

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  • Deacon Duncan

    Cool, let’s fix the law so it says same-sex behaviors are not allowed to marry each other, and homosexual people ARE allowed to marry each other. Discriminate against the behaviors and not the people, like the man said.

  • John Pieret

    Can we discriminate against the behavior of morons getting on the radio and spouting nonsense?

  • chisaihana5219

    So we can discriminate against people who indulge in adultery, prostitution, serial marriages, lying, swearing, etc. Is there anyone left?

  • scienceavenger

    We discriminate against sexually immoral behavior, not against the person…

    Fine, then unless they are getting all gay right in front of you, STFU already (and honestly, even then).

  • colnago80

    Of course, this argument breaks down when inveighing against same sex marriage between two women. But, as many have stated on this blog, theofascist ratfuckers like Fischer don’t really care about lesbians as, to them, women are less then human.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    I know a few heterosexual married couples whose members have stated or clearly implied that they indulge in anal sex.

    So, in order to comply with Fischer’s oh-so-reasonable fatwa, should I not ask them for videos?

    To resolve this question, I utilized the time-honored method of opening a Babble and pointing a finger at random, and received this inarguable guidance:

    (Numbers 31:29) Take it of their half, and give it unto E-le-a´zar the priest, for an heave offering of the LORD.

    It all comes so clearly to me now!

  • dugglebogey

    Ew! I wouldn’t want people having heterosexual sex in the middle of my Jamba Juice franchise either.

    Because that’s what discriminating against an action is, right?

  • alanb

    @ Pierce R. Butler,

    With a really quick Google I find that 34% of men and 30% of women reported in 2007 as ever having participated in heterosexual anal sex.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    alanb @ # 8 – The Babble does not, sfaict, sanction a Google, whether “really quick” or leisurely.

  • wreck

    @dugglebogey #7

    “Ew! I wouldn’t want people having heterosexual sex in the middle of my Jamba Juice franchise either.”

    I prefer Wendy’s when I’m in the mood for a little franchise food fornication. Hot and Juicy indeed!

  • hunter

    And that just shows you how shallow and rudimentary Fischer’s concept of morality is.

  • felicis

    So he thinks it’s ok for heterosexual people to have sex in a place of business?

  • lorn

    John Pieret @ 2: Amen, you beat me to it.

  • notruescott

    I just don’t understand why they feel so compelled to punish homosexuals. “If I don’t punish it, it’s like I agree with it”. No.

  • Anri

    …I’ll just leave this here.