Trump Would love Palin In His Cabinet

Donald Trump apparently thinks picking a cabinet is like choosing cast members for a reality TV show. No, you don’t want really smart people with expertise, you want people who will get attention for all the wrong reasons. People like Sarah Palin.

Host and apparent Palin obsessive Kevin Scholla asked the controversial future president whether he could see himself “picking up the phone, giving the governor [Palin] a call and picking her brain on some things, or perhaps having her along in some official capacity.”

Trump’s response: “I’d love that. Because she really is somebody who knows what’s happening and she’s a special person, she’s really a special person and I think people know that.”

He later claimed “Everybody loves her,” and added that despite her half-term as governor (due to early resignation), voters “like the Sarah Palin kind of strength, you just don’t see very much of it anymore.”

Yeah, everybody loves her! Just like Hispanics love Trump, by his own decree (actual Hispanics dislike him by a huge margin, just not the ones in Trump’s head). And what the hell does “she’s really a special person” mean? This is the kind of vague bullshit that Trump thinks actually means something.

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  • howardhershey

    Hope he has a good electron microscope if he wants to “pick her brain”.

  • Modusoperandi

    What a great idea! The entire nation would be on the edge of its seat, waiting to see if she quits or he fires her first.

  • StevoR

    Trump-Plain 2016 : The Democratic Party’s dream ticket!

    Too good to be true!

  • StevoR

    Palin, Sara that is. natch.

    Pity tho’ Michael would be far better!

  • tsig

    Palin for Secretary of State.

  • congenital cynic

    She is a “special” person. You don’t find that kind of moron just anywhere.

  • tmscott

    Her Mommy says she’s special.

  • busterggi

    I dunno, two collections of that much self-indulgent purposeful ignorance meeting could be like a matter/antimatter collision.

  • scienceavenger

    Special, you know, she rides the special bus to the special class…

  • eurosid

    This would all be so funny, if it wasn’t so scary.

  • Larry

    Ok, ok, now it should be obvious that its all an act. Nobody can behave like Trump has been doing and then opine that Palin is someone he’d consult with over important matters. Even the very best actors wouldn’t be able to sell that one. Good job, Trump, you had a lot of people going there.

  • Modusoperandi

    Larry’s close. Trump only needs the very best for his upcoming Administration: Himself.


    (Bonus: A giant gold “TRUMP” sign on the front of the White House)

  • Modusoperandi

    Plus, he’ll redo the interior. Real classy. Like a place Romans would go to fuck.

  • jy3, Social Justice Beguiler

    Ya know, I get the feeling that one of these days we’re going to find out that Trump is actually Jon Stewart in a rubber suit.

  • Modusoperandi

    jy3, Social Justice Beguiler, no way. If anything Trump is Trump in a Trump costume.*


    * Prducto de disfraces de México.

  • naturalcynic

    picking up the phone, giving the governor [Palin] a call and picking her brain on some things

    Slim Pickens

  • timgueguen

    I wonder which would happen first, Palin leaving Trump’s cabinet because it actually meant having to do hard work, or Trump telling her “You’re fired!” because she disagreed with him. In general I suspect Trump would have trouble keeping a cabinet together.

  • Area Man

    Palin for Secretary of State.

    Once nominated, she’ll ask “Which state? Can I pick?”

  • wildbill

    She’ll turn it down, “why would I want to be the secretary of a state when I’ve already been the governor of a state?”

  • sigurd jorsalfar

    Together they can build a Manhattan skyscraper so tall that Palin will be able to see it from her house.

  • Hoosier X

    Palin for Secretary of State

    As adorable as a bunny with a tiny shopping cart full of little carrots!

    I’ll be laughing all the way to the fallout shelter.

  • A Masked Avenger

    Special, you know, she rides the special bus to the special class…

    Ha ha! That’s so funny, because it means she’s mentally retarded. And mentally retarded people are pretty funny, so we enjoy making fun of them! Ha ha!

    OK, enough of that.

  • Dr X

    Obviously, Donald Trump doing the bidding of Big Popcorn.

  • Dave Maier

    Modus @13: “Plus, he’ll redo the interior. Real classy. Like a place Romans would go to fuck.”

    I am SO stealing this.