America Will Not Survive a Fill in the Blank Presidency

PlanetWingnuttiaUnhinged Islamophobic bigot Brigitte Gabriel, who sometimes makes Pam Geller seem reasonable and thoughtful, gives us the latest instance of the “America won’t survive” argument. We hear this constantly, of course. America won’t survive an Obama presidency. America won’t survive an Obama second term. America won’t survive the next two years. Now it’s Hillary Clinton:

When Malone asked what would happen — “gosh forbid” — if Hillary Clinton were to win the presidential election, Gabriel suggested that wouldn’t happen because Donald Trump and other Republican candidates would “basically destroy her” and “evaporate Hillary.”

“Hillary is not going to win because America will not survive if Hillary wins,” she said. “Listen, this is an election about survival. This is not a regular election. This is an election about survival, period. America has to make a decision whether we want to survive or we want to evaporate.”

“Look, a wolf!” cried the boy for the 18 millionth time. To hear the right tell it, every single election is the Most Important Election in History. If [fill in the blank] is elected, America will not survive! If the Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage, America will not survive! It’s amazing that America has actually survived so many things that conservatives had previously declared it would not survive. Maybe…I dunno…they’re just full of shit?

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