Lane, Moonie Times Launch ‘Jesus in the Public Square’ Project

DavidLaneChristian dominionist David Lane is teaming up with the Washington Moonie Times for the Jesus in the Public Square project. Fake journalist David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network has an article in Charisma News promoting the project, which will feature news stories that reflect Lane’s twisted agenda of making sure the Bible is the source of all law in the United States.

Lane’s American Renewal Project first moved toward that goal by urging pastors to get involved in the political process.

His next challenge: getting Jesus into the public discussion. It came about after a visit to a Washington bookstore.

“You couldn’t find a Christian book with a flashlight. And it hit me again, isn’t this awful? A nation founded by people on a religious mission, The Mayflower Compact, for the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith, and in the nation’s capital and you can’t find a book or Jesus anywhere,” Lane remarked.

“If the Lord does it, we’re going to put Jesus right in the middle of the table in Washington, D.C. He will defend himself,” Lane continued.

That table opened up at The Washington Times. Lane planted a seed with management, which led to a website feature handled by Scott Lamb.

“Jesus in the Public Square at The Washington Times hopes to talk about and dialogue with people to show them that Jesus Christ and his lordship is a universal theme and they should submit to that,” Lamb told CBN News.

The fact that this effort takes place on a major outlet’s website is significant and so far it’s a hit. In the first two months, the site had nearly 200,000 page views, making it one of the top five most read Web communities on The Washington Times site.

“We felt like we had a hole there, a hole for faith coverage and faith issues,” reflected Washington Times editor John Solomon.

“The intersection of faith and public policy, the intersection of faith and politics gets larger and larger every day and it’s complicated. I think that if you come to Jesus in the public square and you read something there, you’re almost certain to learn something that you didn’t get to read somewhere else,” Solomon continued.

Some of the more popular stories featured biblical economics. Another popular story featured a pro-choice journalist who became pro-life after watching the recent Planned Parenthood videos.

“We’re not looking to do 500 pieces a day—we’re looking to do four, five, or six pieces a day that talks about Gospel-driven things that really results in Jesus Christ and gets people thinking,” Lamb told CBN News.

I find this remarkably ironic. The Washington Times is owned by the Unification Church and was developed by the late fascist cult leader, Rev. Sun Myung Moon. The same Rev. Moon that 11 years ago launched a project to get black churches in America to remove the crosses from their church. The same Rev. Moon who said that Jesus failed to redeem mankind and that he is the true messiah (and then, even more bizarrely, took out full page ads all over the world about a meeting in the “spirit world” where Jesus and his father both stood up and said that Moon was the messiah. I’m not making that up).

But you know what Moon has in common with David Lane? He hated gay people too. He said that when he ruled the world, they would be eliminated in a mass genocide. He also said the Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves. So birds of a feather in one sense. There’s apparently no one Lane won’t crawl into bed with.

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