Rand Paul’s Twisted Argument for Ignoring the Plight of Iraqi Refugees

Our invasion of Iraq caused a massive humanitarian crisis that included millions of refugees forced to flee their homes, often due to the sectarian violence that invasion unleashed. Rand Paul has a morally horrible reason why we should just ignore their plight:

“We won the war in Iraq, why would we be giving political asylum to people to come from a country where we won the war?” Paul asked. “It’s one thing if you’re trying to escape Castro or trying to escape communism in Russia or Vietnam or somewhere else or China, I can understand asylum, but when you win the war, why would you give people asylum? And if the 60,000 coming here are friends of the West, wouldn’t you want that 60,000 to be in Iraq helping to form a better country over there?”

He continued: “If you let the better people, the people who like the United States leave and come here, then aren’t you diminishing the numbers of folks that would make that country a better place to live? So I think the whole idea of resettling 60,000 people from Iraq over here was a mistake. But I also think that the refugee program as well as the student visa program are some of the highest risks for us to be attacked.”

Okay Rand, which is it? Are those refugees so wonderful and pro-American that we should leave them in Iraq to lead that country to glory? Or are they so violent and anti-American that they pose a huge risk if we bring them here? Reminds me of the arguments against immigration — they’re coming here to take all of our jobs AND they’re coming here to sponge off our welfare system. They can’t both be true.

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  • StevoR

    Why would you give people asylum eh?

    Maybe because they are human beings and deserve to be treated as such? Because precedent and empathy and compassion are our better qualities and it could be us in teh future or was us in the past? Rand Paul ever thought of that I wonder? I guess not.

  • dhall

    Sounds like Ayn Rand objectivism–I got mine, so screw you. Especially if my side is part of the reason why you’re in such bad shape. Abhorrent excuse for a human.

  • http://www.pandasthumb.org Area Man

    Is there anyone left who defends Rand Paul because at least he’s a principled libertarian?

  • dhall

    BTW – that would be the exact opposite of US policy after both World Wars. We launched massive rebuilding and assistance programs in Japan and West Germany after WWII, and in the 1920s, when Germany was coming apart at the seams, we launched an investment program in that country as well in Europe more generally. In the 1920s, that slowed down the Nazis for several years–the Great Depression allowed it to come roaring back–and sure, the policy after WWII was part of the Cold War strategy, but in both instances, the policies were intended to help people get back on their feet, defeated by the Allies or not. We seem to have forgotten that helping people, even after defeating them, makes them future allies rather than lifelong haters. Call it enlightened self-interest, rather than the disgusting self-interest that this creature promotes.

  • raven

    A huge number of those Iraqi refugees are…xians.

    One of the casualties of the Bushes Iraqi Disaster were the oldest xian communities in the world. It was around a million xians. Now half of them are either dead or on the run.

    “We won the war in Iraq, why would we be giving political asylum to people to come from a country where we won the war?” Paul asked

    Rand Paul is stretching the point here past breaking. We won the battle against Saddam’s overhyped army. Since then, we’ve lost the peace bigtime. The country has basically disintegrated into multiple factions trying to kill each other.

    To paraphrase an ancient Greek ruler, Pyrrhus. A few more victories like Iraq and we ourselves will be broke and in trouble.

  • raven

    All you need to know about Rand Paul.

    He is wearing a human mask 0.1 mm thick.

    Underneath is a tentacled horror from beyond space and time.

    That sound in the background is Cthulhu giggling. Who says ancient dead but sleeping monster gods don’t have a sense of humor?

  • doublereed

    We won the Iraq War?

  • http://en.uncyclopedia.co/wiki/User:Modusoperandi Modusoperandi

    I don’t know why you Obamabots want them here. Do you really want to be reminded day after day of him pulling his troops out of Iraq on the date we agreed to pull our troops out of Iraq, losing the war in Iraq that we won in Iraq?

  • raven

    Rand Paul; He is wearing a human mask 0.1 mm thick.

    This is unfortunately not hyperbole.

    1. Rand Paul has already presented his economic/tax plans. They would end the USA in a year or two.

    2. Which might be his real goal. His kook father’s hobby in retirement is the Seccession movement to break up the USA.

    Technically this is neither treason or sedition. But it indicates a profound hate for the USA in general and the people who live here.

    And oddly enough, several of them are myself and my cats. I’m getting to be too old to live in a post USSR or post Yugoslavia dystopia.

  • A Masked Avenger

    I like his argument, but it doesn’t go far enough. Anyone who loves America should relocate to Iraq, so they can experience a truly American-made society. Since we’re such believers in flying death robots, bombing back to the stone age, and flinging depleted uranium hither and yon, we should live out our beliefs–and we can only do that by moving to Iraq.

    And anyone who refuses on the grounds that #NotAllAmericans, or #HeyIVotedForTheAfricanAmericanCloneOfBush, is exhibiting American privilege. You know, like the privilege of not scanning the skies for death robots you know you’ll never see before it’s too late. That sort of thing.

  • laurentweppe

    A huge number of those Iraqi refugees are…xians.

    Yeah, but they’re also Arabs. For way too many rightwingers, arabic Christians’ only worth is to be martyred by Daesh in order to justify disenfranchising the Arabs who live in western countries.

  • Saad

    doublereed, #7

    Have you forgotten “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED”? It was literally spelled out in big letters for us.

  • sugarfrosted

    @12 We did accomplish the mission: We made Dick Cheney’s pals lots of money.

  • sharonb

    And Obama gets the blame for not helping Iraqi christians, by the people not helping Iraqi christians (republicans) (and who really care less about the majority of Iraqis).