Everything You Need to Know About Donald Trump

Donald Trump went on Morning Joe on MSNBC and had an exchange that revealed pretty much everything you need to know about him and his best friend (his colossal ego, of course). He was actually upset that they had talked about other candidates on the show that day.

2. Donald Trump whines to ‘Morning Joe’ about not getting enough attention. ‘Morning Joe’ laughs and laughs and laughs.

“Morning Joe” got his morning laugh this week, courtesy of The Donald, who was interviewed on the show.

“I was just listening to you,” Trump said, after being introduced, “and I was listening to you talking about [Jeb] Bush and [Marco] Rubio and a couple of others and you sort of forgot to mention my name even though I’m creaming them all in the polls. I don’t understand what you’re doing.”

Scarborough guffawed, “Donald, what are you talking about? What are you talking about? We’ve been talking about you for a week. What are you talking about?”

Yeah, but you also talked about other people, Trump replied. And that’s not okay with me. “You were talking about [John] Kasich and you mentioned Bush and Rubio and somebody else that I won’t mention because I actually like that person,” Trump replied. When Trump is king, errr, president, people will only talk about people he wants to talk about.

Scarborough remained flabbergasted, and struggled to find a different question to ask. “What are you talking about?” he said again. “What are you talking about, Donald? How thin is your skin? I’ve been talking about you for a week.”

Trump, as is now well known, never backs down, no matter how trivial the fight. “When you were talking about Bush who, by the way, is about ten points lower than me, you sort of mentioned like, you know, ‘Can Kasich beat Bush?’” he whined. “Well, you know, excuse me, what about Trump? I mean, you know, we are ten points ahead.”

Yes, Donald Trump is actually complaining about not getting enough attention from the media. In what world does he live? Oh yeah, the world inside his head, where he is the only one who matters. The more I watch of him, the more he really does remind me of a North Korean dictator. I’m waiting for him to claim to have gotten 400 holes in one in golf.

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  • eric

    That doesn’t sound like ‘not backing down.’ That sounds like manufactured outrage. He needed something to be angry about, so he could Take No Prisoners and show how he is Tough on Everything. Its the Sideshow Bob school of political campaigning. Oh well, at least we don’t have Kang vs. Kodos yet.

  • Trump created, and follows, his own warrior code: Douchido.

  • blf

    In Teh Trumprat’s warped worldview there is a lack of media attention since he and Murdock have a longstanding vicious feud. Murdock’s print empire will not endorse Trumprat and is very hostile to him. That leaves only Faux, Murdock’s main broadcasting arm, whose control is mostly left up to a deranged paranoid (Ailes), who — it has been reported — Teh Trumprat is actively engaging.

    To Teh Trumprat, Murdock’s print hostility probably seems like a lack of media attention.

  • joe321

    “Well, you know, excuse me, what about Trump? I mean, you know, we are ten points ahead.”

    I assume by “we” he means Donald Trump and his ego.

  • jimmiraybob

    …and his best friend (his colossal ego, of course).

    It’s not necessarily so obvious. “Best Friend” easily could reference that hideous, beast-like thing that sits on T-Rump’s head.

  • Stop letting his hair distract you from the real travesty: absolutely everything else about him.

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    I’m waiting for him to claim to have gotten 400 holes in one in golf.

    That’s nothing. He once shot a hole in zero. He is …




    the most egotistical man in the world.

  • eric

    Ed, this is a terrible article. There are seven sentences in it that don’t mention Trump by name.

  • @4: The “we” refers to the 3-persons-1 in one that is Donald Trump. Donald The Man, The Ego, and the Holy Hair Thing. It is kind of like the Trinity, only better because it is Trump. It is the Holy Trunity, or is it the Trumity? Ask a theologian.

  • John Hinkle


    I assume by “we” he means Donald Trump and his ego.

    Actually, it’s the royal “we.”

  • cptdoom

    Modus @2 – Thanks. I’m on an airplane and everyone around me thinks I’m certifiable because I laughed so hard at that.

    Trump is entertaining, for sure, but I can’t be the only one out there looking forward to the day when some lucky lady will be the big winner in the reality show “I want to be Donald Trump’s widow” (rules require only natural causes of death)

  • blf

    rules require only natural causes of death

    Does that include being strangled by your own hair in a desperate effort to save the world’s remaining sanity?

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  • Michael Heath

    Joe Scarborough was being disingenuous here where Ed avoids the crux of Donald Trump’s frustration. Mr. Trump wasn’t mentioned in those prior segments because Scarborough was referring to candidates with his perception of those who have a shot at the nomination, where the media sees Trump having no shot at all for the nomination. Scarborough’s constant mention of Trump is about his antics.

    Trump thinks his name should be mentioned with the group of possibles given his polling numbers. So that’s a legit frustration that Scarborough avoided because he’s not a real journalist, but instead a shill for the GOP.

    Both guys were well aware of the elephant in the room that went unmentioned. I think that’s why they were so awkward and inarticulate in voicing their position in that segment.

  • @9 Beat me to it!

    Trump’s referring to himself in the plural sense may just be in reference to his campaign, or more accurately: “Trump and the people he hasn’t fired yet”.

  • gerryl

    Is there any way the Prez could issue an executive order (or Congress pass a bill) requiring that Donald Trump’s first name be changed to Richard? Then the media could actually refer to him as … The Dick.

  • Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden

    I think that there is actually an explanation for the Donald.

    He was the result of a experimental embryonic intervention attempting to create a human being that could survive the Total Perspective Vortex.

    Need I mention that the experiment succeeded?

    Seriously, every time I see this guy I keep looking for the second head.

  • StevoR

    @16. gerryl : There might be at that. The way the Republicans are going (& the threat they feel from him) means it may even get through Congress!

  • scienceavenger

    Are you seriously suggesting there is anything we need to know about Trump?

  • thebookofdave

    More like 400 holes in one stroke.