The Triumphant Return of Robin DesCamp

A few months ago I wrote a post about the dumbest Dear Abby letter ever, from a mother who found out her son was an atheist and wanted to refuse to pay for the reception because her son wasn’t willing to “compromise” (read: do what we demand). The letter was answered by Robin DesCamp, who no longer writes for the site I found it on but now has her own website where she answers letters, usually hilariously. She’s like the Wonkette of advice columnists.

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  • StevoR

    Better link to the letter in this specific case – found under religion after a fair bit of fishing around there :

    Its certainly worth reading and a pretty spot on especially the last paragraph. This Robin DesCamp certainly doesn’t pull her punches.

  • eric

    Its interesting that Robin doesn’t mention what I thought was an obvious and fatal flaw is the parents’ demand: no serious catholic priest is going to perform an official catholic wedding (in a church etc) for two self-avowed atheists. Sure, a friend-of-the-family priest might agree to do some other wedding ceremony, but the parents are not just demanding the couple go against their beliefs, they’re demanding their own church do the same.

  • scienceavenger

    Sorry, but the dumbest Dear Abby letter had to be the teen driver complaining about restrictions on having her freinds in the car, because her friends could talk to her and keep her from being bored paying attention to the road.