Church Leaders Protest Baphomet Statue in Detroit

The Satanic Temple in Detroit are going to unveil a Baphomet statue at the famous Eastern Market, but local church leaders are, of course, freaking out about it and demanding that it not be allowed. Their arguments are the usual tripe with a total misunderstanding of free speech.

Detroit church leaders are rallying against a Satanic statue that is slated to come to the city.

The Satanic Temple is expected to unveil the statue at the popular Eastern Market later this month.

Calling it a “satire and a mockery,” Rev. David Bullock, Pastor of Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church, says this is not an issue of freedom of religion.

“This is not even a real religion in my estimation,” Bullock told WWJ’s Vickie Thomas. “They’re bringing a Baphomet statue to the city of Detroit valorizing, elevating Satan.”

It doesn’t have to be a real religion (and it’s not) and it doesn’t have to be about freedom of religion. Freedom of speech exists for everyone, not just the religious. But good on your for noticing that it’s a mockery and a satire, both of which are firmly protected by the First Amendment no matter how much they make you clutch your pearls.

Bullock, who serves as a spokesman for the group Change Agent Consortium, was joined by Bishop Corletta Vaughn, Sr. Pastor of Holy Ghost Cathedral, and other pastors for a news conference Monday.

“I have never thought that Satan and his people would have the audacity to come into our city and raise a shrine to something that we, as the citizens of Detroit, believe is the anti to our Jesus and to our Christ,” Vaughn said. “We will not allow it.”

You don’t have a choice. You don’t get to decide which statues may be put up and which may not. There’s that pesky little Constitution that prevents you from making that decision. You can protest it, you can rail against it, you can pray about it until the cows come home. But you can’t stop it. Sorry/not sorry.

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  • Modusoperandi

    Way to ruin Detroit, Satanists!

  • John Pieret

    I have never thought that Satan and his people would have the audacity to come into our city

    Don’t worry. If the good legislators of Oklahoma repeal the provision of its constitution that is keeping them from having the 10 Commandments monument on the statehouse grounds, Baphomet will be on his way to Oklahoma City, post haste.

  • raven

    Need a pool as to how long Baphomet will remain intact.

    I’m sure the xians will attack it ASAP.

    We lost a huge amount of Pagan art and ancient literature when the xians took over the Roman empire. They spent many centuries destroying whatever they could find. A lot of ancient statues have been dug up. Because the Pagans buried them to keep them from being destroyed by…xians. Same thing with the Incas, Azecs, and Mayans.

    PS Do have the video cameras running. It will make a nice Youtube video as the xians once again, demonstrate their moral bankruptcy.

  • raven

    Religions destroying other religions temples, churches, art, and books is very traditional.

    1. We all know what the Afghani Taliban did to the Banyan Buddhists a few years ago, Kaboom, gone.

    2. We all know what ISIS did to the ancient ruins in Iraq a few weeks ago. Pointless vandalism of harmless stones.

    3. We all know what xians do to mosques in the USA. Torch them. There have been dozens of attacks on US mosques.

    4. We all know that the loony Catholic warrior viciously attacked satan during Xmas in Florida. Satan was defenseless, since plastic angels aren’t known for their martial arts skills.

    So how do US xians differ from the Afghani Taliban or ISIS terrorists? They don’t.

  • themadtapper

    Rest assured, people like Bullock will stir up the congregation enough that one of them will come by and destroy it, or at least vandalize the shit out of it. And of course if the perp gets caught and charged, they’ll scream about how horribly persecuted they are and how they’re being put on trial for standing up for Jesus.

  • k_machine

    Well, Christianity is “anti” all things Jewish, being built upon the concept that the Jews are no longer God’s chosen people. Everybody’s religion is someone else “anti”.

  • karmacat

    He acts like he thinks Satan is real…..

  • cervantes

    At least Bullock gets that it’s a goof, even though Vaughn apparently does not. But by not being a moron in that regard, it makes him all the more of a moron for trying to stop it.

  • Dexeron

    Satanists in Detroit?! No wonder they had to invent Robocop!

  • busterggi

    Christians, if you hadn’t invented Satan as Jesus’ enemy (its not in the OT) you wouldn’t have this problem.

  • abb3w

    @-2, Rev. David Bullock

    I have never thought that Satan and his people would have the audacity to come into our city


    “Foreign?” said the stranger. “And who calls me a foreigner?”

    “Well, I never yet heard of the dev–of your claiming American citizenship,” said Dan’l Webster with surprise.

    “And who with better right?” said the stranger, with one of his terrible smiles. “When the first wrong was done to the first Indian, I was there. When the first slaver put out for the Congo, I stood on her deck. Am I not in your books and stories and beliefs, from the first settlements on? Am I not spoken of, still, in every church in New England? ‘Tis true the North claims me for a Southerner, and the South for a Northerner, but I am neither. I am merely an honest American like yourself–and of the best descent–for, to tell the truth, Mr. Webster, though I don’t like to boast of it, my name is older in this country than yours.”

    It’s older in Detroit than Reverend Bullock’s, too.

  • caseloweraz

    Note the way he claims it’s not a real religion and in almost the same breath decries it for “valorizing, elevating Satan” — the fearful name that drives his religion.

  • grumpyoldfart
  • janiceclanfield

    Gotta LOVE The Satanic Temple. Go to their web site RIGHT NOW and join.

    They are doing work no other secular organization can match.

  • gardengnome

    “Holy Ghost Cathedral”? The bind moggles…

  • peterh

    How are they to be certain it’s an accurate representation.? Has anyone ever, anywhere on the face of the Earth really known what this Satan dude actually looks like?

  • raven

    Has anyone ever, anywhere on the face of the Earth really known what this Satan dude actually looks like?


    Satan looks like god. And for the exact same reason.

  • Marcus Ranum

    Satan: God of trolls.

  • Marcus Ranum

    I have never thought that Satan and his people would have the audacity to come into our city

    Is this Detroit we are talking about?? If any city in the US was run by Satan it’d be Detroit, or maybe Chicago. Maybe their economy will turn around if they acknowledge their master, huh?

  • Knight in Sour Armor

    That’s actually a pretty cool looking statue. They’re certainly welcome to install it in my city.

  • rietpluim

    What did Satan ever do wrong? Really, where in the Bible does Satan kill, or demand killing, or rape, or misoginy, or slavery? God does such things. Satan merely tries to prevend us from worshipping such a wicked God. And he is damn right about that. Hail Satan!

  • dingojack

    What are the dimension of the statue?


  • blf

    What are the dimension of the statue?

    I’m sure the usual “experts” will claim — or perhaps already have claimed — that it is full of demons and other Thyngs That Go BOO! In Teh Night.

    Assume, for a moment, They are correct. That means the statue can, and presumably does, morph; change its shape, number of dimensions, the volume of the BOO!s, facts, timeline, and even its size.

    That sounds familiar…

    Do we really want another thug President wannabe in the Kandidate Klown Kart?

  • buttle

    There are a lot of affinities between the satanic temple and the christian gnosticism that flourished in the second to fourth century CE: they both reject the creator god of the old testament as an evil monster, and instead consider lucifer, jesus or a combination of both as harbringer of knowledge. Yes, there’s the crucial difference that the satanic temple doesn’t actually believe in anything supernatural, it only employs simbols, but we don’t exactly know what those early christians really believed in either, and in fact their holy texts likely contained attacks, satires and mockery of competing christian secs (traces survive in the nag hammadi library and even in the new testament). In many ways the satanic temple is both more legit and older than many modern christian congregations. And of course it shouldn’t matter, a recently invented religion (like scientology) is just as protected by the first amendment as an ancient invented religion.