Guest Post: Cameron Shakes Hands With Bigoted Witch Hunter

This is a guest post by my friend Leo Igwe, writing about a recent meeting between British Prime Minister David Cameron and Pastor E.A Adeboye, a witch hunting homophobe from Nigeria, during an event in England.

David Cameron’s Handshake with African Homophobic and Witch hunting Pastor

By Leo Igwe

The photos of UK Prime Minister David Cameron shaking hands with the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Rev Enoch Adeboye at the Festival of Life program holding in London must disgust anyone who knows about the teachings and positions of Adeboye and his church particularly on issues of homosexuality and witchcraft. Rev Adeboye was one of the pastors who openly canvassed support for the anti gay marriage bill stating that homosexuality would wipe out humanity.

He said, “Same-sex marriage is an anathema to the will of God for human beings to be fruitful, replenish and multiply on earth. Anything contrary to that is evil.

How can a man who marries a fellow man produce a child and how can a woman who marries a fellow woman produce a child?

If this evil is allowed to stay, there will not be newborns again in the world. As the older generation dies, will there be a new generations to succeed it? Even plants and animals have new generations to succeed them.”

President Goodluck Jonathan later signed the bill into law. Since the anti gay marriage bill came into force many homosexual Nigerians have been turned into criminals in their own countries and refugees abroad.

Adeboye’s Redeemed Christian Church of God is among the pentecostal ministries that are propagating witchcraft narratives in the region. The preachings and sermons of these churches are a major driving force for witch-hunting ravaging many parts of Africa and African migrant communities including those in the UK. Participation by the British Prime Minister in a meeting organised by such a church gives it credibility. A handshake with its pastor is an endorsement of his teachings and positions. As the UK general election approaches, it is obvious that Cameron went to this event in search of votes from minority communities. But is congregating and praying with a homophobic and witch hunting pastor the way to achieve this?

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  • slc1

    Did the good pastor comment on Cameron’s pushing through the bill in Parliament recognizing same sex marriages in England?

  • raven

    But is congregating and praying with a homophobic and witch hunting pastor the way to achieve this?

    1. This may get Cameron some votes among the pro-child killing and pro-old women killng xian communities.

    2. It should lose him some votes among the normal people and anti-murder communities though.

    I wouldn’t vote for him and his party just on that basis. It’s irrelevant of course, since I’m not eligible to vote in the UK.

  • Modusoperandi

    Look, he barely even knows who the guy is. Yes, this makes him look bad, but he’s been humbled by the public backlash and, learning from this, in the future he’ll be more careful about who he shakes hands with. Next time, he’s going to think twice before he appears in public with someone like Cameron.

  • busterggi

    Hey, I’m relieved! From the title I was afraid I’d learn that Judy Garland was a bigot.

  • Sastra

    Leo nails it again — let’s hope he is not just a voice crying in the wilderness. Even politicians should have limits on pandering to people “of faith.”

  • grumpyoldfart

    It’s good to be alive in the 21st century (I keep telling myself).