Zieve: Obama to Commit ‘Luciferian Slaughter’ of Whites

Sher Zieve, whose views are utterly deranged even compared to other wingnuts, has an absolutely hysterical column at BarbWire claiming that Obama doesn’t care about white people at all and is going to commit a “Luciferian” slaughter of whites as part of his planned race war.

Someone had to say it plainly: to the Obama Administration white lives don’t matter.

At the highest levels of the US government, minority criminals who caused their own deaths via their own actions are extolled over and over again while Obama representatives attend one funeral after another and Obama publicly and often offers his “condolences” to the families…

So, illegals crossing our Southern border—which Obama has demanded not be stopped by the US Border Patrol—come to the USA to murder those they cannot in Mexico…especially and apparently murders of young white women whom Obama will simply and loudly-with-his -ongoing-silence ignore.

For any of you who happen to be white, you’re in deep trouble and it’s getting worse. Obama has placed minorities in a special class and whites with targets on their backs.

As I’ve written before, Obama and his syndicate are working overtime to begin a race war. He will have it or begin his personal genocide of…guess who? As usual, we’ll be forced to fight for our lives or accept our slaughter by the hands of a Luciferian tyrant. And I suspect, tragically, that all too many are ready to die.

Oh yeah, as usual. Because if history teaches us anything, it’s that white Americans are always being slaughtered and oppressed by black people. I think my eyes just rolled right out of the state. If someone sees them, please mail them back to me.

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  • colnago80

    Boy, Michael Weiner better get off his ass if he want’s to retain his current position in the whackjob hierarchy. If he’s not careful, he’s going to be left behind.

  • Mr Ed

    I saw ‘Luciferian Slaughter’ in the 80’s before they sold out. Awesome light show

  • freehand

    I rather like the phrase loudly-with-his -ongoing-silence ignore.


    Does she know that illegal immigration is currently lower than it was under the Bush administration? Wikipedia:

    A 2015 study performed by demographers of the University of Texas at San Antonio and the University of New Hampshire found that immigration from Mexico, both legal and illegal, peaked in 2003 and that from the period between 2003 and 2007 to the period of 2008 to 2012, immigration from Mexico decreased 57%.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    “Lucifer” only appears once in the King James Version of the Bible. Isaiah 14:12

  • http://howlandbolton.com richardelguru

    ‘Luciferian Slaughter’

    Isn’t that what happened every time Charlie Brown tried to kick that football?

  • http://en.uncyclopedia.co/wiki/User:Modusoperandi Modusoperandi

    This might shock you, but as a Conservative I’m for Obama’s evil plan. Obama’s plan is good for whites. Once he imports enough swarthy minorities, white people will be a minority, and get all the special so-called “rights” that minorities have. Then you Liberals will have to watch, aghast and powerless, as, among other things, we line up for “free” government programs and force you people to take down the Muslin flag from the White House because it offends us.

  • caseloweraz

    Sher looks awfully happy for someone who lives under constant threat of her life from the “Syndicate.” Just sayin’.

  • raven

    …claiming that Obama doesn’t care about white people at all

    Obama is a white person. Or more exactly he is half white. His mother was…a white person. He was raised mostly by his…white grandparents.

    The majority of people who voted for Obama were…white.

  • raven

    “Lucifer” only appears once in the King James Version of the Bible. Isaiah 14:12

    That Lucifer was a Babylonian king who is long dead.

    The mythological character known as satan isn’t named Lucifer.

    Most of what xians believe isn’t actually found in the bible.

  • StevoR

    @ 9. Lucifer = light-bringer and the planet Venus aka Evening & Morning Star yeah?

  • StevoR

    Wiki check finds :


    Yup. Pretty much.

    Kinda apt really considering the Cytherean surface & atmospheric conditions are indeed hellish. What with allteh crushing atmospheric pressures, extreme heat – hottest planet* in the solar system, sulphuric acid rain clouds et al..

    * Well, with a discernible solid surface, conditions inside the gas and ice giants do admittedly get even more extreme.


    “A tin can placed on the sunlit side of Mercury or on the surface of Venus would melt.*”

    – Page 12, ‘Amazing Facts about Australia’s Southern Skies’, Steve Parish, Steve Parish Publishing Pty, no year listed.

    * Venus the can would also be instantly crushed by the immense atmospheric pressure.

  • http://en.uncyclopedia.co/wiki/User:Modusoperandi Modusoperandi

    StevoR ” Venus the can would also be instantly crushed by the immense atmospheric pressure.”

    Dent, sure. Crush? I doubt it. Assuming that it’s filled with liquid. Liquids don’t compress. The fight between boiling point due to temperature and raised boiling point due to pressure could be interesting, though.

    To illustrate, imagine a spherical cow…

  • colnago80

    Re StevoR @ #11

    I don’t about Oz but here “tin”* cans are all steel which won’t melt at the temps encountered on Mercury or Venus.

    *Actually, some are now made of aluminum which will melt there.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/TabbyLavalamp Tabby Lavalamp

    minority criminals who caused their own deaths via their own actions

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Minority “criminals” have mind control powers that can force innocent white power-mad cops and innocent violent neighbourhood vigilantes to kill them! How is the lamestream media not reporting on this?!?!?

  • raven

    Applications for US unemployment aid plummet to 42-year low

    Headline today.

    OT but related.

    Obama has been demonized like no other president. The Antichrist, Kenyan Moslem terrorist, genocidal wannabe slaughter of white people, commie. etc.

    And ironically, his presidency has been highly successful. Mostly he has fixed the Bush/Cheny Catastrophe. The wars have been toned down although not totally eliminated. The economy has been growing for 7 years straight. The stock markets have set record highs. The deficit is a quarter of what Bush left us. Unemployment is half of what it was.

    He even passed the ACA and negotiated a treaty with Iran after decades of animosity.

    I guess haters just got to hate. Being successful and fixing the USA simply doesn’t matter.

  • busterggi

    I’m glad we live in the post-racist US, who knows what he would’ve written earlier.

  • coffeehound

    “Luciferian slaughter”

    Meh. Lucifer’s had a longstanding inferiority complex ever since the Yawehian slaughter that spared none but six souls; what with the lightning and the water, how do you compete with that?

  • StevoR

    @13. colnago80 : Here in Oz the cans are aluminium too.

    @12. Modusoperandi : Venus has really extreme atmospheric pressures. Many times our ocean abysses if memory serves. I guess it may depend on the liquid but between the pressure and the heat softening and melting it, it wouldn’t last long!