WND’s Fake Article About Father-Son Marriage

The Worldnetdaily has its typically dishonest headline on this article: “‘Father’ to marry ‘son,’ with court’s blessing!” OMG! They were right! Gay marriage leads to fathers marrying their sons! Except when you read the article, they aren’t father and son at all — and gay marriage would have avoided the whole situation, not caused it.

The Pandora’s box of same-sex marriage has just released a new pairing unimaginable a few short years ago.

Nope. The exact opposite, actually. Same-sex marriage would have prevented the entire situation from happening, as we’ll see in a moment.

Norman MacArthur and Bill Novak, father and son, though not biologically, will soon be husband and … whatever, reports the Patch of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

The pair, both in their 70s, have been together for 50 years and registered in New York City as domestic partners in 1994. But when they moved to Pennsylvania, they discovered their domestic partnership wasn’t recognized, and legalized same-sex marriage was nowhere on the horizon.

Needing to take care of estate-planning issues, the pair pursued a novel legal approach. Novak adopted MacArthur in 2000. The fact their parents were deceased removed any legal objection.

“It was the only legal method we could use in Pennsylvania to give underpinning to our relationship,” MacArthur said.

When the United States District Court declared unconstitutional Pennsylvania’s marriage laws prohibiting same-sex marriage unconstitutional in 2014, Novak and MacArthur wanted to tie the knot in marriage, but their earlier legal gambit now became an obstacle. Pennsylvania law doesn’t permit marriage between parents and children.

So, a week ago, the father and son’s Petition to Vacate Adoption Decree was approved, and the pair simply became two single men now allowed to marry.

So let’s add it up: They aren’t father and son at all, they’re a gay couple who have been together more than 50 years. The only reason they had to do that fake adoption was because Pennsylvania did not allow same-sex marriages 15 years ago. So this isn’t a “Pandora’s box” of same-sex marriage opening up these horrible effects, same-sex marriage would actually have avoid it altogether. Just more fear-mongering from the Worldnetdaily.

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  • sigurd jorsalfar

    And they’ve been together 50 years without divorcing. No wonder gay marriage is such a threat to straight marriage.

  • Michael Heath

    It’s only fear mongering to the really, really stupid.

  • Deacon Duncan

    I blame the Council of Nicaea. Once they legitimized the same-sex union of the Father and the Son, it was only a matter of time.

  • John Pieret

    And, in no surprise at all, the AFAs Numbnutz in Chief, Bryan Fischer, made the same stupid argument:


  • StevoR

    @ ^ John Pieret : Incest? Gay marriage means incest eh? Coming from the same or same mindview that brought us Joshua Duggar the sister (and other young children) molester and much more that’s fucken rich that is!

  • John Pieret


    Yeah, I’m surprised that Ed hasn’t got around to the story of Josh-Bob yet but it should be a fun comment thread when he does.

  • StevoR

    @ ^ John Pieret : Yep and now there’s the story read via CripDyke on Pharygnula latest Thunderdome (#11 there) about Huckabee’s son torturing a dog to death to cover too .. Checking up on this seems to confirm that at least something like it very horrifically happened. Fucking hell :


    Among other places.

    And here we are thinking the Mittens Rmoney family treated their family pet badly .. (Ok this wasn’t the family pet but still. Fuck!)

  • http://www.gregory-gadow.net Gregory in Seattle

    I hear “logic” like this and I have to wonder: is there anything in straight marriage that prevents father-daughter or mother-son marriages? Other than, you know, the laws setting minimum ages and forbidding marriage within close degrees of blood relation, that is.

  • dannorth

    Deacon Duncan says: “I blame the Council of Nicaea. Once they legitimized the same-sex union of the Father and the Son, it was only a matter of time.”

    It’s worst than that, there is also the Holy Ghost. So it’s some kind of same sex polygamy.

    Well I don’t know if the Holy Ghost has a sex so it could be even more out there than same sex polygamy.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    dannorth @ # 9: … I don’t know if the Holy Ghost has a sex …

    Surely you kid: of the allegedly all-male Three-Pack, only the Spook caused a pregnancy.

  • chuckonpiggott

    To do know the situation where a step father had divorced the mother of the woman he was married to. Both of the women worked at the hotel where I worked in the 80’s. He was the step-father while the girl was a teen and after she was old enough he ditched her mom. The two women seemed to have a pretty good relationship.

  • hunter

    “Needing to take care of estate-planning issues, the pair pursued a novel legal approach. Novak adopted MacArthur in 2000.”

    Maybe novel to WND, since they’re obviously completely ignorant about gay history in this country. It’s been done any number of times before, because until this century it’s been the only way to put our relationships on some sort of legal footing.

  • hunter

    Damn! I wish there was an edit function on comments here.

    Add to above comment: The novel part is having the adoption vacated so they could get married.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002686842900 ChristineRose

    I was going to say the same thing Hunter.

    I’m waiting to hear about a divorce and cross-marriage: two women divorcing two men followed by two same sex marriages. That sort of arrangement hasn’t been popular in recent years though.