Idaho Republican: Gay People Are Like Slave Owners

Rep. Paul Shepherd, a Republican in the Idaho House of Representatives, forgot to renew the domain for his campaign website and a college student bought it and turned it into a pro-LGBT resource. So naturally he invited a reporter into his office to explain why gay people are just like slave owners.

Shepherd said he’d heard about Hailey’s actions, but hadn’t yet seen the new website. He was bemused, though, and brought me into his office so I could listen to an angry voice mail about the joint memorial.

“Why don’t you butt out… and worry about who you’re sleeping with?” the caller said before insulting Shepherd and his wife.

I asked Shepherd if he was surprised at the vitriol. “I know we have a disagreement out there,” he said, adding opponents of his memorial within the Legislature have been respectful to him.

He then tried to explain his position using historical context.

“Slave owners were very good Christians and good people,” he said, adding he was against slavery. “I totally disagree with that.” This fight, Shepherd told me, is an example of good people who have the wrong idea about moral convictions.

I asked Shepherd to clarify, and he reiterated the connection he saw.

“They (slave owners) weren’t terrible rotten horrible people,” he said — just people who made terrible decisions. “And that’s how I see gay people.”

I think the GOP has their next presidential candidate.

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  • Modusoperandi

    Look, he’s got a point. They both made bad decisions. The slave owners mistake was their entire economic philosophy, while The Gays made the error of trying to marry each other.

  • chuck c

    Any comment you follow up with “BTW, I’m totally against slavery”probably should not have been made in the first place.

  • Chiroptera

    “They (slave owners) weren’t terrible rotten horrible people,” he said — just people who made terrible decisions. “And that’s how I see gay people.”

    If a conservative doesn’t think that gay people are any worse than antebellum slave owners…well, that’s improvement, I guess.

    Yeah, it’s good that gay people aren’t “terrible, rotten, horrible people.” I guess what we need to work on is to get people to realize that antebellum slave owners were, in fact, terrible, rotten, horrible people.

  • moarscienceplz

    Oh! So if I kidnap people, chain them in the holds of disease-ridden ships, whip them, rip their families apart whenever it is financially advantageous to do so, and murder them if I feel like it, then I’m NOT a bad person. I’m just someone who hasn’t fully considered the ramifications of my actions. Have I got that right?

    In that case they should stop wasting all that time and money they are spending on the Boston Marathon trial. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is just a lil’ scamp who needs a good talkin’ to, that’s all!

  • Larry

    Sure, slave owners were good people. They just had really lousy PR. Thank goodness for men like Shepard, among other GOPers, who are trying to right this outrageous injustice.

    I hear he’s also working to clear Timothy McVeighs good name.

  • Chiroptera

    …just people who made terrible decisions.

    Like starting a terrible, bloody war just to avoid the possibility they may not be allowed to own other people like property.

  • lldayo

    Of course slave owners were very good Christians as most followed the instructions on how to properly handle them!


    17:7 But which of you, having a servant plowing or feeding cattle, will say unto him by and by, when he is come from the field, Go and sit down to meat?

    17:8 And will not rather say unto him, Make ready wherewith I may sup, and gird thyself, and serve me, till I have eaten and drunken; and afterward thou shalt eat and drink?

    17:9 Doth he thank that servant because he did the things that were commanded him? I trow not.

  • dan4

    I was thinking that maybe Shepherd’s comments were supposed to be an (awkward) application of “Hate the sin, but love the sinner”…but that seems negated by the “good Christians” part of his statement (i.e., how can one both be a sinner and a “good Christian”?).

  • wreck

    What’s more insulting, being compared to slave owners or this clown’s idea of “good Christians”?

  • davem

    It’s well worth playing the video at the bottom of Mr Shepherd’s ex website.

  • lofgren

    Say what you will about slave owners, but when they raped their human property they only did so in properly Jesus-approved genital combinations.

  • scienceavenger

    Sounds like Shepard went to the Ted “Not Galileo” Cruz Schoool of Mangled Metaphors, since the slaveowner equivalent in the gay marriage conflict is clearly the anti-gay folks, not the gays.

  • lorn

    Sure, slave owners were really nice people, except for that owning people thing.

  • busterggi

    “I totally disagree with that.”

    I totally don’t believe him.

  • Marcus Ranum

    He sounds like an expert on terrible decisions.

  • felidae

    How nice this asshole agrees with something that was settled 150 years ago

  • teele

    From the link:

    “Why the focus on marriage? It’s about “saving society from moral pitfalls,” he said, adding he’s concerned about his 40 grandchildren.”

    Dude has 40 FREAKIN’ GRANDCHILDREN!! Guess he and his children were hell-bent on making sure the world knows how much sex they have and with whom! I have no children, by choice, and these kinds of f*ckbunnies really make me angry — their irresponsibility wipes out the contribution toward population stability made by my household and 10 others like us. At least everything he says makes total sense now — he’s used to thinking with his little brain. That makes him morally superior to exactly nobody.

  • raven


    Shepard is probably a Mormon. I tried to find out with Google and got nothing. But Idaho has a large Mormon minority and southern Idaho is heavily over 90% Mormon in parts. BYU north is there.

    Mormonism is an explicit breeder cult. They have some bizarre story abut god and his fleet of goddess wives fucking their brains out to produce billions of spirit children. Humans are on earth to provide them with real bodies by…fucking their brains out. Large families of 10 or 12 kids used to be the norm and are still highly looked up to in Mormon culture. IIRC, the Mormon birth rate is still something like twice or three times the national average.

    Of course, underlying breeder cults is an attemp at biological colonialism. They need a lot more Mormons to take over the USA. There are frequent calls from the leadership to damn it, get those mobile incubators working and pump out more….Mormons!!!

    They can’t recruit so they have to reproduce.

    If you ask them about it, they mumble something about god’s plan and god’s will and spirit babbies needing homes and then cheerfully tell you, you are going to their lower afterlives forever to live as neuters while they become gods and breed like rabbits.

    Our society has decided that, unlike China, family size is none of the government’s business. But if overpopulation ever becomes a huge problem and a few billion people die in an ecological die off, you could argue that Mormonism is the ultimate in evil. That hasn’t happened yet and may never happen. At the least though, you can argue that we are trying to keep a diverse biosphere going. And they are trying to destroy it.

  • xuuths

    Oh Idaho. You are so beautiful.

    Sadly, you are home to so many nutjobs…