Buy a Picture of Glenn Beck Crying

I mentioned the other day that Glenn Beck has a clothing company, but they sell more than clothes. So along with your $150 blue jeans, you can also buy an $80 jug of men’s body wash. But the greatest thing of all that you can buy on the 1791 website has to be this:


The mind absolutely boggles. Glenn Beck is officially the most oblivious, least self-aware human being on the planet.

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  • John Pieret

    So it’s autographed … but does it have real GB tears that have fallen on it? Or is it like those various icons, statutes, etc. that keeps on crying “real” tears?

    C’mon Glenn, you gotta give us a bit more for $150.

  • ArtK

    As Phineas T. Barnum is reputed to have said: “There’s a customer born every minute.”

  • themadtapper

    Today’s forecast: Partly shady with a chance of narcissism.

  • namowal

    I think it’s all an act. He’s fine-tuned his wacky behavior into a product that suckers will buy. He’s the Thomas Kinkade of political pundits.

  • Leo T.

    @4: It’s either that or he’s taking the “eh, may as well try to get cash out of my haters as well” approach.

  • a_ray_in_dilbert_space

    Could it be that in addition to being the joke that Glenn actually gets the joke? Could he be some sort of elaborate Colbert-like performance artist? Part of me really wants that to be true? I mean that would be Warhol like in its consumeristic brilliance.

  • eric

    This has to be a satire; the description is obviously making fun of him.

  •!/TabbyLavalamp Tabby Lavalamp

    What does it say that I actually want this. Not for a US$150, but I want it. I have a few Canadian nickels if those are okay with them.

  • Saad

    Has Glenn Beck ever interviewed John Boehner? Imagine the waterworks during that. They’d probably have to put guttering around their chairs.

  • blf

    An alarm clock with stuck hands which randomly lets out a bunch of “Nazis! Nazis!” shrieks and then puddles on table, for just $215 ($450 for a pair), would be a best-seller. Top-rated feature: You can’t turn it off, You can’t control the volume, and You can’t set when its shrieking alarms.

  • Scr… Archivist

    I would prefer the original by Margaret Keane.

  • Artor

    Saad, don’t you remember that Gawd promised not to destroy the world in a flood again? For that reason alone, Glenn Beck will never have that interview with john Boehner.

  • anachronistes

    Searched the 1791 website, including for the product code (BXAP019).

    Sadly, no result is found.

    C’mon, Ed….

  • John Hinkle
  • Childermass

    Because of limited supply, photos of Mr. Beck not crying are far more expensive.

  • peterh

    Even tackier than Elvis on black velvet.

  • Ellie

    @13 It’s not at that shoppe; it’s at his other shoppe.

    In addition, he has a print of himself wrapped in Caution tape. That one is also $150.

  • lorn

    Sure … you could get a picture of GB for $150 + S&H but for $24.29 (on sale from $26.99) you can get one one of these. They cry real tears, no Vapor-Rub necessary, and as a special bonus, wet themselves:

  • anachronistes

    @17 – thanks for that (I think). My apologies to our esteemed host.

    Not gonna buy a print, anyhow…

  • carpenterman

    The true horror is that there are people out there who will, in fact, buy this. They will pay the $150 (plus shipping), and then display it in their homes. Dog have mercy.

  • Kermit Sansoo

    “I can haz cheeseburger?”

  • caseloweraz

    I’d sooner buy a picture of Rembrandt Brown. Of course, I can get those for free — both still images and video.

    But, credit where due, I thank Beck for reminding me about Sliders, since I’m on a TV nostalgia kick.