MI School District Ends Religious Handouts

I wrote last week about a teacher in Hart, Michigan who was giving out handouts full of Bible verses and Christian teaching (turns out it was a substitute teacher). After a letter from the Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists, the school has put a stop to it and will no longer allow that substitute teach at the school.

Public reaction to a substitute teacher who passed out religious materials at Hart High School recently did not lead to a demonstration at the school Monday — even though a demonstration had been sought by someone who posted a message on a community Facebook page.

The substitute teacher — who is from Professional Education Services Group, a company that provides substitute teachers when requested by school districts — has been told that passing out religious material during school is unacceptable at Hart Public Schools, said Superintendent Mark Platt.

“The substitute had, in fact, done some things and passed out materials with religious information and some specific references to entries in the Bible,” Platt said. “That is not allowable.”…

Platt said he learned about the charge April 6 and has had time since then to talk to the substitute teacher.

Platt said he then talked to Professional Education Services Group and told them about materials the teacher had passed out.

“He can’t be doing this and he will not be subbing here,” Platt said.

Let’s hope the company makes sure he doesn’t do it anywhere else either.

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  • StevoR

    Huh. To cite a cliche here isn’t it usually the substitute teacher that gets fucked by the class and school not vice-versa?

    (With apologies to substitute, hell, all teachers out there working hard and having some very awful situations to deal with.)