Wiles: Jade Helm 15 Leads to Obama Takeover in 2016

Rick Wiles of TruNews radio is back with yet another prediction that Obama is going to take over as dictator, this time based on the ridiculous paranoia over the Jade Helm 15 military exercises. He says Obama is going to use that to take over the country in 2016.

Naturally, Wiles is very insistent that Obama is about to do something big. He told listeners that the military exercise Jade Helm 15 “is intended to get the American public accustom to seeing troops and tanks on the streets and helicopters landing in cities.”

“A military presence in our streets will be necessary next fall when the people realize the country is over,” Wiles said. “Obama has another year in power. He’s not going to seize power illegally this year. He’ll wait, he’ll save it until next year as his term comes to an end.”

Gee Rick, I thought Obama was deliberately causing the Ebola crisis (that wasn’t) in order to round up Christian patriots so he could declare himself emperor? And that he was going to use every mass shooting that took place to take away everyone’s guns so he could declare himself emperor? Don’t worry, though, I’m sure this time you’ll be right.

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  • dugglebogey

    Interesting that the place is called “TruNews” why would you have to tell people that your telling the truth? Unless the otherwise is not only possible, but likely?

  • John Pieret

    Gee, Rick, I thought that if SCOTUS rules in favor of SSM at the end of June, we were going to have that giant fireball hit us. That wouldn’t leave much for Obama to take over in 2016, would it?

  • http://en.uncyclopedia.co/wiki/User:Modusoperandi Modusoperandi

    …is intended to get the American public accustom to seeing troops and tanks on the streets and helicopters landing in cities.”

    Ah hah! First Obama militarizes the police, getting Urban Americans (*wink wink*) used to being taken over, and now he’s getting suburban city dwellers used to it now too! Next he’ll get rural city folk used to it and the last domino will have fallen in his bid for domination!

  • whheydt

    I grew up in the 1950s. Since my father worked as a civilain contractor with the military, we lived in places near bases. Between parades, exercises, and convoy movements, I got pretty used to seeing a military presence on roads and highways.

    This yahoo should also reflect on by who and why the Interstate Highway system was built.

  • Die Anyway

    All of Obama’s plans to destroy Christians and become Emperor-of-America have been thwarted by those TruPatriots like Wiles, Beck, et al. They are the TruHeroes, just ask them.

  • marcus

    I don’t believe that there is anything in the world that would compel Obama to try to stay in office. Why would he?

    If he did try I’m pretty sure Michele would have his ass on a platter.

  • marcus

    @^ (Of course it would be impossible in any case.)

  • blf

    TruNews is wingnut-spoke-hear for “The News as Seen Through the Looking Glass”.

    They owe Lewis Carroll an apology, his stories were considerably more entertaining.

  • corporal klinger

    Feel free to correct me but isn’t the U.S military in general and the brass in particular rather conservativ/republican/christian/right wing?

    So, who would carry out Obamas coup d’etat?

    (not that I take this in any way seriously, I’m “just asking questions”.

  • blf

    [W]ho would carry out Obamas coup d’etat?

    Those millions and millions of moolsin terrorists being imported from Mexico and then hidden away in the National Parks.


    The first time, to install Mr Obama as Supreme Prime Wacko.

    The second time, to depose him and install the Ever More Supreme Infinite Wacko.

  • Kermit Sansoo

    Is there some kind of social intelligence which authoritarians in particular are deficient in, or are they about average and we just hear about them because of their paranoid and violent delusions?


    Their scientific and mathematical illiteracy also allows this. They think gay activists and Muslim extremists work together; they think that millions of Muslims can be smuggled into the US and hidden away; that scientists can make money by telling frightening lies; that reality is a social construct; that the universe is hurting them or being nice to them because their abusive imaginary Sky Daddy is mad or happy with them; that witches and demons lurk in all the shadows; and that the only thing keeping people “moral” is the fear of eternal spanking.