Time to Stone False Prophet Jim Bakker

Time to Stone False Prophet Jim Bakker October 5, 2015

JimAndTammyBakkerAs Jonathan Cahn and Mark Blitz wrote books and enthralled the credulous with dramatic tales of impending doom brought on by “blood moons” (read: the plain old moon with some atmospheric effects to change the color we see) and the “Shemitah” year, disgraced felon and con man Jim Bakker got even more specific on his show while pushing his followers to buy his buckets of survival food. He was wrong about everything.

One televangelist who was enthralled by Cahn’s claims was Jim Bakker, who after hosting Cahn many times on his program, made several predictions about cataclysmic events that would occur in September, all the while urging people to buy his survivalist gear and food buckets in order to prepare.

Among the calamities that Bakker warned might happen on September 13: Typhoons, earthquakes, bombings and a stock market crash.


Bakker also confidently predicted that whatever happened, Pope Francis would “be involved.”


Two months after France dropped a potential UN resolution on Palestinian statehood “in wake of pressure by Israel and the U.S.,” Bakker’s co-host Zach Drew said that the U.N. would soon take up a vote on the resolution, and that the U.S. would likely support it.

While he failed to mention that France had already abandoned the resolution and that it never won American support, he and Bakker said that the resolution would trigger a massive earthquake in the U.S. in mid-September.

Nope. According to the Bible, false prophets are to be put to death. For the sake of irony, we should wait to do it until next Sep. 13.

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