Republicans Tell ‘Pants on Fire’ Lie About Patrick Murphy

Rep. Patrick Murphy is a Florida Democrat whose star is rising rapidly. He beat Allen West for his seat in Congress in 2012 and now he’s going to run against Marco Rubio for his Senate seat. Trying to slow his roll, the National Republican Senatorial Committee is just flat out lying about him.

On the day of Murphy’s announcement, the National Republican Senatorial Committee unveiled a website attacking his positions on several topics, including the Affordable Care Act and health care for members of Congress:

“Murphy voted to keep Obamacare the law of the land but also voted to allow members of Congress to receive taxpayer-funded health care for life!”

Did Murphy vote for permanent health care for members of Congress, including himself? Actually, no. Members of Congress do not get health care for life, and Murphy has never voted to give them health care for life.

Instead, the NRSC is twisting generic votes in favor of the health care law into an entirely new — and false — attack…

The NRSC pointed to a few votes by Murphy including on May 16, 2013, to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Murphy voted against it — as did all but two Democrats while Republicans overwhelmingly supported it. The bill passed the House 229-195 but never passed the Senate.

So what would repeal have to do with members of Congress getting their own insurance?

The health care law requires members of Congress to obtain health insurance through an online marketplace, such as Previously, lawmakers bought insurance through the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program, in which federal employees younger than 65 chose a plan and split premiums with the federal government. If Congress ever repealed Obamacare, members would go back to the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program.

But here’s the problem with the claim: Members of Congress don’t get to use the federal health plan forever. Instead, it’s similar to getting insurance through work. When they lose the election — essentially losing their job — they have to find a new way to get health insurance…

Included along with the resolution is a “policy statement on responsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars” that states: “Retirement benefits for Members of Congress should not include free, taxpayer-funded health care for life.”

By voting against the resolution, “Patrick Murphy voted to allow Members of Congress to receive taxpayer funded healthcare for life,” NRSC spokesman Matt Connelly told PolitiFact Florida…

“It was a bogus and misleading claim then, and it is a bogus and misleading claim now,” said Jonathan Oberlander, professor of social medicine and health policy and management at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. “Obamacare actually gives all Americans the opportunity to obtain what members of Congress already have: access to decent, affordable health insurance.”…

We rate this claim Pants on Fire.

It’s not like only Republicans lie, of course, but this one is particularly absurd.

"Yep. Principally raking in a nice fat paycheck for hauling the party line."

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  • John Pieret

    It’s not like only Republicans lie

    But they do seem to do it more gleefully.

  • xuuths

    I’m shocked. Shocked that the republicans would lie, particularly about something easily checked.

    Oh wait . . . no, I’m not.

  • caseloweraz

    Somewhat related: Last week Paul Krugman pointed out the misguided attempt by Cathy McMorris Rogers on Facebook to find someone with an “Obamacare” tale of woe. Apparently she failed. Apparently she learned nothing from a similar attempt by Ted Cruz a year previously.

    Wonkette has the story.

  • Modusoperandi

    caseloweraz, I have an Obamacare Tale of Woe: After it “passed” “our” “Legilative” and was “signed” by “our” “president”, knowing that The Undeserving Poor have Socialized Healthcare has caused me severe mental health distress.

    Luckily, on a website I found private health insurance at a price I can afford that covers my shrink and medication.

  • busterggi

    G’wan, that’s not nearly absurb enough to become a Republican meme, needs at least 3 extra helpings of crazy.

  • Area Man

    “Murphy voted… to allow members of Congress to receive taxpayer-funded health care for life!”

    That monster! This is nearly as bad as voting for taxpayer-funded heath care for all elderly Americans (i.e. Medicare)!

  • Johnny Vector

    Well after all Patrick Murphy is a liar. There is recorded audio of him saying, no, actually singing “Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

    A liar and a drunkard! He also said “I like a bevy now and then, this I’ll never deny. But I only drink on the days of the week that end with a ‘y’.” Plus he once punched Russell Crowe in the head. And how is he going to have time to be a Senator when he’s out singing with Gaelic Storm?

    It’s possible that was a different Patrick Murphy.

  • Johnny Vector

    Also, this is a very clever strategy. Just attach a “sense of the congress” about something really sweet and fluffy to every horrible bill you know your opponents are going to vote down. A bill to cut SNAP by 90%? Add a section saying “…also we think kittens should never be burned to death and flushed down the toilet.” Then when the Democrats vote against it, you have “my opponent voted to set kittens on fire!”