BarbWire Pushes Christian End Times Survivalist Scam

BarbWire, Matt Barber’s “news” site, has eagerly jumped on board the right-wing email scam bandwagon, and boy do they know their target audience’s psychological triggers. They know their followers respond like cats to catnip to things that are secret and all about huge cover ups that they don’t want you to see.

“You should delete this after reading,” the title of the email says, because it’s going to expose “the Bible’s darkest secret.”

This short independent documentary has been banned in several Catholic countries

Because it reveals our church’s involvement in the greatest cover up in history…

And it’s more sinister than anything you have ever imagined…

Fortunately for every true Christian and patriot, it’s spreading like wildfire all over the internet

Don’t take this lightly…

Experts in weapons of mass destruction warn it’s going to devastate millions of families…especially those with children.

Click here to see why…

Your fellow Christian,

Alexander Cain

P.S. The corporate elites and other insiders are all preparing for what they call for “The Fall”

And when you watch this short documentary you’ll understand why.

>>>>> Click here before it’s too late < < <<

This was all put together by Alexander Cain, the pen name of a theology professor from Arkansas who claims to have discovered the hidden truth in the Bible (more catnip for morons) that Obama is the last president the United States will ever have because America will be attacked by an enemy “worse than ISIS, Al Qaeda, North Korea, and Iran combined” before January, 2017. And that’s why you should totally buy his secret plan for your family’s survival. The key to all of this is that the Babylon of the Bible is actually the United States. Never mind that the Babylon of the Bible was, in fact, Babylon. It actually existed.

Again we learn that there is no idea so stupid that it can’t be sold to the ignorant and the credulous, both of which are in steady supply at BarbWire. Here’s the whole video:

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  • Anna Elizabeth

    Is it wrong that I was hoping to see Pamela Anderson in black leather & fishnets?

    Anyhoo, I imagine they are warning of EMP bombs, human sacrifice, dogs & cats living together, stuffs like that.

  • keithb

    The Babylon he refers to here is not the literal Babylon in the Middle East. It is the metaphorical Babylon from Revelation which sat on 7 hills. Hmm, I wonder what that could be?

  • colnago80

    Well hell, the Raping Children Church isn’t known as the Whore of Babylon for nothing.

  • YOB – Ye Olde Blacksmith (Social Justice Support Person)

    The video keeps erroring when I try to watch it.

    OMG ITS STARTING!!,!,!,!!,,,11! everyone to your bible bunkers!

    You can share mine, but it’ll cost you $5 and a YooHoo.

  • ArtK

    Do we need a corollary to Poe’s Law around this? There is no end-times scam so ridiculous that someone won’t buy into it?

  • raven

    In fundie xian mythology, the Catholic church is a “satanic cult” based on “Babylonian mystery religions”. Source, Robert Jeffress said this, wikipedia not too long ago.

    Which is so what. It isn’t but that might be an improvement.

    Xians have been saying this End Times nonsense since the religion was invented. Even jesus who is god got it wrong. They might not be bored with it after 2,000 years but I am.

  • StevoR

    Video isn’t working for me. Just says error try again later. Doubt I’ll bother. Am I missing much?

  • daved

    America will be attacked by an enemy “worse than ISIS, Al Qaeda, North Korea, and Iran combined”

    What, you mean Rick Santorum?

  • abb3w

    Examples of religious fetishism of “secret knowledge” esotericism, part 13676….

  • eric

    I thought all the true Christians get Raptured. Isn’t a Christian buying end-times survival gear kinda betting against themselves?

  • raven

    I thought all the true Christians get Raptured.

    According to Revelation, who gets raptured are 144,000 Jewish male virgins.

    Which means no xians whatsoever will get Raptured.

    However, since it’s all Make Believe, there are uncounted versions of the Apocalypse running around. You can just pick the one you like or make up your own.

  • dhall

    #2 Keithb. Hm . . . Alban, Capitoline, Janiculum, Palatine, Esquiline, Quirinal and Calian Hills? Those seven maybe . . ?

  • busterggi

    “Is it wrong that I was hoping to see Pamela Anderson in black leather & fishnets?”

    Yes, because that wasn’t enogh to save that movie.

  • magistramarla

    dhall @ 12,

    Yeah, the seven hills of Rome was my first thought, too. Anyone who paid attention in a high school world history class should

    be able to figure this one out.

  • Modusoperandi

    Obama is the last president the United States will ever have…

    And if not him, the next one!


    ….because America will be attacked by an enemy “worse than ISIS, Al Qaeda, North Korea, and Iran combined” before January, 2017.

    And if not then, later!

  • Anna Elizabeth

    @busterggi – You mean, re-making ‘Casablanca’, with Bogie recast as a Bounty Hunter dressed as a stripper didn’t work for you?

    I am *shocked*, shocked!

  • howardhershey

    Well, Cincinnati is claimed (falsely, but why should that be a problem to the good Bible seer) to have been built on seven hills like Rome. That would make it a clear candidate for the metaphorical Babylon in the U.S. Of course, there is the minor problem of Cincinnati being thought of as conservative (also false, it is the surrounding suburbs that are). But, hey, anyone who can claim with a straight face that tornados in OK and floods in TX are God’s punishment for gay marriage should have no problem walking around that minor problem.

