Carson Campaign May Be Over Before It’s Begun

Ben Carson has officially declared himself to be in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, but since that declaration it’s been nothing but disaster for him. Much of the senior leadership of his campaign has already resigned and reports say the team that is left is in turmoil.

The presidential candidacy of Ben Carson, a tea party star who has catapulted into the top tier of Republican contenders, has been rocked by turmoil with the departures of four senior campaign officials and widespread disarray among his allied super PACs.

In interviews Friday, Carson’s associates described a political network in tumult, saying the retired neurosurgeon’s campaign chairman, national finance chairman, deputy campaign manager and general counsel have resigned since Carson formally launched his bid last month in Detroit. They have not been replaced, campaign aides said.

The moves gutted the core of Carson’s apparatus and left the 63-year-old first-time candidate with only a handful of experienced advisers at his side as he navigates the fluid, crowded and high-stakes contest for the Republican nomination…

But his campaign has been marked by signs of dysfunction and amateurism, alarming supporters who privately worry that Carson’s sprawling circle of boosters is fumbling his opportunity. And, they argue, the candidate has been nonchalant about the unrest…

Two independent super PACs designed to help Carson are instead competing directly with Carson’s campaign for donations and volunteers, while campaign chairman Terry Giles resigned last month with the intention of forming a third super PAC.

Giles said he intends to try to convince the other two super PACs, called Run Ben Run and One Vote, to cease operations so that all outside efforts can be coordinated through the new group. But with Carson’s brand a galvanizing force on the right, there are potentially millions of dollars to be raised off his name, and the other super PACs are said to be reluctant to shut down.

Let me be blunt: This is amateur hour. It’s been clear from the start that Carson simply has no idea what he’s doing. He’s staggeringly ignorant of even the most basic details of public policy and he has no clue how to run a campaign. That so many experienced people have bolted his campaign already is probably the kiss of death. But I do hope he sticks around long enough to say a lot more dumb things I can write about.

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  • Neil Rickert

    Dear Dr. Carson,

    Please ignore what Ed says, and keep going. The entertainment is too good to end it now.

  • eric

    Giles said he intends to try to convince the other two super PACs, called Run Ben Run and One Vote, to cease operations so that all outside efforts can be coordinated through the new group.

    Because remember, PACs are not at all coordinated with campaigns. Completely separate and independent, and how dare anyone suggest collusion!

    Ironically it seems in Carson’s case this might originally have been the case…and his former staff see this as a problem needing to be fixed. That’s the charitable angle; the uncharitable one is to say the grifters left the campaign for less regulated chances to make money once Carson formally declared his candidacy.

  • raven

    1. A huge amount of GOP money is simply skimmed off, scammed off, and otherwise diverted into people’s bank accounts. More or less legally.

    (I don’t have a problem with this. That money is better off buying large boats and RV’s than votes.).

    2. The people pushing Carson were among the more mercenary and accomplished of getting rich using political campaigns.

    3. Most probably Carson was just a tool and they’ve got all the money they can and are off to more profitable candidates.

  • StevoR

    Don’t worry ED, candidate for POTUS or not I’m sure Carson will keep providing you with plenty of material yet! Also, its not like there won’t be a surfeit of that for you spewing constantly and messily out of the Republican Klown car as it crashes and bunny hops its way to the starting line for the White House 201600 main race inevitable defeat at the hands of Democratic candidate’s Mercedes F1 type racecar. Its going to be even less of a contest than F1 is at the moment with Democrats as the Mercedes and the Repubs more just a battered old ride on mower with four flat tyres and a dead battery. Almost a shame really ..

  • StevoR

    .. Until you remember who the Repubs are and what they plan and wish to do.

    The USA could really do with a better main political alternative and system in my humble outsiders opinion for whatever very little that may be worth to y’all.

  • colnago80

    Re StevoR @ #4

    Mercedes Benz? How 1990s. Its Tesla today.

