Another Atheist Bangladeshi Blogger is Murdered

This is just heartbreaking. A third atheist blogger in Bangladesh has been murdered by Muslim extremists in the same gruesome way, getting hacked to death with machetes. Ananta Bijoy Das was a blogger on the same site as Dr. Avijit Roy, who was killed a few weeks ago.

Another blogger has been hacked to death in Bangladesh, the third such attack on freethinkers this year.

Ananta Bijoy Das, a blogger, was killed at Subid Bazar area in Sylhet city at 8:30 am local time, on Tuesday.

Das used to write for the Muktomona blog, a forum which was run by American-Bangladeshi blogger Avijit Roy, who was killed earlier this year…

The killing comes just two months after blogger Oyasiqur Rahman was hacked to death in Dhaka in March.

Avijit Roy’s murder in February this year, wherein he was brutally hacked to death, sparked global outrage.

The Al Qaeda affiliate in that country claimed credit for the first two and I’m sure they’re responsible for this one too. We need to mount a serious effort to raise the funds and build the infrastructure necessary to get these people to safety as often as we possibly can.

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  • John Pieret

    Religion may not poison everything but it sure kills a lot.

  • raven

    This is right up there on the persecution scale as much as using CE and BCE instead of BC and AD. I’m sure Myra Adams can explain this again. (This is sarcasm.)

    Xians claim persecution because many people use CE-BCE instead of AD-BC.

    Atheists claim persecution when one of them gets hacked to death by men using machetes.

  • eric

    Hemant reports that he had been invited by PEN (the group that just gave an award to Charlie Hebdo) to give a talk in Sweden the week of the attack, but the Swedish government refused to grant him one citing the fact that his circumstances made him likely to ask for asylum. Just awful.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    FtB’s own Taslima Nasreen has just been threatened. Again.

    (She lives in India.)