Shoebat: Trump Will Establish a Christian Supremacist America

Shoebat: Trump Will Establish a Christian Supremacist America December 16, 2015

TheodoreShoebatLooks like Christian fascist Theodore Shoebat is one of those dumbass Christians who thinks Donald Trump is not only a real Christian, but a theocrat like him. The reality, of course, is that Trump has never given a shit about religion and still doesn’t, but he’s good at fooling gullible Christians into thinking he is. Shoebat says if Trump is elected, he’ll turn America into a “Christian supremacist” society that puts non-Christians to death.

In a “Christian supremacist” society, Shoebat explained, “there’s no free reign for homosexuals, there’s no liberation for perversity and debaseness [sic] and just downright weird mutant psychos walking around with clipped liberal dyke hair and men dressing up as women and all that sick, psycho stuff. People who flaunt the Quran in a Christian society would be arrested, at times put to death, depending on the disposition of the person, if they can be rehabilitated, if they can be conformed, etc …”

“To me, this judge, as far as I am concerned, in a Christian society, she’s worthy of being arrested and executed,” he continued, “for going against the body, for really trying to attempt to subvert the order of society” by using a book that is “absolutely demonic and absolutely heretical” during her swearing in.

“We need a Christian supremacist society or else these things are going to continue to happen,” Shoebat stated. “God willing, if Donald Trump wins, and I think he will win, he will put a cap on things like this.”

Isn’t it funny how stupidity and theocracy always seem to travel together?

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