Manning: ‘The Confederate South Was Right About Slavery’

James David Manning, the deranged Harlem preacher who thinks gay people should be stoned to death and that Starbucks flavors their coffee with gay semen, actually claims in a new video that “the Confederate South was right about slavery.” And he says black people were better off as slaves. Seriously. Watch this.

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  • busterggi

    He can always volunteer for the position – there are plenty of potentential massas in the red states.

  • sabrekgb

    Well, at least on the biblical question, he’s right. Slavery is not un-biblical, and the confederacy was correct in that regard.

    This man is very morally disturbed. It’s kinda gross.

  • Juniper

    Coffee is a hell of a drug.

  • timgueguen

    He’s almost a real life version of Uncle Ruckus from The Boondocks.

  • shadow

    From the OP:

    Watch this.

    Thank you but, no. I need to watch the blood pressure more.

  • Crimson Clupeidae

    So he says that the civil war didn’t set the slaves free, or ‘solve the problem for black people’. Even granting that this is stupid, if it were true, does he think leaving slavery in place would have improved life for black people?

    Hell, I got a lot of stuff I need done around here that I can’t afford to hire someone to do. Will he volunteer to come do all that work, I’ll treat him at least as nice as the bible says I should…..

  • carpenterman

    Well, if the Bible condones slavery as you say, are we supposed to “set the captives free” or not? Does this man have a single thought in his head that isn’t a cluster-fuck of cognitive dissonance?

  • sugarfrosted

    I’m surprised Colnago80 isn’t in here saying slavery was a good thing because it prevented the descendants of the slaves from being Muslims.

  • heddle


    I’m surprised Colnago80 isn’t in here saying slavery was a good thing because it prevented the descendants of the slaves from being Muslims.

    Colnago80 likes to predict what others would say on a post. It’s a stupid and annoying habit– which you are mimicking to perfection. It is a classic trolling technique.

  • Al Dente

    heddle @9

    And your point is?

  • sigurd jorsalfar

    Imagine that – hating liberalism so much that you end up claiming that your people were better off as slaves. That is an astounding level of fear of the modern world.

  • heddle


    And your point is?

    Really? It is that hard to grasp?

  • dingojack

    heddle – can I just point out: “Colnago80 likes to predict what others would say on a post.” Is, of itself, predictive (in this thread at least).

    Are you attempting to as much of an iron as god?

    :) Dingo

  • heddle


    Actually it is not a prediction but an observation that he engages such tactics. And even if it were a prediction, it would at most be a meta-prediction.

  • dingojack

    So your meta-prediction of his, of someone else’s.

    😀 Dingo

  • lorn

    This sort of thing highlights one of the main problems with any institution which seeks to establish itself as a higher and unchanging truth without provision for moral and social evolution and progress. Modern understanding is that slavery is pretty much, Manning not withstanding, considered to be a universal and unalloyed evil. Whereas in the time referenced by Biblical tales slavery was considered morally acceptable. Islam, some centuries later, suffers the same problem with slavery.

    This sort of contradiction is a constant irritant. Similar contradiction exist around the role of sex, sexual politics, sexual orientation, the status of women, and how to deal with non-believers. The failure to be able to bridge those, and many other, gaps smoothly and without internal contradiction is an embarrassment to religion in general.

    The tendency to declare their ancient opinions as universal and unchanging truth is ultimately self defeating as society and humanity slowly, but inexorably, progresses and those gaps get too large to straddle.

    On the up side, it is entertaining to watch Manning try to straddle that gap while praising the same institution that would have him in chains. A performance made all the more impressive because he does it with a straight face and and presentation that seeks to deny the existence of any gap.

    A white guy doing in real life a slightly less hilarious version of what Manning is doing rhetorically:

    Insert “Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme” on Youtube.

  • tbp1

    I am usually hesitant to use the phrase “self-loathing,” but I’ll make an exception in this case. I cannot imagine the depth of self-loathing required for a black man to defend slavery and the Confederacy.

    I’m also not one of those who assumes every anti-gay activist is a closet case; I think that’s an overworked meme. Still…it does happen, and he thinks about gay sexual conduct way more than any openly gay person I have ever met. It’s hard not to at least have some suspicions. And this, of course, adds to my admittedly unverifiable diagnosis of “self-loathing.”

  • Dago Red

    Talk about “romanticizing the past” … O_o

    (I think Manning may have a much better chance proving his “Starbucks – semen” theory…).