The Real Target is Contraception, Take 1500

I have been arguing for many years that the real target for the anti-choice movement is not abortion, it’s contraception. It would be much more difficult for me to make that argument without them continually providing more evidence for that conclusion. To wit:

On June 6, American Life League, STOPP (Stop Planned Parenthood International), and over 38 cosponsors from 18 states and Australia will rally to expose the dangers of hormonal contraception. This marks the eighth annual observance of The Pill Kills National Day of Action. The 2015 theme is The Pill Kills Truth.

Events have been scheduled in the US and abroad, including an educational meeting in Australia concerning the hazards of hormonal contraception by Dr. Rory Donnellan, founder of Immaculata Pathology.

Discussing plans for the event, Rita Diller, director of STOPP International, stated, “On June 6, we will hit the streets and the Internet to decry the Griswold decision and the havoc the pill brings to women’s lives and to our world. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, clergy, moms, and dads from all walks of life—with facts in hand—will refute the lies of Planned Parenthood and Big Pharma.”…

“The truth is the pill is killing babies, killing and crippling women, and tearing away at the very fabric of society—the family,” added Diller. “There is no end to the lies that are planted by population controllers to ensure every woman takes her daily dose of the death-dealing pill. We will refute the lies.”

This is not about abortion. If they wanted to reduce abortion, they would be in favor of the widest possible availability of birth control. But they aren’t. Because their goal is not to prevent abortion, it’s to control the reproductive lives of women. Full stop.

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  • John Pieret

    Big Pharma

    No need now to even bother to try to find out why they think birth control pills are “killing babies, killing and crippling women.”

    As to the pill “tearing away at the very fabric of society” we already know that means “people are having sex, enjoying it and we don’t approve.”

  • Modusoperandi

    STOPP (Stop Planned Parenthood International)

    That’s not even close.


    Because their goal is not to prevent abortion, it’s to control the reproductive lives of women.

    Wrong. It’s not “to control the reproductive lives of women”, it’s to give women the freedom to not have control of their reproductive lives.

    And who knows more about these things, you and sluts or patriarchs and puritans?

  • pocketnerd

    And don’t forget the unspoken classist element. The well-to-do have always had access to contraception and abortion, and they have no intention of giving it up — they just don’t want you to have it.

  • karmacat

    I looked up Dr. Rory Donnellan and he is a pathologist meaning he basically looks at cells. A pathologist usually doesn’t deal with patients or prescribing medications. He is also a raving Catholic and believes in home births. He describes how with his wife’s 2nd birth, the midwife didn’t get there in time. He said he used a clothes pin to clamp the umbilical cord. He used a knife from the kitchen to cut the cord.

    He called giving birth at home as a spiritual experience. I wonder what his wife would say. Because if I had to deliver a baby at home and without an epidural, I would be saying, “fuck you and your fucking spiritual experience.”

  • fifthdentist

    “Patriarchs and Puritans.” — Sounds like the most boring board game ever.

  • D. C. Sessions

    He called giving birth at home as a spiritual experience. I wonder what his wife would say.

    I’d say that the SOB hasn’t done enough postmortems on women who had birth complications. Which happens remarkably often.

    Oh, well — after all, there are other wombs walking around out there.

  • Modusoperandi

    fifthdentist “‘Patriarchs and Puritans.’ — Sounds like the most boring board game ever.”

    It seems like it at first, but that all changes once you have a chance to play a “Hush ladyfolk” or “Judge neighbor” card.

  • Pen

    You’ve got to be nuts to think the pill brings more havoc to women’s lives than uncontrolled serial pregnancies. You’ve got to be batshit insane to think the kind of family we want at the heart of society is the twenty-kids-provided-you-can-last-that-long-and-keep-them-all-alive one enjoyed by our great-great-grandparents.

  • John Pieret

    And here’s another data point. The Heritage Foundation’s Ryan T. Anderson was asked if whether “the widespread acceptance of contraception” was “the first domino to fall” on the way to marriage equality and he replied:

    “Yes, the sexual revolution explains quite a bit of this,” Anderson agreed. “We only arrived at the place where we are today, in 2015, at the cusp of a potential Supreme Court case redefining marriage everywhere because we’ve had a culture since the ‘60s, since the sexual revolution, that has largely made a mess of human sexuality, the family and marriage. It’s only after a generation or two of premarital sex, non-marital childbearing, the hookup culture, pornography, no-fault divorce, that you’d then be at the point of saying, ‘Oh, yeah, marriage has nothing to do with men and women.’”

  • caseloweraz

    “There is no end to the lies that are planted by population controllers to ensure every woman takes her daily dose of the death-dealing pill.

    What we’ve got here is failure to communicate alliterate. It should read: ““There is no end to the prevarications planted by population planners to ensure every woman downs her daily dose of the death-dealing drug.”

  • busterggi

    Its not that they’re against contraception – just against women who have sexual organs and might use them (and like it).

  • caseloweraz

    After being condemned by Incorrect Acronyms Prevention (IAP), STOPP renamed itself SPUTTER: Society to Preserve Unplanned Parenthood, Teaching, Education and Reading. They never learn.

  • carpenterman

    fifthdentist and modusoperandi,

    “Patriarchs and Puritans” is actually a role-playing game. The Televangelist character has a minimum 15 Charisma, the Pilgrim character gets +2 against Native Americans, and the Born-Again Politician gains a level for every 1,000,000 gold he collects.

  • anat

    They are behind the times. Nowadays Obamacare covers Long Acting Reversible Contraception. No need for daily dose of drugs if your state has proper coverage.

  • Nemo

    So, each woman separately having individual freedom of choice in whether or not to reproduce = population control. Got it.

    Not that I get what’s supposed to be wrong with wanting to limit population growth, anyway, except that it’s against “be fruitful and multiply”, I guess. Is that really it?

  • annaelizabeth

    @Nemo –

    What it really is, is them wanting to control women’s bodies and sexuality. If I, or any adult woman, can choose when to have sex, and when to get pregnant, then we aren’t under the thumb of a church, a husband, or a father.

    And the thought of a woman owning her own body, her own sexuality, her own pleasure, and her own womb, is apparently the worst thing evers to these assholes.

  • NS Alito

    I’m looking for a magic wand, potion or spell that can give people the true prostaglandin (hyperalgesic) experience that comes with dysmenorrhea.

  • timgueguen

    Ryan T. Anderson is amusing with his beliefs that porn et al. only came into existence after the Pill did.