How to Login With Google

So as many of you found out recently, Google did away with the Open ID standard and a lot of people can no longer log in. Our tech thinks it’s fixed now. When you try to login, go to Google+ instead. Here’s a screenshot. You should be able to login from there. If not, please let us know here in the comments.


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  • colnago80

    Works fine.

  • Larry

    Works for me.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Now that this particular brush has (apparently) been extinguished, when will the ace FtB tech crew do something about upgrading the bass-ackwards “front page” here?

  • comfychair

    The frontpage is about as useful as a calendar with all the year’s Mondays on one page, all the Tuesdays on the next, and so on…

    I fully understand the by-topic sorting may be great for some people. But in the current age of templates and scripts and whatnot, why can’t there be more than one version? This isn’t 1993 when somebody would have to sit and rewrite the HTML by hand every time there’s new content to add.

  • John Pieret

    You should be able to login from there

    BINGO! It seems to be working fine. The (small) amount of money I invested in getting adless FTB is again more than worthwhile.

  • Hj Hornbeck

    Works fine here, but only because you have a redirect to the login page. Over at Butterflies and Wheels the buttons are right above the comment box, and over there it doesn’t work. 😛

  • Morgan

    Hj Hornbeck, even on B&W there should be a login link on the left sidebar, under the list of blogs and the “search this site” field, above the “recent posts/comments” widget. And of course, if you log in on one blog you’re logged in to the others too.

  • tsig


  • tsig

    seems as long as I am logged in I cannot leave this site.

  • congenital cynic

    Worked for me too. Thanks for the fix.

  • Rob Grigjanis


  • Modusoperandi

    I’m a log-in hipster. I only liked logging in before it got popular. Luckily, this is Google+, so that’s not an issue.*


    * Take that, hipsters and Google+!

  •!/TabbyLavalamp Tabby Lavalamp

    Yeah, that front page. I don’t know how many new posts I miss on blogs I don’t necessarily follow regularly because I don’t want to wade though all the different topics showing the same posts listed in other topics.

  • composer99


  • Marcus Ranum

    Isn’t google+ going away soon, too?