The CBS Report on Atheists

CBS News did a report on atheists on Sunday morning, and particularly about the Openly Secular campaign. It features Todd Stiefel, Neil Carter and Mandisa Thomas and it was very evenhanded and well produced. Video below the fold.

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  • …it was very evenhanded…

    Then why didn’t it focus exclusively on the various ways Athiests could (and should) scare old white Christian men? And it didn’t even mention how you Athiests hate America and Freedom and America. Not once! Typical Liberal Media!

  • Synfandel

    I feel for Bible Belt atheists. That has to be a tough way to live.

    On my side of the Great Lakes, if I say, “I’m an atheist,” the response is something like, “Yeah, whatever. So, who’s the better goalie: Carey Price or Roberto Luongo?”

    Our prime minister is a fundamentalist Christian, but he avoids mentioning it in public, because it scares voters.

  • anubisprime

    No baby eating…how exactly is that even handed… ?

    On the other hand it is to be wondered what the christian fundies think about atheists openly waltzing around in broad daylight without their hero taking a pot shot…bet that has them perplexed!

  • grumpyoldfart

    @ Synfandel #2

    Same in Australia. Nobody gives a damn.

  • Michael Heath

    So even the dean of Duke U.’s chapel is incapable of confronting the evil of God assigning humans to Hell with his celebration of this same god. What Hell-believing Christian can? I’ve yet to encounter even one.

    Christianity can not withstand scrutiny, something it’ll be getting now in increasing doses.

  • dannorth

    @ Michael Heath

    Which is why there is all these memes about atheists: being in revolt against god, being an atheist to sin, deep down atheists believe in god…

    And also the big one, that atheists are immoral.

    That way they don’t have face the idea that god is evil for putting good people in hell for not believing because it’s easier to believe that it is because of other sins.

    As happened with gay people, the more folks see decent atheist the harder it will be to maintain this worldview.

  • @Synfandel #2 – “So, who’s the better goalie: Carey Price or Roberto Luongo?”

    That sounds like a theological question to me, one that no doubt causes much discussion among adherents of Canada’s state religion.

  • Synfandel

    True, Gregory, you got me. Fortunately, because both goal tenders belong to the same Eastern sect (or “conference”), the issue will be settled sometime before the Grand Synod (or “finals”) in June.

  • Synfandel

    Oops, no they don’t. This might go all the way to the Grand Synod.

  • my2cents

    I wish more Pastors and Reverends believed they don’t know who goes to heaven or hell. That’s the first I’ve seen any of them say a thing like that. Many are extremely quick to give you a checklist of how to get into heaven and a checklist on how you’re condemned to hell.

  • johnwolforth

    Did not see that coming. You mean there’s nothing here to rant about? No complex philosophical treatise that uncovers the nuanced message hidden between the lines? Atheism is getting boring. I guess I need a new hobby.