Fischer Compares Confederate Flag to Rainbow Flag

You can always rely on Bryan Fischer. Even when we are being pummeled by a tsunami of inane arguments about the Confederate flag on public buildings, you can count on Fischer to come along and distinguish himself by making an argument so breathtakingly idiotic that you can only stare in near-admiration of the effort.

“If we are going to remove symbols of oppression from our culture,” Fischer said, “if we come to the point where we say any flag that represents bigotry, any flag that represents hatred, any flag that represents slavery or oppression needs to be removed, then I want to suggest to you that the next flag to go ought to be the rainbow flag of the Gay Reich.”

“The rainbow flag represents the gay lobby, it represents Big Gay, it represents what I’m calling for the first time today, I’m introducing a new term: the Gay Reich,” he continued. “They’ve got a flag just like the Nazis had their flag.”

“That flag is a symbol of slavery and oppression and bigotry and prejudice and bias,” Fischer said. “So if we’re going to go after symbols of oppression, we ought to make the rainbow flag the next target for removal in our culture.”

Wow, a new term! The gay reich! That’s so much better than the “gaystapo” or “homofascists.” You’re so clever, Bryan Fischer! A symbol of slavery and oppression? Seriously, even for Bryan Fischer that’s a WTF statement. Of course, there are no rainbow flags being flown over state houses, so I don’t know why he thinks it comparable even if his argument were true.

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  • StevoR

    Rainbow flag looks better and is literally on the side of light versus darkness.

    (A Rainbow is nature’s spectroscope.)

    Among so very many other differences! Where do ya even begin?

  • StevoR

    Also that whole slavery and oppression thing – yeah, that’d probably be a starting point history and symbol of oppression or, y’know, the exact opposite of that~wise eh?

  • lldayo

    Christianity has a flag. Just saying.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Had I time enough this morning and a place online to display it, I would mashup the rebel flag with a rainbow coloration, and put the faces of a baker’s dozen of wingnuts in place of the stars.

    All aspiring artists: please feel free to make use of the above however you please!

  • caseloweraz

    That flag is a symbol of slavery and oppression and bigotry and prejudice and bias,” Fischer said.

    “It represents real repression,” he added. “It stands for dangerous dictatorship,” he continued, “truly terrible tyranny, despotism of the most despicable sort.” His voice dropped to a monotone. “Tyranny… Despotism… Tyranny… Despotism…,” he droned again and again. His audience was soon glassy-eyed, nodding and whispering in unison: “Tyranny… Despotism…”


  • StevoR

    @3, lldayo ; “Christianity has a flag. Just saying.”

    It does? Really? One that they all agree on from the Greek Orthodox to the Westboro Baptists hate cult and liberal Churches? That include that Mormons, Jovos lawyers (sorry witlesseses) and Hellron Hubbardists / scinetolojizzists?

    If so colour me seriously surprised.

    Course a lot of XNs have flown a lot of flags and banners over the ages and usually brought destruction, hatred and suffering to a whole lot of non-XN but equally human humans in their wake.

  • dingojack

    “They’ve got a flag just like the Nazis had their flag.”

    You know who else has a flag just like the Nazis* had a flag ? — the USA**!!

    Do you hate Mom & Apple-pie, Bryan, or just Freedom?!?

    @@ Dingo


    * Well, technically the Nazis didn’t, Germany did, but not the political party running Germany per se

    ** Or any country you wish (or political party, it seems)

  • sundiver

    You know, you’ve got to give him this, he’s willing to work hard. He has to, to be this stupid.

  • lldayo

    @6 StevoR

    I don’t know if every denomination agrees on one specific flag but there is a “main” one: Christian Flag

  • Synfandel

    The rainbow flag was flown over the British Columbia and Ontario legislatures for the duration of the Sochi Olympic games. It was raised over the Saskatchewan legislature for the duration of Saskatchewan’s Pride Week earlier this month. It is currently flying over the Ontario legislature and in front of Toronto City hall for Toronto’s Pride Week, which is on right now.

  • StevoR

    Meanwhile in other rainbow flag related news :

    Not my council but pretty damn close to it.

  • StevoR

    @9. lldayo : Ok. Thanks.

  • Raging Bee

    Wow, a new term! The gay reich!

    What kind of flag would a gay reich have? Maybe the Confederate battle-flag with every star a different color? And maybe bright pink or purple in place of all that gray? What better way to say “We reject the US Constitution with fabulous colors!!!

  • StevoR

    @ ^ Raging Bee : When have teh Ghayze!!11ty one ever rejected the US Constitution?

    Fabulous colours sure – but not that!

  • StevoR

    Also c’mon! Confederate flag variant? Really? Y’know better taste than that!

  • Johnny Vector

    The rainbow flag represents the gay lobby, it represents Big Gay

    Only big gay? What about little gays? That’s hardly fair. I mean, c’mon, there’s already a bear on the California state flag.

