Nigerian Pastor’s Bizarre Argument Against Marriage Equality

I’m always amused and baffled when anti-gay bigots make arguments based on the ridiculous premise that if we allow gay people to get married, no one will have children anymore. The latest demagogue to make this argument is a Pentecostal megapreacher from Nigeria:

Pastor E. A. Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God wrote on Facebook over the weekend that he had recently been grilled by the press over his views on homosexuality.

“[T]hey said they believe I hate homosexuals,” he explained. “I don’t hate anyone and you can do whatever you want to.”

“But man marry man and woman marry woman. Then no need to stop global warming because soon there won’t be new born children.”

He added: “What’s that they want to adopt, who will give birth to the child and how?”

Okay dumbass, explain how this is supposed to happen. If we allow gay people to get married, is every straight person on earth going to turn gay? Are you going to turn gay? I’m certainly not. Is The Gay that overwhelmingly tempting? Is it that amazing that no one will be able to resist its siren call? Or will straight people just stop having babies all of a sudden? This is a moronic argument.

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  • andrewbrown not the one from the grauniad

    He’s the conman spiritual leader that Cameron was schmoozing with the other day. I notice the good pastor didn’t refuse to share a platform with the gay marriage supporting prime minister. Good to see the principles of both men in action.

  • Modusoperandi

    Sure, on the negative side, everybody will be gay and have no children, leading to the extinction of the human race, but on the positive side, pro-lifers won’t have to keep up the push to ban abortion and contraception, which will save them a bunch of time for decorating floats and farming glitter.

  • John Pieret

    Or will straight people just stop having babies all of a sudden?

    Hey! If we let some people have sex without making babies, then everyone will want to have sex without making babies!

  • A Masked Avenger

    That would seem to be what they’re saying: if it were legal to marry men, these preachers would immediately dump their wives and find themselves the fabulous hunk of their dreams.

    This is the same argument that drug warriors make: that if pot were legal, 300 million americans would be sitting stoned on their porch jonesing for Doritos–with nobody making the Doritos, because they’re all home stoned on their porches!

    As an aside, Ann Maxwell wrote a few sci-fi novels in the early ’80s about a planet with two sentient species that are so addicted to interspecies sex that only a strong cultural value on children prevents them from dying out.

  • timgueguen

    We have at least one Redeemed Christian Church of God congregation here in Saskatoon. They apparently not big enough to have generated any real press yet. So this dumbass’s nonsense may soon be emanating from a pulpit near you.

  • wreck

    “a Pentecostal megapreacher”

    How big is he?

    “But man marry man and woman marry woman. Then no need to stop global warming because soon there won’t be new born children.”

    Attaboy Adeboye! You win the Dumbfuck of the Month award.

  • Larry

    And if no new born childrens, who is to send much dollars through internet to rescue rich Nigerian princes being held hostage by evil Nigerian father-king?

  • scienceavenger

    I’m not sure which this overrates more, homosexuality or marriage. I mean, is he really saying that the whole of humanity is just itching to turn gay, but the fact that they can’t get married is stopping them?

    And nice to see the tacit acceptance that we need to do something about global warming.

  • Sastra

    “But man marry man and woman marry woman. Then no need to stop global warming because soon there won’t be new born children.”

    This is the sort of argument which could only come out of someone who’s highest value is going along with the crowd, blending seamlessly and harmoniously into a community where everyone is alike and does the same thing because doing this is RIGHT. Diversity is a problem to be solved. Follow. Be the same.

    “If your friends all jumped off a cliff would YOU jump off a cliff?”

    “Yes…. duh.”

  • grumpyoldfart

    He probably works as a witch-finder on the side.

  • peterh

    A quick search shows 46 of the top 50 birth rates by country are in Africa. And even here in the sinfully sinful US the maternity wards are doing a brisk business. Adeboye needs him a better demon to get all frothy over.

  • ChristineRose

    I know the “repressed gay” argument is cliche, but any time I hear someone claiming that if gay sex is allowed no one will ever have straight sex…doesn’t sound too straight to me.

  • Strewth

    I often how much of this arises from the teaching / cultural bias that women are alien/inferior. That is, the idea that if given the option most men would marry men because they understand them and are actually friends with them.

  • eric

    @13: there’s at least a tenuous link, as I believe the same argument (“people will stop having babies”) has been used to oppose women’s education and women’s equality in the workplace: if we let them do this, they won’t go have babies! Which is somewhat true: the birth rate does go down….but it drops to about 2/woman, not to 0. Of course for that part of Africa, 2 children/woman would indeed be a radical change in birth rate.

  • Olav

    Wreck #6:

    “a Pentecostal megapreacher”

    How big is he?

    In terms of wealth and influence in Nigeria, Adeboye is indeed very big. He is a proper political force there. And of course hugely corrupt. He is one of the great problems that Nigeria has. Unfortunately they have quite a few great problems there, so one could almost forget about him. Almost.

  • Mobius

    Well, don’t you see, the gay sex is SO awesome that no one can resist it. It is just the awesomest. And if you allow the gay marriage, then everyone will be able to see just how awesome it is.