Carson: America ‘Spiraling Downward’ From Lack of God

The more I watch him, the more I come to the conclusion that Ben Carson is not ready for prime time. He seems completely incapable of saying anything that isn’t an empty platitude. When he does go off-script, he comes off like an idiot. Case in point:

At the end of a speech filled with broad platitudes about patriotism and how, until only recently, the U.S. upheld Judeo-Christian values, Carson implored that “we need to bring spirituality back to this country.”

“It was our Judeo-Christian values that allowed this to be an exceptional country, that allowed us to move forward so incredibly quickly and as we abandon God, you can see that we are spiraling downward just as quickly,” he said.

Are we really spiraling downward? By what measure, exactly? Typical measures of social dislocation and dysfunction — teen pregnancy, drug abuse, violent crime — are all going down and have been for a couple decades now. The only measures by which things are getting worse, like poverty and income inequality, are exactly the things that Republicans refuse to do anything about and, in fact, want to make worse. Oh, wait….gay people are now getting married. Clutch those pearls, Ben.

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  • Modusoperandi

    He does have a point. You can’t go in to The City at night anymore, on account of all the roving homogangs. It’s like The Warriors, but with no changes at all.

  • StevoR

    Its not so much that America is spiralling downwards Ben Carson so much as that being an illusion due to rising seas making it seem lower.

  • Alverant

    Wasn’t slavery one of the things that built this country too? Also what about expanding into other nations and slaughtering the people already living in lands we felt we were entitled to?

  • dingojack

    “The more I watch him, the more I come to the conclusion that Ben Carson is not ready for prime time. He seems completely incapable of saying anything that isn’t an empty platitude. When he does go off-script, he comes off like an idiot. ”

    Ed – ’empty platitudes’ and ‘coming off like an idiot’. I thought you said he wasn’t ready for prime time. He seems a perfect fit to me.



  • John Pieret

    Thank goodness we don’t live in a country where empty platitudes can get a politician elected!

  • addiepray

    …and always twirling, twirling…

  • magistramarla

    Hmmm – empty platitudes and bringing Gawd into everything he says?

    Sounds like sister Sarah to me. He’ll probably use the 2016 election to grift the same way she did in 2012.

  • peterh

    As time goes on the phrase “Judaeo-Christian values” and any similar jingoism becomes more odious and more irrelevant. It’s a desperate grab at a supposed golden past which actually never existed.

  • anubisprime

    Yep it would seem the distilled GOP concentrate are still locked in the 1930’s – 1950’s mind set where mention of god was mandatory tool to bolster the bonafides and smooze the electorate.

    It is somewhat doubtful they pay much, if any, mind to recent polling data, like Pew, on the present trend in religious affiliation, which unanimously seems to indicate that religion, as a go to, activity is actually imploding in an rather spectacular way.

    The wannabe politician still clings to the old methods of campaigning, in the GOP case, and to a certain extent also in the democratic camp, that has relied on pompous and righteous appeals to some spurious mythological non-entity.

    In the past, in smaller communities, the parish ju ju man has ruled the roost as far as social policy, and sat on many committees that shaped and molded the identity of that community.

    A junior politically motivated critter with ambition had to seriously lick theist derriere in order to allow that ambition to flourish.

    For decades, American politicians are comatosed in the headlights of increasing modernity and radically changing demographics.

    This is still the case and Ben has adequately displayed the disconnect b’twixt ‘n’ b’tween what the ‘modern’ politician and the electorate over issues of ethical morality.

    It is exactly the same set of presumed facets of campaigning that still rear their ridiculous clown head at the hustings in the UK trying to open blue water to the opposition, by appeal to some vague and mysterious spirituality.

    Cameron spins on a dime on that question, depending on who the audience is…at one time at the beginning of his premiership to a secular audience he is mildly atheistic, it is not a motivator in his life, drifts in and out of spiritual thoughts, in other forums he is a church goer for inspiration.

    His government has waged the most arcane and draconian policies of kicking the poor hard and mercilessly, (actually a few policies by the benefit department have actually ended up killing quite a significant percentage of folk that end up starving to death or just committing suicide to make it all stop) definitely a million miles, and then some, from jeebus and his attitude to the poor and dispossessed …

    At election time he suddenly becomes a great supporter of Christianity and Christian based society, the Church can still deliver some votes you see, and apart from the lower echelons of ju ju men on the front line, the hierarchy still lean markedly to the right, the present Arch bish of Canterbury, the main ju ju man incarnate, was a fucking oil exec before he found god….go figure!

    So these politicians all blow where the wind is strongest in their favor, but it seems they are all slow to understand the falling attractiveness of spiritual rhetoric, makes them all kind of old fashioned out of step nobodies trying to play a game that most folk have, and are, grown out of.

  • StevoR

    @ ^ peterh : What you mean there never were mysterious cities of gold or past wonders of Hiva (Mu) or Atlantis? :

    (Dangnabbed nostalgia and just .. whoah. That music gets me every time. )

    Spoilsport! Next you’ll be telling us that Nessie, Bunyips and Bigfoot don’t exist and politicians and media pundits actually lie to us dangnabbit!

  • cjcolucci

    Think of how many lives Dr. Carson could be saving on the operating table if he went back to work instead of doing this.

  • tbp1

    A perfect example of how profoundly stupid a really smart person can be in areas outside of his/her personal expertise. I could be wrong, but physicians seem particularly susceptible to this.

  • thecalmone

    @12 tbp1 – and engineers – and I speak as one.