Miller and O’Keefe Discuss Journalistic Ethics

Judith Miller, the former New York Times writer who slavishly helped the Bush administration beat the drum for the invasion of Iraq, and James O’Keefe, the incredibly punchable frat boy who fancies himself a right-wing Hunter S. Thompson, actually held a public discussion about journalistic ethics:

Ex-New York Times reporter Judith Miller and rightwing guerilla filmmaker James O’Keefe filmed an hour-long discussion trying to answer the question that has persisted through their careers: “Why do they hate us?”

“I think journalists who poke holes in comforting narratives tend to be subjected to a fair amount of scorn,” Miller told O’Keefe. “I’ve spent my whole life trying to poke holes in comfortable narratives. And I think that annoys people.”

She commiserated with O’Keefe about being “despised” by the mainstream media, saying that the two were united by “skepticism” and their efforts to get at the truth.

This was just the opening act, though. That was followed by a conversation between Pol Pot and Adolf Hitler about human rights and a Donald Trump speech about how to do a great-looking combover.

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  • Jared James

    “Skepticism and the Quest For Truth: A Story About Ethics in Journalism” as told by Judith Miller to Ken Ham, from Tyndale House sometime next year. I hear it’s going to really blow the doors off the liberal bias in facts.

  • Modusoperandi

    Sciencists have been predicting this for years, but have been guffawed as alarmists; We’ve reached Peak Irony.

  • John Pieret

    You forgot the panel with Ken Ham, Ray Comfort and Kent Hovind on “The Science of Evolution.”

  • busterggi

    Nonsense Modus, the Irony industry assures us that there is enough irony to last for centuries.

  • D. C. Sessions

    Is this anything like #gamergate ?

  • llewelly

    Modusoperandi :

    We’ve reached Peak Irony.

    That is just the peak of conventional irony. Soon we’ll have tar sands and shale irony, which have been the topic of much research and development since the Carter years.

    When that runs out we’ll go nuclear.

  • Michael Heath

    John Pieret writes:

    You forgot the panel with Ken Ham, Ray Comfort and Kent Hovind on “The Science of Evolution.”

    Well for James O’Keefe that’s analogous given he’s always been in the slimepit. But this analogy doesn’t work for Judith Miller given that she was once a top reporter for the NYTs. Instead she’s fallen to such a dramatic degree that she’s ended up in forums with the likes of . . . . James O’Keefe.

  • Modusoperandi

    Michael Heath, it’s worse than that. She’s fallen so far that she got second billing.

  • felidae

    I’m shocked they didn’t include Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and Alex Jones not to mention the crew from WorldNet Daily to add some credibility

  • theDukedog7 .

    … or the discussion between Bill and Hillary Clinton on integrity in government or the discussion between Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy on women’s rights or the discussion between Barack Obama and Eric Holder on the responsibility of the Executive to uphold the laws and defend the Constitution.

  • colnago80

    Re Egnorance @ #10

    You mean like Billo the clown O’Reilly, the wife beater?