Savage and Shoebat Catch Obama Sending Islamic Signals

When wingnut radio show host Michael Savage and fake “ex-terrorist” Walid Shoebat get together, you know you’re in for a seriously paranoid bullshit festival and they did not disappoint. Savage explained how Obama’s campaign logo shows his intention to destroy American with Islam.

“What is the symbol or campaign logo of the Obama administration?” Savage asked. “What are these Obama bumper stickers? Let’s see, a blue crescent over fallen red and white stripes. What is the crescent? Is that not the symbol of Islam? And the blue stripe over the red stripe represents the states that vote Democratic red over the states that vote Republican blue, and so he now unites them under the banner of Islam.”

Savage may need to take a second look at the logo, but he continued to explain that “Obama wants to promote Shia Islam and see a new Persia arise,” and has a plan to “subordinate the West for the spread of Islam.”

The two went on to claim that Obama’s alleged support for socialism and immigration also comes from Islam. Shoebat alleged that Obama’s socialism “comes right from the heart of Islam itself” and seeks to use immigration to “flood this country and change its demography completely.”

And he would have gotten away with it, too, if not for those pesky wingnuts.

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  • DaveL

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a new Persia arise, since the current Persia is kind of a dick.

  • ragingapathy

    I am sure there is also a trio of 6’s lurking in that logo somewhere. After all.

  • dingojack

    Does anyone really take Waldoor Sockbat seriously? Really?!?


  • dugglebogey

    Wait! The American flag has a blue area at the top with red and white stripes fallen beneath it!

    That fucking bitch Betsy Ross* was a muslim too!

  • John Pieret

    Crescent? Looks more like a blue rainbow to me. Opps … rainbows are bad too, aren’t they?

    Anyway, we all know that a stylized “O” is a Muslin symbol, especially when used by someone named Obama!

  • caseloweraz

    Obviously the campaign logo resembles the new logo for Pepsico (scroll down) and this means the president is conspiring to flood the country with soft drinks. Does Michele Obama know about this? Of course; what she’s doing is just a distraction.

    Then we come to the logo of the Taiwan Solidarity Union — indisputably similar, amirite? What sinister intent this reveals I leave to the reader’s imagination.

    But seriously, how deluded or desperate must someone be to make such absurd comparisons? And since this is a 2008/2012 campaign logo, why would they claim it has any relevance now?

  • busterggi

    Only the truly crazy can see what is obviously not there.

  • Chiroptera

    Wait, isn’t the Muslimist color green?

  • ArtK

    Evidence that Rorschach could have used any images for the personality test. No need for ink blots, just use campaign logos.

  • Area Man

    And the blue stripe over the red stripe represents the states that vote Democratic red over the states that vote Republican blue, and so he now unites them under the banner of Islam.”

    Never mind the empty-headed conspiracy mongering. They can’t seem to tell their colors apart.

  • Loqi


    An appropriate comparison, given that he can pull a seemingly limitless amount of stuff from his ass.

  • timgueguen

    Shoebatsinhisbelfry will feel damn stupid when Obama declares America a Zen Buddhist country, and forces all the Christians to sit seiza and chant mantras for an hour every day.

  • jnorris

    Red/blue fail.

    A cresent is Muslim. OK Mr Savage, explain South Carolina’s flag.

    Also dugglebogey, those stars on Betsy’s flags are pentagrams!