Horowitz: Terrorists Crossing Mexican Border With Nukes

Deranged right winger David Horowitz went on a radio show and argued that President Obama is leaving the Mexican boarder because his “heart is with the enemy” and now the terrorists are streaming in with chemical, biological and, soon, nuclear weapons.

When Kaufman asked Horowitz about the U.S. program to resettle refugees from the Syrian civil war, he warned that the president is “importing our enemies,” adding that Obama and his party have “destroyed our southern border so it’s easy for terrorists to get here.”

“All they have to do is walk across that border,” he said, “and they’re going to do it, and when they come they’re going to bring chemical, biological and eventually nuclear weapons, so don’t kid yourself.”

Kaufman agreed, citing an unfounded Judicial Watch report about an ISIS training camp near the border with Mexico and the president’s recent prayer breakfast remarks to declare that the president has “lost it.”

“He’s a traitor,” Horowitz added. “His heart is with the enemy.”

Right, all those weapons they don’t actually have. Do you have any evidence of this, Mr. Horowitz? Of course not.

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  • http://en.uncyclopedia.co/wiki/User:Modusoperandi Modusoperandi

    You don’t need evidence. They’re Muslins. That’s all the evidence you need. I mean, you could ask them, but the Koren tells them to lie to us. Plus, even if they do tell you the truth you can barely understand them on account of their Mexican accents. And even if you ask them and they tell the truth and you can understand them, they can’t follow instructions, like when you tell them Wednesdays are when the lawn needs mowing and every second Friday to trim the hedges. I mean, how hard is that to follow?

  • blf

    Those nonexistent daesh sooooper secret invisible paramilitaries recently rumbled from their even more nonexistent camp in Mexico by some group of fruitcake nutters had to take their so-nonexistent-they-didn’t-even-know-they-had-them weapons somewhere.

  • chrislu

    I always enjoy these border crossing jihadi flights of fantasy. No reason to doubt the story, since gringos, including border guards, can’t tell a Central American from a Peshmerga. But what about Faroud’s fellow travelers? (Faroud is passing as Jose). I joined the Hispanic universe almost 50 years ago via marriage. Over time I’ve gotten a feel about how interrelationships are formed. One likes to know who one is with. What ” rinconcito” (corner of the land) do you come from, amigo? And being that this is an illegal trek, your really want to be comfortable with this person. Faroud may run into a few problems here. Most likely outcome? Disappeared 6 ft. under the sand. No need to worry about Obama’s corrupt border guards. No hay problema here. Amigo.

  • caseloweraz

    I always like how they paint Obama as a “belt-and-suspenders” man. He’s not just importing jihadis posing as refugees from the Middle East on airplane flights; he’s leaving the southern border wide open so they can just walk across.

    And they’ll be carrying all manner of weapons of mass destruction, including nukes, which of course will never be detected until they’re used.

    I could mention the truck carrying radioactive building materials from Mexico, which crossed the border and was only noticed when it made a wrong turn at Los Alamos and triggered a detector there.

    That was in 1983. Border crossings now have radiation monitors.

    I could mention that. But such facts won’t matter to David Horowitz.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jason.criley jason the cripple

    All this border hysteria is even more hilarious when you realize that all the terrorist attacks that have been committed on US soil have been by people who came here legally, with passports and visas, or were American citizens. Not a single one of them have crossed the border illegally.

  • yoav

    So this is why the shrub couldn’t find any of those WMD’s, they were all in Mexico waiting for Obama to destroy the border so they can be carried in by Ebola infected ISIS members disguised as Guatemalan children.