More Inane Uber-Patriotism in Miami

This is the kind of story that leaves me absolutely enraged. The head of the police union in Miami, Florida is demanding disciplinary action against the assistant chief of police there because she did not salute the flag and recite the pledge of allegiance during a ceremony.

The head of the Miami police union is seeking disciplinary action against the assistant police chief after she refused to salute the American flag while in uniform during a promotional ceremony.

Sgt. Javier Ortiz, president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, wants Assistant Chief Anita Najiy removed from her position as honor guard commander. He sent a letter Monday to Chief Rodolfo Llanes seeking a reprimand.

Ortiz claims that Najiy’s failure to salute the flag “to make a political statement” during Friday’s ceremony at the Miami Police College is a violation of the police oath. He calls her actions “unprofessional and disgraceful.”

“She is actively refusing to show allegiance to the United States of America, which is part of our oath as law enforcement officers,” Ortiz told Local 10 News. “This has been going on for several months.”…

“By not publicly showing her allegiance to our nation with the rest of the Miami Police Department, she is violating our oath,” Ortiz wrote.

Ortiz also questions Najiy’s allegiance to the country.

“If she isn’t loyal to the United States of America, what country is she loyal and allegiant to?” Ortiz wrote.

“What makes you think she does not have allegiance just because of a physical actions?” asked Local 10’s Glenna Milberg.

“Because she is denouncing the United States in full police uniform and she is making a political statement by wearing that uniform,” Ortiz said.

“But is that what she’s doing or that’s your take on what she’s doing?” Milberg asked.

“Well, what else is she doing? She’s not pledging allegiance to the flag,” Ortiz said.

Fuck you. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. And fuck your shallow nationalistic pose and your love of mildly fascist loyalty oaths.

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  • arakasi

    Now we know what it will take to get a police union to refuse to defend a cop. If you murder a suspect, they’ll close ranks to defend you. If you don’t salute the flag, they’ll try to get you fired

  • whheydt

    Heck…is there even a requirement that a police officer be a US citizen? (And, of course, the person in question is well within her rights…as a US citizen. You’d think the head of the police union would be aware of–or research it if he wasn’t–of the law governing the action, which–to my mind–makes him unfit to be a cop in the first place.)

  • abb3w

    Union rep? Hah; someone tell Krugman that a “Hard-Hat” has been spotted. (As other columnists noted, while they may be an endangered species, they’re far from extinct.)

    I’d hope the assistant chief would file a counter-complaint, asserting that he is attempting to improperly use a disciplinary procedure to violate her civil rights as assured by WV SBoE v Barnette, and requesting the review board require him to take some manner of civil rights training that includes a review of the SCOTUS ruling from that case before continuing any of his duties as a police officer.

  • Area Man

    Let me get this straight. He’s accusing her of making a political statement?

  • Kermit Sansoo

    If I ever have occasion to attend a Tea Party rally or similar gathering, I will try to acquire – and wear – at least two lapel pin flags. I will then confront random people and ask angrily why they are only wearing one, and why they don’t wear more.

  • Ouabache

    “If she isn’t loyal to the United States of America, what country is she loyal and allegiant to?” Ortiz wrote.”

    *ding* False dilemma!

  • dugglebogey

    If she really was a traitor, she would be swearing those oaths and pledges like crazy. That’s how being a traitor works.

  • karmacat

    I’m wondering if he is so quick to want her removed from her position because she is a woman. I noticed the article says she is the first female assistance chief. Has she been doing this all along and Ortiz didn’t care until she was promoted?

  • howardhershey

    As I recall, the Pledge was written by a Christian socialist. So how doesn’t that make it ‘mildly socialistic’ rather than ‘mildly fascist’? But i do like to point out that forced loyalty oaths are only worth the expressed air made to say them.

  • grumpyoldfart

    Must be election time at the Police Union.

  • StevoR

    “Because she is denouncing the United States in full police uniform

    Denouncing? By just not swearing a religious oath / flag oath /pledge? I don’t think so? How?

  • Artor

    Howardhershey, the writer of a piece does not magically imbue everything they write with their personal political stance. It’s the content that matters, and the content of the PoA is inherently fascist & nationalistic.

  • busterggi

    Fascists just love loyalty oaths.

  • umlud

    This sort of shallow nationalism, disguised as ubernationalism, is exactly as busterggi @13 notes. A number of years ago, I read Guy Delisle’s graphic novel Pyongyang, and the recurring “quiz” of spot-the-imperialist-spy (which plays out with the same diminishing set of “suspects”) seems eerily similar to what’s going on here.

    The first line-up, taken from the book:

    The heading reads: “QUIZ: A vile imperialist spy in the pay of South Korea’s pupper government has infiltrated this group of iron-willed revolutionaries. Whis one is the spy?”

    The answer (written upside-down below the image of the seven suspects) reads: “No. 6, because he’s not wearing his official Kim Il’Sung or Kim Jong-Il pin.”

  • sigurd jorsalfar

    arakasi: Since she’s the assistant police chief, she’s probably not a member of the union anyway. She’s management.

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