Tony Perkins Lies About Calling for Impeachment of Justices

Tony Perkins went on CBS on Sunday morning and flat out lied about wanting the Supreme Court justices to be impeached if they vote to strike down state bans on same-sex marriage. He said so just last week, but on national television he just plain lied about it:

Bob Schieffer: Did you really say that justices that come down on the side of gays on this should be impeached?

Tony Perkins: No, I didn’t say that…I didn’t say anything about the impeachment of the judges.

Here’s the video. The exchange begins about 3:30:

Apparently Mr. Perkins doesn’t realize that when he says thing on record, they stay on record. This was just a few days ago:

Mickelson suggested that if this happens, members of Congress should try to “remove” the Supreme Court’s “jurisdiction” over the marriage issue and “nullify” its decision, sending the message to the justices that “if you try it again we will impeach your sorry keisters.” Perkins heartily agreed: “I think you’re absolutely right.

Here’s the audio:

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  • D. C. Sessions

    Shake that Etc h-a-sketch , Tony! Your followers will believe you. Romney’s certainly did.

  • StevoR

    @ 1. D. C. Sessions : Yeah that’s why Rmoney is POTUS today ..Oh wait!

    Maybe Mittens followers did believe him but very few other Americans did hence the landslide loss back then.

    How many people I wonder really *do* believe in Perkin’s lies and his lies about his old lies and lying? Gotta give him “points” for sheer brazen chutzpah I guess if not underestimating his audience..

  • RickR

    You could have just stopped after the first three words of your headline.

  • StevoR

    @ ^ RickR :Well, sometimes you gotta specify just what the douchebag is lying about this time -there are so many a simple statement can be confusing that way otherwise!

  • hunter

    Tony Perkins Lies. And in other news. . . .

  • John Pieret

    No, no! He didn’t say it! He merely agreed with someone who said it! Geez, don’t you people understand Newspeak?

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    I remember when Pat Robertson said “I totally concur” when Jerry Falwell blamed 9/11 on “the pagans and the abortionists and the feminists and the gays and the lesbians”. Later Robertson or one of his spokestoads claimed that he had said that without understanding what it was he was totally concurring with.

    At least with Robertson there’s a chance that that’s true.

  • moarscienceplz

    Nothing in the way of decent responsible journalism can happen when Bob Schieffer is in control. He made a mockery of that debate he moderated during the ’04 presidential campaign. I think he is too conservative and because of that he gives too much oxygen to cranky right wingers.

    Funny thing is, I could have sworn that he said he was retiring. So why is he still clogging up the TV bandwidth?

  • theguy

    I’m guessing Shitkins would also if asked deny giving money to white supremacists. These sorts of statements are recorded, so what do they hope to gain by denying it?

  • greg1466

    Ah, but don’t you see? He didn’t “say” it. He merely agreed with someone else saying it. Big difference, amiright?

  • grumpyoldfart

    His constituents are probably saying, “Good on you Tony. Admit to nothing. You’ve got my vote at the next election.

  • WMDKitty — Survivor

    Yeah. That headline? Six words too long…

    If Tony Perkins’ lips are moving, he’s lying.