More Cops Who Should Be Fired Immediately

Prepare to be disgusted about cops in a whole new way. A police officer in Sarasota, Florida has been caught on video dehumanizing a homeless man at a jail, tossing peanuts at the man’s mouth and making him lay down and eat them off the floor, allegedly while giving him commands like a dog.

As he was being booked into the Sarasota County jail, an officer tossed peanuts into Randy Miller’s mouth as if feeding a dog or an animal at the zoo.

Miller, intoxicated and handcuffed, was unable to catch them with his mouth. Several fell to the ground.

Minutes later, Miller slumped out of his chair and began eating the peanuts off the booking room floor. Sarasota Police Officer Andrew Halpin, who had thrown the nuts at Miller’s mouth, kicked them with his boot toward Miller so he could better reach them on the floor.

A source familiar with Miller’s July 18 arrest says Halpin was giving the homeless man “dog commands” during the incident…

Police Chief Bernadette DiPino watched the booking video Monday morning, and suspended her officer immediately.

“Based on the actions in the video, I immediately initiated an internal investigation on Officer Halpin,” DiPino said. “I’m disappointed in what I observed in the video, and placed the officer on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation.”…

Michael Barfield, vice president of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, said he was shocked but not surprised by the incident involving the Halpin and the deputies.

“It’s this kind of egregious conduct that gets Sarasota labeled as the ‘Meanest City in the USA’ towards the homeless,” Barfield said. “Florida law allows for enhanced penalties when crimes are committed that show prejudice against the homeless. Instead of wrist-slapping officers, Chief DiPino and the State Attorney’s Office need to send a message that this conduct won’t be tolerated.”

Why is an investigation needed? It’s on video. This police officer is a sadistic bully who should be fired and blacklisted from ever working in law enforcement again. And all the other officers who stood by and watched him should be fired too.

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  • bmiller

    Cue the police union response that the officer was merely stressed and blowing off steam with some harmless fun. He should not only be kept on the force but PROMOTED. If a Manly Man were Police Chief, we wouldn;t even be talking about this!

  • Modusoperandi

    A police officer in Sarasota, Florida…

    Officer Standford?

  • tsig

    He was just trying to introduce some discipline into the homeless man’s life and for that good deed he will be punished. Shame America.

  • kaelik

    Seemingly based on the description the video doesn’t have audio. Presumably the investigation needs to be conducted to determine that he actually was giving commands. Since, merely being present while a starving man makes acts desperately would not be a fireable offense.

    Also in general, I oppose this sort of blatant cry for skipping due process. I mean, that is literally something we get mad at cops for all the time, so maybe not make the call to skip it here.

  • sugarfrosted

    @4 Termination of employment doesn’t require due process. Plus his point investigation isn’t needed because we have the freaking video.

  • kaelik

    Termination of employment by the government does require due process in many circumstances. Nor, by the way, should we decry due process when it is employed by private companies. Because everyone always knows they are right, and therefore can dispense with due process this time, except when it turns out they were wrong. Letting a two week investigation occur while the guy is on leave isn’t going to kill anyone. And if the investigation is shorter because the evidence is solid, that is great, but skipping the step where the people qualified to make that determination do so is foolish.

    And like I said, it appears from the description that there was no audio, so interviewing some of those present, and having them say “Oh yeah, he was definitely giving commands, like he told the guy to eat it off the floor” is really useful, since firing someone for being in the room with a guy eating off the floor but being unrelated would be bad. The point is that you lose nothing by actually respecting due process, which is the exact same thing we say to the cops who keep violating it all the time.

  • kaelik

    Having made it home and watched the audioless video, I can only reiterate that hell yeah, you definitely need audio or some additional testimony from someone to fire the guy.

    He fed a detained person who was homeless in a stupid way that I’m sure he will bullshit as being about safety, even though it was clearly about humiliation. He definitely should be fired. After an investigation concludes that is what he did, including getting audio/statements from the other cop and/or the homeless guy about what the cop was saying.

  • WMDKitty — Survivor

    I’m neither shocked nor surprised — I’ve come to expect this kind of things from the police. Biggest and most dangerous gang in town…

  • Hoosier X

    But but but he didn’t kill the guy!

    By the current standard expected of police officers, that puts him in the “good cop” category, doesn’t it?

  • theschwa

    He SHOULD be fired. The guy was cuffed and defenseless. The manual calls for strangling him to death. We need more by-the-book cops, not these Dirty Harry, rules-out-window mavericks!!