Rios: Obama Enjoyed the Charleston Church Attack

Just when you think the appalling response from the right to the shootings in Charleston, South Carolina can’t get any worse, along comes Sandy Rios of the American Family Association to inform us that she thinks President Obama “enjoy[ed]” the shootings as he cackled with glee at the thought of going after the guns.

Unlike the family members of the victims who offered messages of forgiveness, Rios said, “there are other people who seem to respond and fester and enjoy these problems and make the most of them, and I would include president of the United States, this of course he took as an opportunity to lay out his passion against allowing American people to carry guns.”

She accused Obama of “rushing” to link the shooting to weak gun laws, adding that “all the tragedies remind him that he wants to stop American people from having guns.”

Of course, if you were to suggest that Rick Santorum enjoyed it because he could then push his “war on Christianity” agenda, she would terribly offended at such a suggestion.

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  • Abby Normal

    there are other people who seem to respond and fester and enjoy these problems and make the most of them

    She said while responding to the tragedy to by using it to make the most of her festering hatred of our President.

  • John Pieret

    I bet Rios enjoyed making the most of this tragedy to attack President Obama.

  • scienceavenger

    Taking advantage of problems to propose political solutions to those problems is what politicians do you ignorant loon. What’s next, you going to criticize the mayor of a town that was just flooded for proposing flood prevention procedures?

  • dugglebogey

    Again, the same people who claim to know what is in the president’s mind, when asked if this murderer was motivated by racism “refused to speculate.”

  • Modusoperandi

    She’s right. I hate how Obama inserts himself in to the National Dialogue, advocating for Gun Control every time someone who shouldn’t have had a gun shoots a bunch of people with a gun. Talk about a non-sequitur!

  • StevoR

    Just when you think the appalling response from the right to the shootings in Charleston, South Carolina can’t get any worse, ..

    Hey! Speak for yourself!, I for one was always pretty sure the right-wing response to the Charleston massacre by that racist peice of shit could & would always get worse!

  • sabrekgb

    Taking advantage of a tragedy is not, per se a good thing, but it is to be expected of politicians. Traditionally, when something bad happens, and politicians (and others) start saying “there ought to be a law!”, it’s one of the worst times to actually craft and pass such a law. This goes doubly for laws named after people.

    As Churchill (and Rahm Emmanuel) said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

  • garnetstar

    I must say, Rios has a point. Because yes, every massacre (and other killing and accident) does remind me that I want, and that this country needs, better gun safety laws.

    So you’ve got me there, Sandy. And there’s a good chance you’re right about every massacre reminding Obama of that too. As well as the majority of NRA members, gun owners and people in the US, actually.

    Unlike yourself, the vast majority of people don’t see gun massacres as a constitutionally-protected right, and do want to reduce their number. Surprise!

  • blf

    This nutter’s entry in The Encyclopedia of American Loons is long and amazing. I’m having a hard time picking the best bit, but this is a candidate:

    [I]n the minds of people like Rios, everything they don’t fancy are really, and despite superficial disagreements, united against them and their fellow true believers, and the goal of that conspiracy is to destroy America. Evidence? Well, the fact that Obama (an “enemy of the faith”) suggested equality for non-Christians during his inauguration was abundant proof for Rios. How shocking! As Rios points out: “Now he’s putting, when he lists all these denominations and atheists and Buddhists and Muslims, it’s like we’re all equal, of equal proportion, and we are not.” What more proof of a conspiracy could anyone possibly ask for. How dares he! Obama is, by the same token, overlooking the fact that Islam is, according to Rios, not covered by the First Amendment because it’s not just a religion, it’s a political ideology that seeks to control everything. Totally unlike her own brand of Christianity™.

    Or this:

    Things were apparently much better under Bush. Rios has in fact asserted that, contrary to Obama, Bush gave us peace in the Middle East “for ten years”. Clearly Rios sees positive sides of Bush that the rest of us, for obvious reasons, don’t.

    Or this:

    Of course, as any true wingnut, Rios is not only opposed to gay marriage. She is equally outraged about birth control and counseling services to victims of abuse. When the Obama administration deciced [sic] to require health insurers to cover birth control, she was predictably outraged, pertinently asking: “Are we going to do pedicures and manicures as well?” since pedicures and manicures and counseling to abuse victims are exactly the same.

    Or, well, there’s still a lot more to choose from. It’s a long entry.

  • StevoR

    Hey, if Sandy Rios thinks its fair to say Obama “enjoyed” the Charleston Church massacre because in her view it gave him an excuse to argue for gun control then wouldn’t it be equally fair to say that Dubya Bush “enjoyed” the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon because they gave him an excuse to go to war on Iraq?

    Of course, I don’t think either example is fair or anything other than a slur on the President in question – but good for gander, good for goose and all..