Snyder Hires PR Firm Over Flint Poisoning

Snyder Hires PR Firm Over Flint Poisoning January 25, 2016

RickSnyderGov. Rick Snyder of Michigan has some serious chutzpah. He’s now decided to hire a pair of public relations firms to put a smiley face on his total incompetence in allowing the people of Flint to be poisoned with lead, a situation he knew about and covered up months before being shamed into actually doing something about it.

Gov. Rick Snyder has hired two public relations firms to help his office deal with the Flint water contamination crisis.

Mercury Public Affairs of Washington, D.C., and Bill Nowling of Finn Partners, a New York firm with offices in Detroit, are working for the governor, Chief of Staff Jarrod Agen confirmed Friday.

“Because of the extreme interest from both statewide and national media, we’ve enlisted support from both Bill Nowling as well as Mercury,” Agen said in a statement…

Nowling said he is being paid from a private fund.

“We’re helping coordinate the state response to the crisis in Flint,” said Nowling, who was present at Tuesday night’s State of the State address, where Snyder apologized to Flint residents and outlined a series of actions to address the water crisis.

No you aren’t, not unless by “state response” you mean a PR offensive designed to prop up Snyder’s reputation rather than an actual substantive response to address the problem.

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