Beck Doubts Walker Because He Won’t Come On His Show

Raging narcissist Glenn Beck thinks there’s something very wrong with Scott Walker. The evidence he offers for that conclusion is that he’s been trying and trying to get Walker to come on his radio show and he has so far refused. Sounds like a point in his favor to me.

Beck, however, isn’t quite sure about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, saying that for two months, he has been trying to get an interview with Walker and so far, Walker has refused.

And that can only mean that there is something very, very wrong with Walker or his campaign.

“Something is not right with Scott Walker,” Beck said. “Either he is avoiding me, he’s avoiding this audience because he doesn’t want to be seen with you, or his staff is out-of-control incompetent. We’ve been trying to get an interview with him for almost two months; for some reason, we can’t get a single interview with him. That is highly unusual for somebody who is offering 15 minutes or an hour of time for a media empire that has a footprint of 50 million people. Something’s not right with Scott Walker.”

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  • dmcclean

    “he’s avoiding this audience because he doesn’t want to be seen with you, or his staff is out-of-control incompetent.”

    If you crop the sentence there, it actually makes sense. You’d have to be out-of-control incompetent to let your candidate be seen near Beck.

  • StevoR

    Something’s not right with Scott Walker.

    Project much Beck?

  • John Pieret

    I didn’t realize Walker had that much sense. Too bad he doesn’t exhibit it more often.

  • raven

    Something is not right with Scott Walker, Beck said.

    OMiCthulhu, I agree with Glenn Beck.

    There is indeed something wrong with Scott Walker.

    He is an idiot who wrecked Wisconsin. Wisconsin ranks first in the shrinking middle class metric.

    Scott Walker Appointee Suggests Volcanoes Might Be Real Cause Of Global Warming Huffington Post‎ – 17 hours ago

    … state official who is skeptical of human contribution to climate change. Gov. Scott Walker

    The Walker mob are near illiterates who have never heard of search engines.

    It’s been known for centuries that volcanoes cause global cooling. The ash and sulfur dioxide cause a decrease in solar heating leading to measurably cooler temperatures.

  • busterggi

    He pulled this same thing a few weeks ago with Grover Nordquist then continued badmouthing him after he appeared.

    Apparently Beck is sort of a truth-or-dare, without the truth, for Republicans.

  • jaybee

    Geez, Beck has exactly the right complexion here to play an Oompa-Loompah in the next edition of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. He just needs to find some white overalls.

  • ricko

    Scott Walker and Glen Beck… The thing that isn’t “right” with Walker is that Beck’s a Mormon. He’s not a “true Christian.”

    Although, they’d both like to see the poors knuckled.

  • Nice Ogress

    Huh. I wonder how much Beck got paid to throw Walker under the bus. And by whom?