  • StevoR

    Not in Formula One!

    (Yet. Perhaps sadly.)

  • StevoR

    @^. Colnago80 of course. For those who don’t follow the sport Mercedes have won all but one race this season and very dominantly with daylight – a lot of daylight – to their nearest rivals making things very uncompeditive tothe dismay of many. ( ) Mercedes won most races last year too. Oh well, at least its not quite as bad as the seasons when bloody Vettel won just about every race a few years ago.

  • ffakr

    No, I’m pretty sure this is just more confirmation that Ben Carson writes his speeches in his own feces on bathroom walls.

    Can’t wait for people to ask to see his medical records, a typical Presidential Candidate event, so we can find out why he really stopped practicing.

  • dhall

    “Carson’s sprawling circle of boosters is fumbling his opportunity.”

    Nah, it’s not the people around him that are ruining his chances. He’s doing that all by himself, every time he says something…….

  • busterggi

    Dr. Carson – Never give up, never surrender! Michael Savage is counting on you!

  • moarscienceplz

    Ben Carson is nuttier than a sack of walnuts. And his nuttiest idea is that the GOP would seriously consider nominating a black man for POTUS.

  • dingojack

    But, but, but – surely god told him to run, and god never lies*…


    * course if he doesn’t get to be the next POTUS it’ll be TEH GHAYZ (it’s always those sneaky, limp-wristed, weak, ALL POWERFUL GHEYZ …

    or BENGHAZI !!eleventy-one!!)


  • mistertwo

    I so very much want Carson to be the nominee. These people talk all about electing Christians, but last election they nominated a Mormon, a member of what most Christians considered to be a cult up until recently. For them to run Carson, a 7th Day Adventist, would make 2 elections in a row where they nominated someone who only a few years ago they would not have considered to be a Christian.

  • colnago80

    Re StevoR @ #8

    Can Mercedes Benz beat the top of the line Tesla from 0 to 100KPS?

  • colnago80
  • D. C. Sessions

    Can Mercedes Benz beat the top of the line Tesla from 0 to 100KPS?

    If either one can make it to 1 KPS, much less 100, no matter how long they’re given, I’ll eat it.

  • Azkyroth, B*Cos[F(u)]==Y

    I guess now he’s Has-Ben Carson.

  • fifthdentist

    mistertwo: “… would make 2 elections in a row where they nominated someone who only a few years ago they would not have considered to be a Christian.”

    They don’t actually consider Mormons and Seventh Day Adventists to be Christians. Not by a long shot, but in the best teabagger tradition they are more eager to vote for the most incompetent, unreasonable, unelectable primary candidate* than a Kardashian is to have a camera pointed in her direction.

    Being that Fox “news” isn’t going to point out what a moron he is, the people who are crazy about Carson have no way of knowing what a train wreck he is.

    * And then when Jeb’s the eventual nominee they will wail like banshees for three months about what a RINO he is and then show up to vote for him on the first Tuesday in November 2016.

  • StevoR

    @16. colnago80 : Cheers! That was awesome! (@15. I don’t know but would be fun to see!)

  • StevoR

    @ 17. D. C. Sessions : Kilometers per second or Kiloparsec? Either way, yeah, we’re unlikely to see it happen. On theroad anyhow.

    FWIW the NewHorizons spaceprobe holds the record sped with “with an Earth-relative speed of about 16.26 kilometers per second (58,536 km/h; 36,373 mph); it set the record for the highest launch speed of a human-made object from Earth.” Expect the two Voyagers and perhaps Pioneers also break the kilometer in a second mark too.

    Source :

  • Kermit Sansoo

    My workout buddy, a born-again, recently told me of this wonderful video he acquired, and how uplifting it is. All about a young man who lifts himself up from poverty and becomes a neurosurgeon – Dr. Ben. I pray to all the gods of reason he doesn’t lend it to me to watch; I am sure there would be a quiz afterwards. [shudder]