Hagee: Economic Collapse in Fall 2015

John Hagee is using his inane “blood moons” bullshit and another ridiculous bit of Biblical prophecy to predict that there will be a global economic crisis in the fall of this year. I think this is great because it’s actually a testable claim.

Coupling his own “blood moons” theory with Jonathan Cahn’s “shemitah year” theory, Hagee warned that the world is now on the verge of total economic chaos.

“Do I think the four blood moons is a messenger of a coming storm?” he asked. “Absolutely. History repeats itself. And also, in this September, the shemitah year is ending … 2015 is a shemitah year. September 28 is the fourth blood moon in this shemitah year. I believe, in the fall of this year, America and the world will face another economic crisis, perhaps as a result of war in the Middle East or an economic crash. But there are very sophisticated people on Wall Street saying we are facing a 50 percent correction in the stock market in the near future. Get ready. Americans should get prepared.”

And when this doesn’t happen, will Hagee admit that all that blood moons nonsense was just bullshit? Of course not.

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  • dhall

    Yep, history repeats itself. Often in the area of failed predictions.

  • matty1

    It’s just an over the top way of describing a lunar eclipse isn’t it? Imagine what he’d do if he saw a solar one.

  • dingojack

    Start piling up the stones for the ‘Great False Prophet-stoning of 2015’ on 29th September.

    @@ Dingo

  • Childermass

    The failed prediction will make him and many of his followers even more confident and faithful. That is how it really works.

  • Who Cares

    He might be closer then we think. Not the right date but that there might be another world wide recession this year.

    Depends a bit on how Europe handles a Greek default and exit from the Euro. Based on the price of Greek debt the majority of the financial market(s) thin it’ll happen in the next 3 months.

  • John Pieret

    He’ll just say what Harold Camping did when J.C. didn’t show up and rapture everyone … it was a “spiritual economic collapse” …

    Yeah, that’s the ticket! …

  • scienceavenger

    Has Hagee shorted the market? If you aren’t walkng the walk, why should anyone listen to you talk the talk?

  • http://healthvsmedicine.blogspot.com cervantes

    Guess what who cares? If the majority of the “financial markets” think there will be a recession in the next three months (and financial markets can’t actually think) why is the stock market at record highs? I am actually looking for a correction, but that’s not an economic collapse, it’s just a chance to buy some stocks at a better price.

  • chris69

    When this doen’t happen, he will simply claim it was the prayers of the faithful christians that saved the world from an economic class and ask for more money to help him pray harder.

  • k_machine

    Ah yes, “a war in the Middle East”, it’s not like this tranquil region has ever seen war before. I guess the trick is to predict disaster every 6 months, and hope to eventually strike lucky.

  • colnago80

    Re k_machine @ #10

    I count at least 3 wars going on in the Middle East (e.g. Iraq, Syria, and Yemen) as we sit here today with a 4th war between Hamas and Israel always on the brink.

  • lorn

    “September 28 is the fourth blood moon in this shemitah year.”

    That reads like astrology to me. Doesn’t the Bible condemn astrology?

  • busterggi

    So where were the ‘blood moons’ in 2007 when we needed them?

  • raven

    count at least 3 wars going on in the Middle East (e.g. Iraq, Syria, and Yemen) as we sit here today with a 4th war between Hamas and Israel always on the brink.

    Make that 4.

    The situation in Libya has devolved down to a civil war.

  • Who Cares


    First I didn’t say that there was going to be a recession in the next 3 months. I said that the financial markets expect Greece to exit the Euro and then default on it’s loan obligations in that time period. And seeing that most of those loans are from other European nations or banks in those nations it depends on how Europe will react if this will have further reaching consequences. The good thing is that the markets expect the default & the fallout from it so it is not likely to contaminate the financial market outside Europe. The bad thing is that Europe at the moment is demanding from Greece a complete adherence to a financial stratagem that even the IMF is now admitting was/is wrong, keeping up that stiff necked attitude increases the chances of the side effects spreading to the international markets outside Europe.

    Second, how good the market is doing now has no bearing on what will happen in the future if there is a crash. Crashes are called that because (almost) no one expects or sees them coming.

    For example the P/E of stocks before the crash in 1929 was about 30. That means that stocks were at a record height at that time and people thought that that would continue forever. Then the Fed accidentally put on the brakes by making loans more expensive and the whole thing collapsed leaving a lot of surprised and now penniless people who couldn’t repay their loans. The main difference between this and what is happening with Greece is that this was unexpected while the default of Greece is anticipated.

  • trurl

    What would impress me would be a successful prediction of a lunar eclipse that had not already been predicted by science. Surely god can do that right?