Savage: Obama is Going to Ban Dogs!

If you’re keeping score at home, let’s add one more idiotic prediction from Michael Savage to his very long list of dystopic prophecies, none of which ever actually come true. This time he says that Obama may ban dogs when he finally declares Sharia law to rule the country.

As it turns out, the two subjects are related, as Savage claims that the “progressive/Islamic takeover” under Obama will lead to a Sharia law ban on dogs. (According to Omar Sacirbey, “while many Muslims believe scripture approves canine companions, many also believe scripture discourages Muslims from keeping dogs in their homes.”)

“Even when the communists run the country, I guess people are going to still love their dogs, unless they ban dogs,” Savage said. “You never know with the Islamism creeping into the country, there is only one religion that hates dogs. That’s an embarrassing fact, that’s an inconvenient truth. There’s only one group of people who hate dogs and he’s bringing in 100,000 of them a month.”

Oh, Michael Savage, you disappoint me. 100,000 a month? He’s bringing in 100 million Muslims and hiding them in our national parks. Ask Avi Lipkin. And just banning dogs? He’s going to have them all guillotined and buried in all those FEMA coffins he ordered. Dude, if you want to keep up with the Rick Wileses and Kevin Swansons of the world, you’re going to have to work on your stupidity quotient. I’ve come to expert better — err, worse — of you. Do not disappoint me again.

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  • dingojack

    Thus spoke Weiner (dog): “There’s only one group of people who hate dogs and he’s bringing in 100,000 of them a month.”

    If President Obama loves Muslims so much, why is he importing 100,000 of those dogs they ‘hate’ so much, every month?!?


  • colnago80

    Interestingly enough, the Obama’s have a pet dog in the White House.

  • theschwa

    He IS banning Dogs. But not ALL dogs. The Government will keep some on hand to Sic on us poor Christians. Just like with the Guns! He wants to take all our Guns so he can Round us up! When Dog ownership is criminalized, Only Criminals will have dogs!!

  • Sastra

    Makes sense. The government already doesn’t allow dogs to hang out in restaurant kitchens where people are cooking food for public consumption. This is just the next logical step.

    I’m personally not that keen on dogs, but I’d never ban them outright. It would be nice if there was some legal way to get them to stop sniffing things and touching with their nose, but that’s a frail hope. My Muslim terrorist tendencies aren’t particularly virulent.

  • Synfandel

    Sastra, there’s a cure for that. Go to an animal shelter and get mobbed by affectionate, face-licking puppies. Your brain is never quite the same again.

  • raven

    Even for Michael Weiner this is dumb.

    Obama very publicly acquired a dog. A Portugese water dog whatever that is.

    I’d be more impressed if he got a cat or two. Say what you will about Bill Clinton, he did have Socks the stray cat.

    PS They can be aggravating though. My cats laid on the deck last night and watched the scrub jays steal their food. They don’t mess with the jays and the birds know it.

  • StevoR

    Do you think Savage ever feels even a hint of shame or second thoughts before making such absurd claims without any evidence whatsoever to back them up?

    Why does he get away with this with so many folks and just what would it take for his followers to realise how full of shit he is?

    I find that all kinda baffling put together really.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    … there is only one religion that hates dogs.

    The one that promises no dogs allowed in heaven? Revelation 22:14-15:

    Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

    For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie..

  • Synfandel

    raven, yeah, the Jays are pretty tough, but the Yankees still lead the division.

    Hey, wait. Isn’t one of your cats a god?

  • colnago80

    Re raven @ #6

    Real men own dogs. Wimps and wieneys own cats.

  • Hoosier X

    meanwhile, as he’s blasting Obama – who lets his dog Bo ride in the car like a member of the family – I bet Savage voted for the guy who strapped his dog Seamus to the roof for a 12-hour drive to Canada.

  • Hoosier X

    I thought real men try to demonstrate the extent of their historical knowledge by citing Nostradamus and getting Hitler’s name wrong?

  • colnago80

    Re Hoosier X @ #12

    Hister, Hister, Hister.

  • Synfandel

    colnago80 @10:

    Dogs have owners.

    Cats have staff.

  • coragyps

    ” there is only one religion that hates dogs”

    Who? The Catlicks?

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    This is just silly. He’s not going to ban dogs, just repurpose them for human consumption.

  • Larry

    They don’t mess with the jays and the birds know it.

    Established pecking order?

  • YOB – Ye Olde Blacksmith (Social Justice Jaegerkin)

    You feed, house, and love a dog and the dog thinks YOU are a god.

    You feed, house, and love a cat and the cat thinks THEY are a god.

    Clearly, we must get rid of both because there is only One True God!

  • sugarfrosted

    Obama is only going to ban small poodles just to spite Michael Savage.

  • Sastra

    Synfandel #5 wrote:

    Sastra, there’s a cure for that. Go to an animal shelter and get mobbed by affectionate, face-licking puppies. Your brain is never quite the same again.

    Ewwwww. No. That wouldn’t “cure” me. It would make me worse. You think no puppy has ever tried that sort of thing? Because puppies are reticent and shy with innate boundaries so that I have to go looking for it in a special enclosed area where many are gathered?

    Your “canine privilege” is showing.

  • Synfandel

    Sastra, I know have known hundreds of dogs and I’ve never met a dog that didn’t love me. Well, eventually. I did have to bite one back, but after that we were buddies.

  • Sastra

    Synfandel #20 wrote:

    Sastra, I know have known hundreds of dogs and I’ve never met a dog that didn’t love me.

    Oh, I don’t doubt that. And I’ll gladly grant that they make fine pets for excellent reasons. But for other people.

    I do like cats and babies, but not everyone does. That’s okay. Telling them that their hearts will just melt and they’d be ‘cured’ with more contact is not only likely to be false, but it feeds into a negative cultural stereotype re people who don’t respond properly to what’s “normal.”

    That’s what I meant by ‘privilege.’ Every time some movie or tv show has a character who doesn’t love dogs, it’s usually a set-up for their wonderful transformation or a sign that this person is going to be either a villain or a crank. No, it’s not as culturally taboo as not liking babies — but far less respectable I think than not liking cats.

  • Nick Gotts

    Out of interest, does anyone know if there’s any Muslim-majority country that bans dogs, or bans keeping them indoors?


    Personally I like dogs, but can well understand why some people don’t – they are certainly unhygenic and often over-familiar. Dog owners who let their pets slobber over strangers (“He’s just being friendly!”) – and of course those who don’t clean up after them – are behaving anti-socially.

  • freehand

    Sigh. My Southern Baptist mom once told me “If God meant for animals to live in the house, he’d have given them fur!” Fundies just make stuff up to justify their own prejudices. Most moms would have just said “no dogs in the house!” if they didn’t want them, but that would have been too liberal, or something.