  • Scott Hanley

    America will be attacked by an enemy “worse than ISIS, Al Qaeda, North Korea, and Iran combined” before January, 2017.

    Already confirmed. Japan was militarily stronger than all of them when it attacked the US in 1941.

  • lorn

    The video doesn’t work for me. I was able tot rack down what I think is the video:,d.eXY

    He starts by asking the obvious, and quite central, question: Who is he? He lies, uses a pseudonym and mis-characterizes his education and degree. All pretty much standard fare for right-wing nationalistic evangelicals seeking to sell books.

    Essentially the story being pushed using very shaky evidence, shaky even after being polished and cherry-picked to a fair-thee-well, is that Obama is the last president of the US because Putin is going to launch an HEMP(High-altitude Electro-magnetic Pulse) attack.

    The mythology is that a HEMP will destroy all electronics. The reality of HEMP is that if an attack using the best available knowledge was well executed the result would be highly uncertain. What is known is that the claims that all electronics will be destroyed are wrong. The laws of physics like the inverse square rule, and well understood dynamics of antennas (EMPs are long wave pulses) tell us that while damage might be catastrophic in some ways, large high voltage transformers that provide grid power to large areas of the US may be destroyed and take years to replace, the evidence is that a whole lot of electrical and electronic devices will be unaffected or simply need to be reset to work. Contrary to the EMP myth there is considerable evidence that modern vehicles may still run.

    Some things point toward catastrophic damage: a lot of electrical and electronic devices , particularly CMOS based electronics, are vulnerable to voltage spikes. Long conductor communications, control, and power lines may act as antennas and collect huge potentials. Those potentials can be expected to short out transformers that cost millions and take years to build. An EMP can be expected to disrupt communications for hours, possibly for days, and might be used a preparation for a direct nuclear attack.

    Some things suggest there is much less vulnerability: Most major communication lines are fiber-optic which are invulnerable to EMP. Power lines and transformers can be equipped with devices that absorb, redirect, or disconnect before major damage is likely. These devices and other changes may not stop all damage, even if effectively deployed in-depth, but they can reduce the scope and degree of damage. Deregulation of power companies, and their desire to save money so more can be given to shareholders, has delayed retrofitting of these devices and application of other changes but it is happening. Another consideration is that EMPs are low-frequency waves so any antenna below a critical size, roughly 30″, or oriented cross-wise to the pulse is going to be far less effected. The evidence is that your beloved calculator watch will survive.

    The best estimates are that a HEMP by itself would make a mess, disrupt a whole lot of lives, and leave millions without power but leave more than half relatively unaffected. Many vehicles will still run and most military assets will still be functional. That is small comfort for those disrupted but that likely outcome is very deeply troubling to anyone planning an EMP attack as a strategic strike. There is a good chance that an EMP attack, whatever form it may take, would fail as a military tactic. Even as a prelude to a following nuclear strike you may end up providing additional warning that will make your main attack less effective, not more.

    This uncertainty, and the odds of an HEMP or standard nuclear counterstrike, are perhaps the main reason why no serious strategic planner would advocate its use. The potential down side simply overwhelms any potential benefit.

  • Trebuchet

    You can get a HEMP attack legally in Colorado and Washington, these days.

  • grumpyoldfart

    The Alexander Cain in that video looks very much like William Tapley (Third Eagle Of The Apocalypse).

  • naturalcynic

    Maybe the hills are Telegraph Hill, Nob Hill, Russian Hill, Rincon Hill, Mount Sutro, Twin Peaks and Mount Davidson. Gaypocalypse!!!1!!1!!!!!

  • Donovan

    America will be attacked by an enemy “worse than ISIS, Al Qaeda, North Korea, and Iran combined” before January, 2017.

    In fairness to them, I think they’re just warning about a Pride Parade.

  • WMDKitty — Survivor

    I was going to make a joke about HEMP attacks, but I got stoned and forgot.

  • eric

    Most major communication lines are fiber-optic which are invulnerable to EMP.

    AIUI, the junctions between the lines and both signal origin and signal output (i.e. your house) are mostly copper. Granted, fiber optic doesn’t have the ‘long antenna’ problem but we still might have some sort of problem. I think your ‘local appliance extent unknown or small’ conclusion is on the money, though. With one caveat: if Russia is the antagonist in this (ridiculous) scenario, nothing prevents them from hammering us with several to make statistically sure that a lot of our major electronic systems go down.

    Still, its kinda ironic from a theological perspective that these Christians are advocating hoarding in response to some perceived global crash (and, presumably, a famine which follows). In case of apocalypse, wouldn’t the Christian thing to do be to give your resources to the starving people who don’t have them?

  • Matrim

    It is the metaphorical Babylon from Revelation which sat on 7 hills. Hmm, I wonder what that could be?

    Is it Athens? It’s Athens, isn’t it?

    Wait…maybe it’s Kampala? Or Jerusalem. Or Tehran. Or Mecca. Or Budapest. Lot of that seven hills stuff going around.

  • Peter B

    naturalcynic @22

    I thought that SF had 21 hills – 3x that of Rome. But wait, 3 is a special biblical number. That proves the Gaypocalypse!!!1!!1!!!!!