The Greatest Communist Conspiracy Ever

Trevor Loudon is in most ways your typical right wing blogger, spouting the same nonsense routinely. But he’s come up with an incredible conspiracy theory that the collapse of the Soviet Union was staged to turn America communist and Obama is carrying out the plan.

Loudon, who was speaking yesterday with “Trunews” host Rick Wiles about his belief that the collapse of the Soviet Union was just a ruse to make way for the communist takeover of America, said that Obama “actually understands what he’s doing” and is “working for the benefit of communism.”

“The only argument is: Is he unwitting or does he know what he’s doing?” Loudon continued. “I would say he knows what he’s doing.”

“Everything Obama does in foreign policy and domestic policy fits the communist playbook,” Loudon said.

That’s bloody genius.

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  • parasiteboy

    The Greatest Communist Conspiracy Ever

    It would be Ted Cruz running for president if he was a Democrat.

  • colnago80

    Robert Welch, founder of the John Birch Society: There can be no doubt that Dwight David Eisenhower is a conscious Communist conspirator. John Fitzgerald Kennedy is an unwitting tool of the international Communist conspiracy.

  • StevoR

    So according to Trevor Loudon the Soviet Union collapsed to make America communist and .. also I suppose President Obama killed bin Laden because Barack is a really secret Muslim? Also water makes things dry and bears are well house broken?

  • D. C. Sessions

    The really amazing thing is how frequently the Communist playbook gets revised.

  • Modusoperandi

    Yup. I remember when Lenin took over the Soviet Union. The first thing he did was ignore labor, push for a middle ground between old Democrats and new Republicans, buy GM, and chase Wall Street for donations, much as his father, Karl Marx, did before him. Plus, this one time, when asked by a reporter, he commented after a white vigilante shot a black kid. And then he handed out LeninPhones to all urban (*wink wink*) people, Pills to all the sluts (paid for by their employers and pastors) and burned down Benghazi.

  • composer99

    I’d say you can’t make this kind of stuff up, but, well, Loudon has.

  • John Pieret

    the collapse of the Soviet Union was just a ruse to make way for the communist takeover of America

    Wait a minute! If the Soviet Union didn’t really collapse, that means Vladimir Putin is still a COMMIE! The great savior of Christianity and foe of icky gays is just leading us down the path to COMMUNISM in cahoots with the Kenyan, socialist, Marxist, nigg … traitor in chief!

  • raym

    These people really do occupy a different universe than the one I’m in. Right? Right? Please tell me I’m right.

  • dmcclean

    The best part about this conspiracy is how it started in 1961 with placing those birth announcements.

  • busterggi

    Interesting because Reagan would then have to have been an active participant in the conspiracy – bet he won’t mention that.

  • dingojack

    I heard that Obama is the willing tool, passive useful idiot and genius mastermind (all at the same time, naturally) of an even more evil, even more super secret plan


    You know how you were always taught the Roman Empire collapsed in the 5th century….


  • sugarfrosted

    I heard this before from my father, though a little bit less wacky. Basically Gorbachev purposefully let the Soviet Union fall as a distraction and was using environmentalism to spread communism. The only evidence my father ever cited was Gorbachev being on the board of directors of an organization called “Green Cross International”.

    It’s a tiny bit less wacky because the Soviet Union actually fell in this conspiracy.

  • pacal

    Actually the idea that the collapse of Communism is part of a “Monstrous Plot” goes back not just to John Birch types but also to former CIA head of Counterintelligence James Angleton who accepted the utterly wild conspiracy ravings of defector Anatoliy Golitsyn who alleged among other things that the conflict between Russia and China was staged entirely to deceive the west that all sorts of important Western political figures were Soviet agents and has since the fall of the USSR has alleged it is also part of the ruse to deceive the west. In other words raving batshit insane nonsense.

  • cptdoom

    It would be Ted Cruz running for president if he was a Democrat.

    You jest, but the whole “Obama is a Manchurian Candidate” carefully groomed to be President by Malcom X/Angela Davis/Saul Alinsky to destroy the country conspiracy theory works a heck of a lot better with Ted Cruz, the son of a Castro “freedom fighter” who came to this country on a student visa, got an American woman to marry him and has been grooming his son for the Presidency since birth.

  • llewelly

    Wait a minute. I’ve always been told Reagan was responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union! Does that mean Reagan was in on it too?

  • StevoR

    @ ^ llewelly : Don’t forget the then Pope Saint John Paul II too!

    He also gets the credit /blame for ending commie-ism don’t he?

  • busterggi

    None of this would have happened if the US hadn’t funded Project Tic-Toc back in the ’60’s.

  • sugarfrosted

    @15 The magic conspiracy 12 ball says, “Ask again when I’m in a different mindset.”

  • felidae

    And it only took 20 years to bring this nefarious plot to fruition!

  • Nick Gotts


    But at least Lenin could produce his long-form birth certificate! I believe it’s now taped to the wall above his mummified body in the mausoleum.

  • parasiteboy


    I was being serious. Ted Cruz is too far to the right, at this point, for the conspiracy theorist to paint him in this way.