Trump’s Latest Clueless Claims on Immigration

Donald Trump continued his I’m Still Pretending to Run for President tour with an interview on a right wing radio show, during which he said that Mexico and South America are deliberately sending drug dealers to the United States while keep all the good citizens for themselves.

While speaking yesterday with conservative talk show host John Fredericks, Donald Trump said that Central and South American countries are sending immigrants “they don’t want” to America while “keeping their good.”

“The ones we are getting are the drug lords, we’re getting the gang members, and we’re getting some people that are fine, but we’re not getting the best and finest from South America, believe me,” Trump said. Trump accused President Obama of deliberately keeping the border unprotected because he wants to “build up the Democrat [sic] Party.”

As always, there isn’t even the most tenuous connection to reality here. Most of the immigrants come from Central America, not South America, and they’re almost entirely single mothers and children. Not exactly the profile of a drug smuggler. He has no evidence at all for his claims, of course, but when does he ever? If he wasn’t rich and famous, everyone would just point and laugh at him and his ignorant blather. But celebrity status buys you credibility in America’s absurd popular culture.

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  • Chiroptera

    …Mexico and South America….

    In Wing Nut World, that’s redundant.

  • StevoR

    But celebrity status buys you credibility in America’s absurd popular culture.

    Well, maybe sometimes but for Trump? Really? How many people really, seriously find him actually credible these days? Surely not that many?

  • Scott Hanley

    No, America never did get the best and brightest. Successful people had no reason to leave home.

  • StevoR

    Hmm … Where exactly does South America start?

    (Checks wikipedia..)

    The continent is generally delimited on the northwest by the Darién watershed along the Colombia–Panama border, although some may consider the border instead to be the Panama Canal. Geopolitically and geographically[2] all of Panama – including the segment east of the Panama Canal in the isthmus – is typically included in North America alone[3][4][5] and among the countries of Central America.

    Then we have Central America : “Central America consists of seven countries: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.” (Wikipedia – South & central America pages)

    Must admit I’ve always thought of Mexico as really extending into and being part of central America myself but then guess I got that wrong.

    OTOH Mexico is included in Latin America with South America along with much of the Caribbean although it seems a couple of South American nations – Guyana and Suriname – aren’t for some reason. (Wiki again, plus my globe.)

    As for countries deliberately sending emigrants out to the USA I somehow don’t think so! Would take quite a lot of planning and co-ordination and need quite a bit of enforcing, not to mention the voluntary nature and desperate means of transit chosen by those departing and risking – often losing – their lives in the process. (Capitan Obvious.)

    Plus pretty sure the US of A already has its own drug lords who control and know the territory and won’t take kindly to newcomers trying to start up and compete with them..

  • dingojack

    Surely the Donster isn’t against entrepreneurs coming to America to sell a high-demand product?* Why does he hate capitalism so? Is he one of them pinko-commiesymps you hear the PoG going on about? (I’m simply asking questions…)

    @@ Dingo


    * Or if you think of it another way, it’s simply Meso-America out-sourcing junkies.

  • dhall

    #4 – Suriname and Guyana were both Dutch and English colonies, not Spanish or Portuguese, and therefore not colonized by those speaking a Latin-derived language. Technically, they’re part of South America, but not Latin America.

  • Al Dente

    dhall @6

    If you want to argue that France is not a Latin country then French Guiana (officially called Guiana or in French Guyane) is also not Latin American.

  • dingojack

    Al Dente – but it is* — so back into Latin America goes Guiana…



    * French is a Romance Language so is as ‘Latin’ as Spanish or Portuguese

  • dmcclean

    Most of the immigrants come from Central America, not South America, and they’re almost entirely single mothers and children. Not exactly the profile of a drug smuggler.

    Sure, but Trump was talking about “people”, not mere women and children. What are the stats if you only count the real people? /s

  • StevoR

    @ 6.dhall : Okay. Thanks for that.

  • dhall

    #7 – My understanding is that the French language is Latin-derived, as dingojack said. English and Dutch are Germanic languages.

  • Area Man

    I am so sick of those drug lords coming here just to get on welfare and shoot out anchor babies, and then steal our jobs and refuse to work. Especially the ISIS members infested with Ebola.

  • Hoosier X

    In the 1800s, France did everything it could to popularize the phrase “Latin America.” The French government was hoping that this would give them more clout with the peoples of Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking nations at the expense of the English and the United States.

    And they were so taken with their own charm initiative that they generously gave Mexico an Austrian emperor.

  • StevoR

    @11.dhall : Mine too. I think French, Spanish and Italian are the romance / latin languages.

    (Checks wiki) Hmm ..this :

    seems to back me up. Also dalmatians are extinct?

  • dingojack

    Well Stevo – there used to be a hundred and one of them — until Meryl Streep came along…