More of That Predictable Worldnetdaily Spin

Those “journalists” at the Worldnetdaily have done it again, taking an entirely benign and helpful proposal from Obama to help improve policing and police relations with the public, especially on racial issues, and turning it into him “unleashing” something terrible upon America. Here’s their actual description of the program:

Loretta Lynch toured Cincinnati, Ohio, today and identified the city as a model for how police departments around the country should operate.

Until recently, Cincinnati operated under a “Collaborative Agreement” after a 2001 police shooting. The agreement allowed various community organizations, including the Cincinnati Black United Front and the American Civil Liberties Union, to work directly with the police through a court-brokered agreement.

New guidelines on how officers were to interact with the public, especially blacks, were often imposed over the objections of police themselves.

President Obama, himself, toured the crime-plagued city of Camden, New Jersey, Monday to promote the new report from his “21st Century Policing Task Force,” designed to increase public trust in the police.

The report calls for “mitigating implicit bias” as a “part of training at all levels of a law enforcement organization to increase awareness and ensure respectful encounters both inside the organization and with communities.”

It particularly condemned “the use of disrespectful language and the implicit biases that lead offices to rely upon race” in the context of the law enforcement policy known as “stop and frisk.”

The president also restricted the availability of military hardware previously provided to local law enforcement. Critics, including Cheryl Chumley, author of “Police State USA,” charge such actions are less about “saving innocent lives” and more about “creating a social justice movement that’s likely to clamp police from doing their jobs even while it federalizes the nation’s forces.”

The Justice Department also announced $163 million in grants to be distributed for the purpose of “building trust with the community.” As part of its effort to execute the recommendations of the president’s task force, the Justice Department is looking for 10 localities to participate in a “collaborative reform” process to serve as a model for the rest of the country, emphasizing “procedural justice” and “implicit bias training.”

Wow, that sounds…helpful and intelligent, actually. Implicit bias is a real thing, backed by literally hundreds of studies that show that it colors how we react to black people in this country with fear and paranoia and thus creates racially disparate treatment by police. But you have to love how they put all those phrases in scare quotes for no reason other than to put a negative spin on these ideas for their readers.

So naturally the headline on this article is “Obama to unleash ‘community organizers’ on crime-filled cities.” Be afraid! He’s going to UNLEASH those horrible “community organizers” on you!

A list of grants awarded by the Justice Department in 2013 indicate federal funding has been and will continue to be directed toward activist groups described by critics as “racial agitators.”

For example, “Community Policing Development Awards” were given in 2013 to programs including “Building Trust With Communities of Color” from the Vera Institute of Justice, the “Race and Social Justice Initiative” at the Portland Police Department and “Racial Reconciliation, Truth-Telling, and Police Legitimacy” at John Jay College.

A “racial agitator,” of course, would be anyone who thinks racism exists and that we should actually do something to reduce its effects. The Worldnetdaily and other conservatives really do seem to think that the sole cause of racism in this country is believing that racism exists. If only people would pretend that there is no racism, it would magically disappear.

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  • JoeBuddha

    Must be more of that “make our own reality” stuff.

  • John Pieret

    the sole cause of racism in this country is believing that racism exists

    This is brought to you by the same people who maintain that if you just don’t think you’re gay, gayness will cease to exist.

  • frankgturner

    More evidence supporting my hypothesis that many conservatives think reality operates like a J M Barrie novel.

  • johnwoodford

    More evidence supporting my hypothesis that many conservatives think reality operates like a J M Barrie novel.

    “I don’t believe in fairies! I don’t!”

  • brucegee1962

    johnwoodford wins the thread.

  • stuartsmith

    “…described by critics as “racial agitators.””

    Are these the same critics who also describe Obama as a Muslim Communist? I love the phrase “described by critics as…” because it’s so fun and easy to use. “The Queen of England (described by critics as a shapeshifting reptile) was in attendance at the event.”

  • magistramarla


    I saw what you did there. Referring to a certain Dr. Who episode?