Another Sheriff Drunk on Power

What is it with some county sheriffs in this country? From Joe Arpaio to Richard Mack, some of these people seem to think that they’re all-powerful and untouchable. Here’s another example, a sheriff in North Carolina who keeps arresting people trying to serve him with a subpoena to testify in a police brutality case.

A judge granted a temporary restraining order against Lee County Sheriff Tracy Carter preventing the three-term Republican and his deputies from interfering with attempts to serve subpoenas in the lawsuit filed five years ago.

U.S. District Court Judge Terrence Boyle found in his order that Carter and other members of the sheriff’s department were “obstructing or otherwise interfering” with attempts to call witnesses in the trial, which is scheduled to start June 2.

Robert Wade was hired to serve a subpoena to Carter at his home, but the 71-year-old man said the sheriff yelled at him and blocked him from leaving until deputies arrived to arrest him.

Wade was charged with trespassing and carrying a concealed weapon…

His attorney said there was no way to ensure that Carter and other key witnesses would testify unless they were served with subpoenas.

“In the environment we live in now where police are under scrutiny for acting out and misbehaving you would think that a sheriff in North Carolina would comply with the law and accept simple service of a piece of paper,” said attorney Kieran Shanahan.

That’s a sheriff who should be out of a job for abusing his power.

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  • Gretchen

    He’s jealous. He doesn’t want to be a witness– he wants to be a defendent. I say we should comply with his desires and make him one.

  • seashell

    how can it be trespassing if you aren’t allowed to leave – sounds like not just abusing power but kidnapping/wrongful imprisonment.

  • abb3w

    @1, Gretchen

    He doesn’t want to be a witness– he wants to be a defendent.

    The Think Progress piece links to a story in the Sanford Herald, which indicates that he previously was a defendant in this case.

  • Marcus Ranum

    Power has no value unless you abuse it. So, the character and intent of anyone seeking power should immediately put you on your guard.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Wade was charged with … carrying a concealed weapon…

    So this so-called sheriff opposes the Sacred Second (Amendment)??!? Impeach his anti-American ass!

  • Zmidponk

    @Pierce R. Butler

    It would not be a surprise to discover that Wade was carrying a concealed weapon that was so well concealed, even he didn’t know about it himself.

  • marcus

    @6 As I understand it, the weapon was “concealed” in his vehicle.

  • davek23

    That’s a sheriff who should be out of a job

    No it isn’t, it’s a sheriff who should be in jail for the crimes he has committed. Why should he be allowed to just walk away from it?