Apparently, the Word ‘Feminism’ is Offensive in Ohio

Here’s an appalling story out of Ohio. An 8th grade student wore a t-shirt that said “feminist” on it the day they took a class picture, but when she got the yearbook that word had been photoshopped out. The principal says she did it because some might find that word offensive. The girl’s mother tells the story:

A couple of weeks ago Sophie wore a t-shirt to school that she had made that said “FEMINIST.” She wore the shirt all day without any issues. It also happened to be the day the 8th grade class pictures were taken.

On Monday, the pictures were handed out to the students and Sophie sees the photo and notices that the word FEMINIST had been blacked out on her shirt. Sophie went to the school principal, Mrs. Young, to find out why this happened. Mrs. Young said, “the photographer called me and brought it to my attention and I made the decision to black it out because some people might find it offensive.”

A friend of Sophie’s called me and I went to the school. Mrs. Young walked out and wouldn’t talk to me about what had happened. I have emailed her twice and she has yet to contact me at all.

Sophie was not violating dress code, she was not inappropriately dressed. Being a feminist is not a bad thing. She should be allowed to express herself…

I am completely dumbfounded by the situation. I’m upset that the principal won’t speak to me or return my emails regarding the situation. I would think she would want our involvement. I’m just shocked by how the entire thing is being handled.

The principal ultimately did apologize for it, but what the hell was she thinking in the first place? Just baffling behavior.

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  • StevoR

    Feminism – the new F word that really cannot be said. Even more absurdly and unfairly than the more common one.

    How utterly when as Taslima Nasreen notes this :

    is all it really means.

  • StevoR

    Dammnit I accidentally left out a word there again. Hmm .. know what I think I’ll let y’all guess what it was for yourselves.

    I am a feminist. Took the test and all. It ain’t hard.

  • left0ver1under

    Will they also photoshop out shirts that mention religion since those offend certain people?

    Somehow, I don’t expect they will.

  • Artor

    As I posted on a Disqus thread about this, Feminism is offensive…if you are an offensive retrogressive nitwit.

  • John Pieret

    Per Rush Limburger Limbaugh and the other RWNJs, “feminist” equals “Nazi” and/or “slut.” So, since the principal would photoshop out a T-shirt that had a swastika or “Let’s fuck” on it, she naturally did the same to “feminist”!


  • Kamaka

    Before “women’s lib” there weren’t very many female school principals, were there Mrs. Young?

    And what’s with the photographer? Some kind of thought cop?

  • Jasper of Maine

    And yet, if a religious student decides to use football games, graduation speeches or the PA announcements to proselytize, that’s just the student just expressing him/her self, and not a problem.

  • Jared James

    This is Ohio. If you don’t have a brewsky in your hand, might as well be wearing a t-shirt that says “FEMINIST.”

  • anubisprime

    Maybe someone should have a look at the photographer as well…what a complete dickhead!

    Does not excuse madam principal though…she probably thought it was something to do with atheism!

  • LightningRose

    Anyone who finds this t-shirt offensive needs a trip to the ER to get the stick removed from their ass.

  • brucegee1962

    Actually, I can see some value in a rule of “no sorts with words on class picture day,” because otherwise there could be a whole host of issues. But if you’re going to go after one word, this seems like a poor one to go after.

  • kantalope

    By all means we should definitely ban any words on picture day. Spaghetti monster knows children can’t be allowed to have an opinion on anything. They are innocent mindless babes that should be seen wearing princess dresses or sailor suits and not heard.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    The principal ultimately did apologize …

    – but did she tell the photographer to dump the edited image and use the actual class picture?

  • Michael Heath

    I’m offended the word was spelled with all caps. Therefore the principal was correct in blacking out the word.

  • lofgren

    I suspect this had little to do with any opposition to feminism and everything to do with a calculated attempt to minimize angry emails and phone calls from parents. Hopefully it backfired enough to send a message.

  • llewelly


    I suspect this had little to do with any opposition to feminism and everything to do with a calculated attempt to minimize angry emails and phone calls from parents.

    The only reason anyone would think there would be angry emails and phone calls from parents is prejudice against feminism. So thanks for moving goalposts.

  • lofgren

    1. It’s not “prejudiced” against feminism to be aware that it is controversial. You would have to live deep under a rock to not be aware of this.

    2. It’s apparent from your comment that you do not know what “moving the goalposts” means.

    3. It is also apparent that you are an expert in “begging the question.”