Wiles: Obama Will Use Gay Marriage to Declare Martial Law

Rick Wiles, who supposedly renounced his citizenship and is leaving the country because of the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling, is now claiming that President Obama is going to use same-sex marriage to declare martial law in the United States.

Far-right End Times preacher David Lankford joined Rick Wiles on his “Trunews” program yesterday to discuss the supposed persecution of American Christians and the destruction of the United States due to gay rights. Discussing President Obama’s remarks on the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision, Wiles described how we will see “persecution unlike anything that has happened until now” as Obama continues to “prove himself to be evil beyond words.” This persecution will become a “time of purging” and come down on Christians “like a thunderbolt.”

Wiles continued that Christians will be “taken off the face of the earth” and “unproductive people,” such as the elderly, “will be removed from society” as progressives deem them useless.

This persecution and purging of society will of course be led by President Obama, whom Wiles said is the “Antichrist” and will soon declare “martial law” using gay marriage as his vehicle for state control. Under martial law, he said, “people will be forbidden to leave America until society purges himself of the unwanted.”

For those who follow Wiles’ bizarre pronouncements regularly: Yes, this is a repeat from pretty much every week in the last six years. Wiles has predicted that Obama will use whatever is happening in any given week — school shootings, a terrorist attack, natural disaster, Ebola –to declare martial law. The fact that he’s never actually done so despite Wiles having predicted it literally dozens of times gives him not the slightest pause. Even Chicken Little would have ignored this buffoon by now.

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  • StevoR

    Also aren’t these the same fools that hate giving other people welfare when they need it?

    “Unproductive people” (defined how exactly?*) like the elderly and hell, even Republican congresscritters are still people. Our side thinks that way. Their side , well not so sure about that.

    * Lack of a Solarian accent maybe?

  • janiceclanfield

    I read the article a few times.

    Is there a downside to this?

  • llewelly

    … Christians will be “taken off the face of the earth” …

    As in the rapture?

  • D. C. Sessions

    The fact that he’s never actually done so despite Wiles having predicted it literally dozens of times gives him not the slightest pause.

    They get a thrill every time he does it again. Addiction can be that way.

  • StevoR

    @ ^ janiceclanfield : Depends how old you are – or want to live to be, I think. Maybe.

  • Chiroptera

    Let’s see: wars being waged with little to no legislative oversight, people held in detention for long periods without charge, telecommunications data collected without warrants…and It’s gay marriage That’s going to lead to persecution?

  • StevoR

    @ ^ Chiroptera : That’s the sheer awesome fasbulous pow-ahh o’ teh Gheyy!!11elevtyone.

  • StevoR

    Its the extra ghey glitter wot does it!

  • shakeb

    Wait so Obama is going to ban people from leaving the US, so he can kill the people he doesn’t want in the US?

    He’s so evil he’ll make accomplishing his evil plan harder, just to make it more evil.

  • http://howlandbolton.com richardelguru


    Liked the Asimov reference.

  • StevoR

    @ ^ richardelguru : Thanks. Glad you saw what I did there!

  • Larry

    I went through my own time of purging and I swore afterwards to never try the “chef’s special” at a Tijauna ceviche street food stand again.

  • http://howlandbolton.com richardelguru

    The big question is:

    is that The Naked Sun Solarians or Foundation and Earth Solarians?

  • Loqi

    …until society purges himself of the unwanted.

    Is there anything these people can’t anthropomorphize?

  • StevoR

    @richardelguru : Definitley the latter!

  • http://en.uncyclopedia.co/wiki/User:Modusoperandi Modusoperandi

    He’s right. I got stopped at a government roadblock. Luckily, I had my gay marriage license (and the computer showed that I’d already met my sodomy quota this month), so there wasn’t much they could do to me, they waved me through, and with a puff of glitter I was on my way.

    My parents, with me in the car, weren’t so lucky. Sent to The Farms, they were. I’d be sad, but it’s their own fault. Dad refused to homo it up and Mom stood by him right to the end.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/TabbyLavalamp Tabby Lavalamp

    There should be a law to make it mandatory that every time some wingnut says that marriage equality is going to bring on the persecution of Christians, that wingnut should be made to sit in a room with several people who were at Stonewall to have it described to them what persecution actually is.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, as a Canadian who has enjoyed marriage equality for almost a full decade (the tenth anniversary is this month!) I’m expected to go egg some churches and spit on some pastors.

  • StevoR

    You’re excused Tabby -give em some extra spittle from me! 😉

  • StevoR

    But only the bad churches coz actually there are a few that are already up with the times.

  • StevoR

    And the actual general gist of what their supposed founder supposedly kinda said.

    (Two words :Fred Clark, Slackticvist) Okay three, oh & add blog to that.

    But yes. Also congratulations from me. Just wish my land (Oz – home of Priscilla, Barry Humphries and so much more) hadn’t somehow been already beaten to it by the USA and Ireland & so many others. Not your fault. Ours. Nationally. Sigh.

  • John Pieret

    “unproductive people,” such as the elderly, “will be removed from society”

    Wait a minute! I thought liberals were enslaving the poor and elderly with welfare so that they would vote for the people giving them “free stuff.”

  • chilidog99

    from the article

    Lankford, who knows the cause of such evil, described the “mongrel hybrid spirits” that are currently being released. “If you noticed,” continued Lankford, “everything’s becoming hybrid: hybrid cars, hybrid golf clubs” and “Bruce Caitlyn Jenner.”

    I have a demonic golf club. Every ball I hit with it goes sideways.

  • dingojack

    Stevo (#15) – ah, but’s that’s merely the answer that satisfies.

    I didn’t say that. I’m but the servant to a Scowler, who’s never left Hame

    😉 Dingo

  • abb3w

    There actually seems a long shot route to martial law. If Alabama tries for 1950s style defiance to the Obergefell ruling the way they did for Brown v Board, Obama would be within the scope of his authority to invoke the Insurrection Act the way Eisenhower did.

    Contrariwise, the ramblings about people being “taken off the face of the earth” seems abjectly delusional.

  • dingojack

    Wiles: Someone, somewhere, having a very slight hang-nail will cause Obama to declare martial law



  • dingojack

    I suspect* that even the most tin-foil wrapped, chick-hawk, chicken-little is starting to baulk at the growing hyperbolic hyperventilation of the likes of Wiles, Fischer & co. But the longer they squawk, the more they drive away the ‘undecided’ voters from their insanity and into our (relatively) sane camp…



    * although I haven’t any systematic evidence, anecdotal evidence shows even the craziest RW conspiracy-theorist contacts of mine on FB are starting to go: ‘whoa, that’s just flat-out crazy. I actually think you’re the one with a firm grip on reality here!’

  • ursamajor

    “mongrel hybrid spirits”? Me thinks there could be a fog horn of a dog whistle there. In the good old days the racists would carry on about preventing race mixing to stop the mongrelization of the white race. Nope we cant have any of those darkies contaminating our Caucasian purity of essence.