Bigots Harass, Preach At Lesbian Couple Seeking License

marriage-equality-meme-450x448On Monday, a lesbian couple sought a marriage license from the Rowan County clerk’s office and was given one, though without any mention of the county or of Kim Davis on it anywhere. What this video shows is them standing at the counter while bigots yell at them and preach to them about how they’re going to hell and need to turn to Jesus. The relevant portion begins at about the 2:35 mark of the video.

Moments later, the couple entered the clerk’s office and were met by a rowdy crowd of Kim Davis supporters.

“Your sin is going to be your demise!” a man yelled. “Because he loves you, he is calling you to himself today… You can’t satisfy yourself, only God can satisfy your needs!”

“It’s an oxymoron!” the man continued. “It is a lie from the pit of Hell that destroys those who participate in homosexual sodomy, and destroys nations that approve of that! So young ladies, today God is calling you to himself!

Imagine if an atheist interrupted a Christian coupe seeking a marriage license to scream at them about how they’re being stupid and irrational. Imagine the uproar that would cause. Here’s the difference: I would find that just as appalling as I do this. People like this, though? They’d think that was horrible but are just fine with Christians doing it to gay people.

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