Abstinence-only Advocate Soon to Be a Grandfather

Here’s some shocking news for you. A Republican congressman from Louisiana, one of the leading advocates for abstinence-only sex education, is going to be a grandfather now that his 17-year old daughter is pregnant. It’s Bristol Palin 2: Electric Boogaloo.

The Bill Cassidy Senate campaign announced Thursday that the candidate’s unmarried 17-year-old daughter is pregnant as she prepares for her senior year at a Baton Rouge high school.

Cassidy, a Republican congressman from Baton Rouge, said in a statement provided NOLA.com/The Times-Picayune that his daughter faces “a more challenging future” and that she has his and his wife Laura’s unconditional support. The baby is expected later this summer…

The Cassidy campaign provided this statement:

“Earlier this year, Laura and I learned we will become grandparents this summer. Our children have been the greatest blessing of our lives and we welcome our grandchild as a joyous addition to our family. Our daughter now faces a more challenging future than her peers. She has our unconditional love and support.”

Cassidy has long been a vocal advocate for abstinence-only sex ed in Louisiana, which has one of the worst sex-ed records in the country. Only about 1/4 of schools teach sex ed at all in that state and most of those teach abstinence-only sex ed (the state government literally has an Office of Abstinence Education, though Bobby Jindal changed its name after he took office). That might explain why they have the 5th highest rate of teen pregnancy in the country.

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  • mkoormtbaalt

    Why don’t those teenagers just not have sex? How is that so hard? Do they want to make sweet, innocent, baby Jesus cry?

  • John Pieret

    Why don’t those teenagers just not have sex?

    The pen might be mightier than the sword, but it ain’t mightier than hormones.

  • weaver

    My granddaughter’s mother is a product of Louisiana public education. When she became pregnant for the sixth time, she telephoned my wife, very upset. “I don’t understand – after I missed my period, I made him use condoms every time. I don’t know why I’m still pregnant!”

    Really. Verbatim quote.

  • I enjoy your writing Ed, and read all your posts. But maybe “Electric Boogaloo” could take a little vacation, please?

  • …his daughter faces “a more challenging future” and that she has his and his wife Laura’s unconditional support.

    So he’s doing the right thing for his daughter and her baby, for reasons I, for one, do not need explained. So the question is, is he supporting laws and policies that help others do the right thing for other daughters who don’t have access to a Congressperson’s health benefits?

  • colnago80

    Re Raging Bee @ #5

    Those Congresscritter’s health benefits ain’t what they used to be, now that they are forced to leave the Federal Government’s Program and go on Obama care. The FGP is a gold plated system.

  • NitricAcid

    Weaver- 6th time? She didn’t try to read up on this stuff after the first? Or second?

  • colnago80 “Re Raging Bee @ #5 Those Congresscritter’s health benefits ain’t what they used to be, now that they are forced to leave the Federal Government’s Program and go on Obama care.”

    Thanks, Obama!


    “The FGP is a gold plated system.”

    Exactly. Thank God those Fat Cats living high on the Public Dime got kicked away from that trough, and were forced to purchase private healthcare insurance like the rest of us!

  • Chiroptera

    On a related note, the Colorado legislature has defunded an experimental program that was reducing the rate of unintended pregnancies and abortions among low income women. And saving the state money, to boot.

  • Doc Bill

    Meanwhile, in San Antonio Texas where a high school that teaches abstinence only, 1 in 15 students have chlamydia. When contacted for a phone interview the principal said, in a thick Texas hick drawl:

    “If kids are not having any sexual activity, they can’t get this disease … That’s not a bad program,” Rumage said.

  • colnago80

    Re Modus @ #8

    Actually, the Federal Government’s Health Insurance Program, which Executive Department employees including the pres are covered by, is a private insurance program. You just get to choose amongst a number of plans offered by various insurance companies (e.g. Blue Cross). No really very different then Obama Care except the number of hoops to jump through is much less.

  • I would have thought he’d do what many conservative christians do when their family members get pregnant: travel to another state or country and have an abortion.

  • moarscienceplz

    Well, she is getting her punishment of 2 AM feedings and dirty diapers, etc., for her sexyfuntimes (and of course the babydaddy isn’t), so that’s the really important thing.

  • @ Tabby Lavalamp

    Amen. Ed is proving that there is no joke so good that it can’t be killed by over-use.

  • busterggi

    Not only will he be getting his first grandchild, theres a fair chance he’s getting another child of his own.

  • Alverant

    @Raging Bee

    Of course not! If those other kids do things they deserve to be punished.

  • Lofty

    Like that business with the apple, Christians always set up their kids to fail. It’s so they can spend the rest of their lives tormenting them.

  • grumpyoldfart

    What his family does is perfectly normal and within bounds. It’s those bloody ratbag voters out there, who get up to all the mischief.

  • raven

    This is just a common fundie xian ritual.

    Human child sacrifice.

    Bill Cassidy sacrificed his own 17 year old daughter on the altar of his own cuckoo ideology and religion. Not her life although some fundies quite literally do that. Her late childhood, early adulthood, and her future. A lot of her options were vaporized.

    To make it worse, he sacrifices many other children on the same altar. And yet people in Louisiana are fine with that. They did elect him and they will do it again.

  • @2 – Strangely, the sword does appear to be mightier than the hormones, so I think we have an alternative to rock-paper-scissors here.

  • Childermass
  • Chiroptera

    Childermass, #21:

    It was reported in The Guardian yesterday that the reports on that particular Chlamydia outbreak may be false.