WND: Gay Marriage is Communist!

Having not updated their demagoguery playbook since the Cold War ended, today’s right wing continues to blather on about communism as if it were somehow relevant to, well, almost anything. Paul Kengor and the Worldnetdaily would like you to know that those dirty rotten commies approve of gay marriage. Which is important. For some reason.

American communists have finally found a vehicle through which they can destroy marriage and the family, according to author Paul Kengor, and that vehicle is none other than same-sex marriage.

“The communist movement in America is absolutely and totally gung-ho for gay marriage and the full gay-rights agenda, which is a fascinating development because … once upon a time, the Communist Party expelled gays like Harry Hay,” Kengor said in a recent appearance on Roku TV’s “America’s Survival.”

Ever since Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels called for the abolition of the family in “The Communist Manifesto,” Kengor said, communists have sought a tool through which to “redefine, reshape, and take down the family and marriage.”

While they once joined most of the world in shunning “gay marriage,” they now embrace it as the key to dismantling the foundations of Western civilization.

“The key is that they finally have a vehicle in gay marriage that has mainstream public support,” Kengor said. “Never before could the radical left, with their dangerous ideas on family and marriage, could they ever get mainstream public support. Never. But only now, finally, finally they have it, and they’re looking at this with a sense of befuddlement, but absolute joy and amazement that they have mainstream America with them in this fundamental transformation.”

Yes, in a fit of incredible strategery, those dirty commies are going to destroy marriage and family by supporting the right of more people to marry and form families. That’s dash clever of them, don’t you think?

Conservatives may hold to unchanging principles, said Kengor, but progressives have built their worldview on change.

I know, right? Like we’ve worked to change things like theocracy, slavery, the oppression of women and gay people, all things that were once and often still are based on those “unchanging principles” of conservatism. Is he trying to disprove his own position here?

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  • http://en.uncyclopedia.co/wiki/User:Modusoperandi Modusoperandi

    “Comrade, Yanquis are fallen for ruse. Soon Communism is to be rein supreme, with flag of Soviet to fly over House of American President!’

    “Da. Let us celebrate, comrade, with many wodka and much intercourse of homosexual type!”

  • Synfandel

    The communist movement in America is absolutely and totally gung-ho for gay marriage and the full gay-rights agenda…

    I asked the American communists about this and they both denied it.

  • John Pieret

    communists have sought a tool through which to “redefine, reshape, and take down the family and marriage

    Umm … could we have just a hint as to how the communists are going to use this “tool” to take down the family and marriage?

    We’ll wait …

  • moarscienceplz

    Whatever those damn commies like, must be opposed at all costs!

    You say that a commie you know likes ice cream?

    Dammit, dammit dammit!

  • http://festeringscabofrealityblogspot.com fifthdentist

    Dick Cheney is a Communist? Who knew?

  • carpenterman

    It’s like his brain is a giant pie chart, with a tiny little sliver labeled “Things I approve of” and the rest labeled “Everything Else”. There is no distinction between different groups of his perceived enemies, none: just a big blurry pile of SCARY BAD. It’s the “You’re either with us or against us” philosophy taken to it’s ultimate, logical absurdity.

  • http://en.uncyclopedia.co/wiki/User:Modusoperandi Modusoperandi

    carpenterman, “pie chart”? What is this, the Neolithic? It’s not a pie chart. It’s a Venn diagram of “Us” and “Them” formed by two non-overlapping circles.

  • tbp1

    Fer cryin’ out loud, how many communists do they think there are in the country? And how many of that minuscule number are in any position of authority, power or influence? I’ve met exactly one self-described Marxist in my entire life, and I’ve spent almost all of my adult life in that supposed hotbed of leftism, higher education. And that was in the 70s, a philosophy professor teaching a course in existentialism.

    I have said many times that the fact that the right is still obsessing about the non-existent communist threat decades after the dissolution of the Soviet Union is all the evidence we need of the utter intellectual bankruptcy of the conservative movement (not that there isn’t lots of other evidence, though).

  • Al Dente

    Wikipedia estimates there are about 2000 members of the Communist Party USA. The Socialist Workers Party, Students for a Democratic Society, Black Panther Party, New Black Panther Party, Progressive Labor Party, and other Marxist-Leninist American parties probably have a few thousand total members. Communism and Marxist-Leninism are not important ideologies in the US.

  • colnago80

    Re Al Dente @ #9

    The Socialist Workers Party is actually a Trotskyite organization. The Marxist/Leninist party is the Socialist Labor Party.

  • dannorth

    A while back I had the reflection that the USA may be one of the countries that is suffering the most from communism.

    Not because of the direct influence of communism but because of the lingering effect of anti-communism that still pervades much of the american political discourse.

  • macallan

    The Socialist Workers Party is actually a Trotskyite organization. The Marxist/Leninist party is the Socialist Labor Party.


  • StevoR

    Actually equal marriage is pretty capitalist really! Think of all the extra money spent by the pink dollar sector .. a fact that has been kinda seriously mentioned in a few Aussie debates :


  • StevoR

    Although actually there;s no real reason why equal marriage can’t be communist or capitalist or whatever one want really. Just like hetero marriages.

    Haven’t all people on the political spectrum been getting married for centuries incl. communists, atheists, capitalists, anarcho-syndicalists, etc ..

  • sugarfrosted

    Also they haven’t updated their “understanding” of “Communism” since Marx.

    Basically as I understand it Marx assumed that marriage would become obsolete. What I’ve heard others say is the reason it didn’t was it morphing from the chattel owner model to a partnership. Ironically, at least by assuming this reason, marriage only exists currently because of its redefinition.

  • raremomentsoflucidity

    @5 fifthdentist says “Dick Cheney is a Communist? Who knew?”

    W-W-Well, waitaminute! The IRISH are now Communist?! Who knew?

  • http://www.facebook.com/hmoulding Helge

    Communism doesn’t offer a self-consistent way of viewing homosexuality, as such. Homosexuality was illegal in the USSR from 1933 through 1993 (after the collapse of the “evil empire”), and it was Yeltsin who repealed the law. In communist China homosexuality was decriminalized in 1997. In Vietnam it’s a “social evil” akin to prostitution or gambling, but there are no laws against it.

    But we all know that the loons are immune to facts.

  • sigurd jorsalfar

    Communists didn’t invent just gay marriage as a way to take down America. They invented homosexuality itself — that and black people, Sharia Law, Hollywood, pornography, college, drugs, sex, rock and roll, rap, environmentalism, feminism, atheism. There is really no limit to what communists are capable of doing to bring America to its knees.

    sense of befuddlement

    Dibs on band name.