Wingnut: Mike Pence is the New Martin Luther King

I’ve long referred to Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver as the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, but the group’s communications director, Charla Bansley, isn’t any brighter. She has a Worldnetdaily column about the RFRA situation in Indiana in which she declares that Gov. Mike Pence is the modern Martin Luther King and that Christians should turn Indianapolis into the new Ferguson.

Can conservatives responding to the recent controversy in Indiana over religious freedom learn anything from liberals about messaging? After the Michael Brown shooting, liberal leaders from the left, such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and secular progressive communities from across America seized the opportunity and flocked to Ferguson, Missouri, to take over the narrative, blaming Brown’s death on “institutional racism.” Universities as far away as George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, held diversity discussions. College students from all over the country joined the crowds walking the streets chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot.”

Today, the church must contend for the faith and the faithful in like manner. What churches and religious universities will take a page out of the liberal playbook to rally, to march, to hold candle vigils and to speak out? What pastors will go to Indianapolis to stand by Gov. Mike Pence and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act? Which organizations will help pay the way for those victimized by religious intolerance – bakers, photographers, venue owners – to make their way to Indianapolis? When will we as a church begin matching our words with action? If not now, then when?

I think that is an absolutely brilliant idea and I think you should get right on it. The overwhelming majority of Americans do not think that it should be legal to discriminate against gay people, so if you want to go and march and demand the right to do that, I will happily watch you declare your irrelevance on national television. Be my guest.

Gov. Pence is the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. of 2015, courageously defending the bakers, photographers, florists, ministers, county clerks, and owners of wedding venues who, after a lifetime of acquiring skills and building businesses, have seen their livelihoods destroyed, forced to pay exorbitant fines and even threatened with jail.

You’ve got your comparison kinda backwards there. Martin Luther King was arguing against the right of businesses to discriminate against people and much of that discrimination was also justified religiously. He helped push through this law called the Civil Rights Act. It’s kind of an important law, you should look it up. If you weren’t homeschooled by fundie parents, you might already have heard of it.

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  • gshelley

    Aren’t they supposed to be pretending it isn’t about allowing discrimination, or is it the same as SSM, where in court, they have to find non religious excuses, but outside of the court settings, it is all about what God says?

  • Neil Rickert

    Maybe he means “the new Lester Maddox” or “the new George Wallace”.

  • John Pieret

    Gov. Pence is the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. of 2015, courageously defending the bakers, photographers, florists, ministers, county clerks, and owners of wedding venues

    Ah, that was written before Pence and the legislature took the 30 pieces of silver offered by big business, amended the law and betrayed the Christians into the hands of those gays who want to crucify them.

  • raven

    It is a great idea. Too good to be true.

    I’d like to see fundie xians marching for the right to be haters and bigots. Chanting catchy slogans like God hates gays!!! Singing songs and carrying signs.

    Who do we want to kill? Gays!!!

    When? Now!!!

    It isn’t going to happen. This would help the atheists, seculars, and normal peoplel immensely. The best argument against religion the atheists have are….fundie xians. They never miss a chance to show the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of their perversion of xianity.

  • howardhershey

    As one of the opponents of the law put it, no one is asking that a florist or baker to approve of or condone any event they are asked to contribute their goods to. And bakers and florists don’t usually ask whether either party in a marriage has been chaste before the event, whether they intend to have children, whether one or both are non-Christian or the wrong kind of Christian, or whether they have been divorced (all might easily be a considered a ‘non-marriage’ by various religious standards not involving a protected class like race). They aren’t the minister or judge or clerk that is performing the event. The only difference between that kind of discrimination and same-sex marriage is that ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ is easier for the shop-keeper to get away with and still make money.

  • StevoR

    “I have a dream that my children , er .. make that homophobic bigots .. get to judge people not by the content of their hearts but by the colour of their sexual orientation .. er .. wait . What?


    So. Very. Wrong.

  • StevoR

    The racist right murdered MLK. Becoz they were and still are bigoted arsewipes.

    Do they really now get to steal and shit upon his memory too?

    I’d ask if they had any shame at all but y’know I don’t have to the answer to that is too clearly negative.

  • Mobius

    I kinda miss the good ol’ days when you referred to it as the “World Nut Daily”.