  • thebookofdave

    @lldayo #3

    Christianity has a flag.

    Yeah, but Christianity is less of a Reich, and more like a Collective.

  • typecaster

    The point that no one seems to be focusing on is what the Confederate battle flag really represents. Yes, it’s certainly a symbol of racism, hatred, and bigotry. But it’s whole reason for existing is to be carried by armed troops making war against the United States, and is therefore a symbol of treason before it’s anything else. This is what needs to be the primary argument against those who defend that flag. Yes, it commemorates the bravery of Southern soldiers, who were committing treason. Yes, it represents a Southern heritage, of committing treason. It’s harder to defend treason when you call it by it’s right name, and we should be making it hard for the Confederacy’s defenders. Just as a side benefit, we’d also be able to ask asshats like Fischer when the rainbow flag was last carried into battle by armed troops making war on the United States. If the answer is “Well, never.”, then we get to tell them to STFU about equating the flags.

  • D. C. Sessions

    typecaster, the Stars and Bars weren’t popular in the South when they were flown by an army of treason. They didn’t become popular until they were adopted by a post-war Southern organization, the Ku Klux Klan, to represent what the Klan did and stood for. Which was, as it happens, the use of violence against law-abiding civilians to deny them their legal rights.

    So, although its origins are in treason its main meaning today is that it stands for terrorism.

  • John Pieret

    Where Fischer goes, can Linda Harvey be far behind? She also wants the rainbow flag taken down and here’s her reason:

    God created the rainbow as a sign of hope (Genesis 9:12-17). But homosexual political operatives have captured this symbol as an unauthorized expression of “pride.” Well, rainbows accompanying this depravity are as unfitting as the term “gay,” and it’s time for Christians to demand recognition of the offense involved and a permanent retraction.

    Apparently there was a distinct lack of rain and/or sunshine before the Flud. It’s amazing that there is an “adult” who doesn’t know what causes rainbows in this day and age.

  • lorn

    The “gay Reich” meme meshes with the assertion that the SS, as an organization, was cruel because they were gay and gay because they were cruel. Never mind that you got a pink triangle and a trip to a death camp for being gay in Germany at the time.

    It also seems absurd to think that the confederate battle flag and rainbow flags are two sides of the same coin. I have a hard time picturing Pickett’s charge taking place under a rainbow flag.

  • typecaster

    D.C. Sessions @19 – I’m aware of that, yes, and of course you are quite correct about it’s current meaning. I noted that in my comment as well. However, the current set of defenders don’t admit that, and instead constantly invoke phrases that hark back to events from the Civil War, such as the “bravery of the Southern soldier” or “the nobility of the Lost Cause”. I’d prefer to take such arguments away from them by linking any such events to the fact that they were, as defined by the Constitution, treason. Putting them in a position of having to defend treason in order to make their points might move them off of the heritage argument, and force the conversation onto the more current meaning. This, at least, could bring the discussion around to issues relevant to the underlying problem of racism in our society. Southern heritage, so far, isn’t doing that.

  • The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge

    The Beauregard Flag is not the Stars and Bars. This is The Stars and Bars. It is also now the Georgia Stae Flag. Time to do something about that, too.

  • The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge

    “Stae Flag” LOL!

  • corporal klinger

    He shouldn’t visit Madrid then in the next years. Hehehe.

    Sí se puede!

  • StevoR

    @23. The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge :

    Thanks for that – from therelated wikipage on the confederate flag :

    W.T. Thompson, the flag’s designer, referred to his design as “The White Man’s Flag”.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] In referring to the white field that comprised a large part of the flag’s design elements, Thompson stated that its color symbolized the “supremacy of the white man”:

    “As a people we are fighting maintain the Heaven-ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race; a white flag would thus be emblematical of our cause.”

    —William T. Thompson (April 23, 1863), Daily Morning News

    A white flag? Lol. Kinda more apt for the racist theocratic cause.

    George William Bagby praised the flag, referring to the saltire in the flag’s canton as the “Southern Cross”, as did others at the time, and stating that it embodied “the destiny of the Southern master and his African slave”, pointing them southward to “the banks of the Amazon”, expressing the desire many Confederates held of expanding slavery southward into Latin America.

    Did not know this – thanks. The confederacy wanted to expand slavery as well as keep it & conquer more territory. Not surprising really but news to me.

    Source :

  • dingojack

    Sorry Linda Harvey – there’s a far, far, far earlier claim.

    😉 Dingo

  • caseloweraz

    Linda Harvey: God created the rainbow as a sign of hope (Genesis 9:12-17). But homosexual political operatives have captured this symbol as an unauthorized expression of “pride.”

    Presumably, all other groups using the rainbow as a symbol can show their authorization from God, which permits them to use His symbol. Perhaps Linda Harvey runs the clearing house for these authorization forms.